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  1. Ruggles83

    Terrible loot

    5.56 is rare but my god 7.62!? Tell me if you find any!
  2. Ruggles83

    Terrible loot

    The % are off for sure. I’ve had 1 SR in 15 games now.
  3. Ruggles83

    Terrible loot

    Yep, looks like the issues from the PC PTS have been ported over. The ratio of SMG’s to AR/SR is stupid. If I see one more tommy gun!
  4. Try and find a bloody SR to use. 1 in 10 matches so far. 45 Uzi’s though. Sigh.
  5. It's really annoying and does discredit some others hard earned CD's. I wonder if Bluehole even has the capability to retrospectively take back dinners?! I remember when the stats tracker went down and all the dinners I got didn't count. They never got put back on!
  6. Ruggles83

    PTS drift

    Looks like the requests for higher sensitivity has been heard but I bet it's going to take a while to re-adjust.
  7. Ruggles83

    PTS drift

    Haven't they changed the sensitivity for 10 to 20? So might need to adjust the deadzone?
  8. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/recklessvestige/video/60251717 Contrast between outside and in this evening. If I up the brightness to see inside any outside gameplay is bright and washed out making it hard to spot anything!
  9. Evidence: The main issue is the brightness in the sky and in particular on the mini map and map. Inventory was looking dark and the icons super bright and contrasty. Shadowed areas are way too dark even turning up the brightness in game and on TV. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/recklessvestige/video/60103293 The video doesn't really do the darkness/brightness justice. The mini map and map are particularly bad. Xbox One Version: Xbox One X / wired / SSD Which TV/Monitor you are using: Panasonic TX-40DX700B Colorblind Mode: Normal Additional information: Game mode on HDR enabled on TV and Xbox 4K on TV calibrated - all other games and TV Shows/Movies look great
  10. I did notice when Miramar first came to the PTS it was dark and orange and that changed when it went live. Hopefully the same will happen next week.
  11. It was weird, it was running from the blue and tried to ADS at someone while still in the blue buy practically couldn't see as it was too bright. In comparison the shadows are too dark. Odd why they've changed it as it's fine on the live server?
  12. Anyone else notice that the PTS is darker and more contrasty than the live server? I've bumped the brightness but it still feels a bit dark and the blue is washed out [see image].
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