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  1. Ruggles83

    Need hit markers

    No thanks.
  2. Ruggles83

    Blue Coupon madness

    Got ya. Didn’t realise that you got coupons for those. Cheers!
  3. Ruggles83

    Blue Coupon madness

    I’m counting the total on the 1-100 rewards? Which challenges are you talking about? Thanks.
  4. Am I going mad or are there only 43 blue coupons? If so, you can’t get all 4 blue items? Is that right or have I screwed up somewhere!?
  5. Ruggles83

    Hit reg today!?

    I should have titled the post “Lag today!?”
  6. Ruggles83

    Hit reg today!?

    More than likely ha!
  7. Ruggles83

    Hit reg today!?

    I know what you mean about the posts about Hit Registration, I’m usually pretty consistent and the games I’ve just played are laggy as anything. So I’ll put it down to internet being pants!
  8. Ruggles83

    Hit reg today!?

    I think it’s lag I’ve just been jumping through walls. Great.
  9. Ruggles83

    Hit reg today!?

    Is it me or is it totally off today?
  10. Ruggles83

    Suggestion Idea. Clothing Classes

    Love this idea. I was thinking similar, if you could pre-set your clothes as per the map. Can’t be that hard to do? Wait, scrap that, this is Bluehole....
  11. Ruggles83

    The OC? Why!?

    Yeah I think I’m spamming the button to get back in quick. Just need to be patient.
  12. Ruggles83

    The OC? Why!?

    I’m in the EU, it’s friday night at 7pm. Why the hell am I being put in the OC servers! The lag is unreal! The ping based match making is trash. Anyone else having these issues?
  13. Ruggles83

    Rampant teaming on Vikendi - why?

    Totally agree, the way of reporting these idiots needs to change. I have almost always only ever noticed death by a team in solos by spectating. I must miss a few as I’m pretty quick to exit the match. There needs to be a better way of reporting!
  14. Ruggles83

    Why this game join me to OC server

    The lag in the OC server is horrendous. I keep getting put in it too!
  15. So just played Mirimar and it was raining, the new drops on the screen look great but I went indoors and it’s still happening. Raining indoors now PUBG? Anyone else notice this?