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  1. Clutch

    Solo only??

    They said no new content and the whole purpose of the test server right now was to test the new currency and to spend bp on crates. Why do you need to even play a match to test that? I bought my shit and got off the game as that was the purpose of the test.
  2. Try checking the first thread pinned at the top..
  3. I’ve just been joining games and quitting if it’s sunny out. Overcastforlife
  4. Don’t think it’s pointless at all. Lots of good things to test. Yes it’s annoying but I think we are capable of tapping LB for 1 second after unscoping. This is why there’s a test server. I still got a chicken dinner with the bug. It sucks but they already said it will be fixed, possibly before the test server ends.
  5. It is really bizarre... I remember even back in December right when the preview launched there weren’t rendering issues on the X. Idk what’s going on
  6. I experienced the slowest rendering in the history of the game on the test server. Not every game but it does happen. Landed at the Pecado arena and I swear I have never waited so long for it to load in, and then all the inside parts to load after. On Xbox one X
  7. There is a new glitch on the test server that is somewhat hard to explain. I’ll do my best and include a video. So basically, when you aim down sights fully, my sensitivity slows down (I have it set lower for aiming down sights) but then when you exit ads, the sensitivity remains slow. The way to fix it then is to use “over the shoulder” aim and then exit that and the sensitivity will be back to where it was. This is very annoying and inconvenient. Video will be attached later.
  8. These are the settings I’ve been using for quite some time. Works pretty well for me. Movement: 70 vertical: 95 general: 7 vehicle: 10 aim acceleration: 3 over shoulder: 6 1x and 2x: 5 3x and 4x: 4 6x and 8x: 3
  9. It was at my brothers house (he owns pubg on pc) and I just plugged in his elite controller lol. Are you asking like button mapping or just sensitivity settings?
  10. Mouse and keyboarders aren’t even good at the game. If I can plug in an Xbox controller on a pc and get a 9 kill chicken dinner Sanhok for my 2nd ever game on pc, I’m really not too worried about keyboarders on Xbox. Anyone who would bother using a keyboard for Xbox has very low skill.
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