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  1. same. Game is great but ping abusers and cheaters from asia, representing litteraly 60% of the EU server population at certain hours is a big NoNo
  2. 1-2 cheaters a month on EU ? LMAO
  3. More and more people left the game, due to the too high number of cheaters from asia, the no F given by the devs that keep pushing new skins on the market, and the desperate tries from the com team to tell us how good and safe their game is. Move on
  4. Yes, just give up, like most of legit players.
  5. ok, I guess I have no clue what I am talking about with 1500+ hours in PUBG ans 15+ years of FPS. Have a good day
  6. Well, you are either really close to the servers and very lucky, or just unaware of what really going on...
  7. Well I have 1500+ hours too, but not sure about all the mechanics. I don't think holding breath will give a better accuracy to Aim and ADS. It will just make your ADS stand still.(but I am not 100% sure). What I can tell is : while being crouch (or even prone), your hip fire spread will be reduced. Making "simple" aiming more viable. Not moving at all will also give you a better accuracy by reducing your hip fire spray too. So, for the better accuracy when using aim, you wanna be standing still, while crouch or prone.
  8. By default you have aim (making hipfire more accurate) set on hold right mouse button and ADS on Toggle right mouse button.
  9. Simple. Good internet and 3.5k$+ PC builds
  10. I agree it's actually pretty common on Erangel now. But wouldn't you enjoy some other world spawn LMGs for the other maps ? I find that this is missing.
  11. Far from cheaters and chineses ? LMAO. That is so wrong. EU servers are filled by Asian ping abusers (VPN users) and asians cheaters aswell. Tpp and Fpp taken together
  12. I get your point. Never said thius gun is unefficient. I was simply saying I would like a bit more diversity. At least one world spawn LMG for each map. They can easily deal with max number of dynamic actors.. There is always a way. For example, why would we need a sickle, a machette and a crowbar as melee weapons ? remove one or two from the game entirely = much more space for more weapons or vehicles. And in other maps, such as Vikendi, Sanhok or Miramar, there is simply no world spawn LMG. I think they should add one. Replacing the DP-28, like the QBZ replaced the Scar on Sanhok, or the MP5K replaced the Vector on Vikendi.
  13. LMGs are fun to use. But there is no diversity at all. And there is ONE and only LMG as a world spawn : DP-28, in a single map. So if I wanna use a lmg in other maps, but couldn't find a M249 in an air-drop, it's impossible. That is sad, only one LMG as world spawn, and not so powerful, so most likely will never use it for end game. Each time you run across an AR, you switch your DP-28 instantly without even considering keeping it. At least make dp-28 spawn in all maps, or create a world spawn LMG for each map. (rare world spawn like Kar98 back in times) OR Just add others guns, like M60E4, RPK, AWS, MG4, L86A2 or even QBB-95. There is plenty choices, I think one LMG per map at least would be enjoyable. Make their magazine 40 rounds Vanilla (so it won't break the game everyone having 100 rounds clips) and make it extendable to 60-70. Or allow barrel or grips attachments for some with HEAVY recoil I am not saying LMG(s) need a buff. But finding more would be funnier IMO. What are your thoughts about this ?
  14. Happened to me in solo a few times too... that's strange
  15. or a wallhack mask that only shows people cheating in your game😄
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