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  1. I purchased the sanhok pass but felt as an average player I was not getting the rewards and was unlikely to get the top ones. Will give this a miss until I improve A LOT
  2. MrSpireite

    750BP On Millitary Crates SMFH

    I got the cowboy hat. So I win...
  3. MrSpireite

    750BP On Millitary Crates SMFH

    Been after the cowboy hat since day 1 Finally got it
  4. MrSpireite

    Custom Games: What We Want and Need

    Custom search so you can look for what you like. Also invite to game for friends. This seems to be broken.
  5. MrSpireite

    For all the old school gamers...

    That's not old school. Atari 2600 is proper old school. Combat Pac man Defender Space invaders River raid Pitfall
  6. MrSpireite

    Any funny/lucky kills?

    Had something similar. Hit the tower at stabler. Only got a grenade after hitting roof. Was being rushed up the stairs so tried to throw a grenade after cooking it. One got a lucky headshot on me. Both tried to loot me. Grenade went off. 2 kills