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  1. Make the algorithm more complex to have circles go more places than just the centerish. Never had a circle by prison, far west (on the west side of the road) far now by military etc. You get the idea..
  2. If you time it right you can jump around in place / moving slowly or up a hill and make zero sound.
  3. Please fix this. It was said to be fixed in a patch. But it's definitely still there. When you shoot full auto you then can't heal unless you drop your gun. Very bar
  4. You guys come across this bug where you can't remove your extended mag from your gun if your inventory is full. Even when just trying to move it to "vicinity" not your inventory. You can't take a mag off your gun and put it on the ground if you inventory is full.
  5. If you start reloading and are in a prone position you can't stop it to move. You're locked in. Just got killed by the zone since I accidentally started to reload in prone and couldn't stop it to move into the circle.
  6. UMP and Scar every time whenever I try to full auto it stutters and skips and doesn't stay firing. Hopefully fixed soon
  7. I was behind a wall and a car slammed into the wall yet I died. Definitely needs to be addressed
  8. Got into this spot on the bridge and couldn't get out or move. Half you body is in the ground and you're stuck in a crouched spot. Can't jump or anything. Please fix!
  9. The guy doesnt move no matter how close to the circle you get now...
  10. You have to be crouching right next to it. Yes, give it a try, youll see what Im talking about
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