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  1. MrSpireite

    Settings Help Required

    I will give that a whirl and try it's just that at nearly 50 I am beginning to get a little lost in technology and all these sliders and actually having the ability to notice a difference in altering them if you understand me. As for Chesterfield, was once a big supporter but moved on from the game, it got too expensive to watch and it's nearly £25 per game for National league, in fact haven't been a regular for apraoching 20 years. As for Ice Hockey, this has taken the place of football for me, it's more down to earth as a sport and a hidden gem in the UK with full arenas week in week out, people don't know about it and really looking forward to the Worlds in a couple of months with GB competing in division 1 against the big boys in Canada / USA / Russia / Sweden / Finland. Not that the mainstream media would alert people to this in a nation where a sport that's doing rather well gets zero airtime but Womens Netball has airtime over it.
  2. I ain't the greatest player but I am again going through one of those patches where I can't seem to get a kill and my shots are way off the mark. I know settings are a strange beast but I don't always understand what I should be doing (Call it old age). I suffer from not being able to snap on to people whether it being scoped or just soft aiming or whatever it is called. I seem to always over compensate, where should i be looking to soften the impact of controller input ?
  3. MrSpireite

    Log in now for free 20 level pass

    Am I the only one who got this but It didn't bump me 20 levels ?
  4. MrSpireite

    Vehicle boost dead now on elite controler

    Because you aren't fully accelerating with your trigger stop on... Flick it off when driving any vehicle.
  5. MrSpireite

    Vehicle boost dead now on elite controler

    Flick your trigger stop off when boosting. Non issue
  6. MrSpireite

    Give me my Sanhok back

    I agree. I want to play in order Vikendi Erangel Sanhok Miramar. Perhaps you should be able to pick 2 out of 4 maps minimum. Rather than just one. But then pre vikendi we could pick sanhok only but now cannot.
  7. Tried that keeps saying you have been locked to oc
  8. MrSpireite

    Region renewal is a failure

    I mainly play with a guy from Merseyside, UK. I am in Nottinghamshire, UK We are being forced to play on oc server.
  9. Game keeps forcing you to play oc or na It defaults to it and no way of getting around it.
  10. Not played on eu server since update...
  11. MrSpireite

    eu player keep getting oc

    I keep getting oc as well. Frustrating... Think something is wrong...
  12. MrSpireite

    Matchmaking server issues.

    No one in Europe????
  13. MrSpireite

    Matchmaking server issues.

    Due to insufficient matching pool you will be moved to Oceana???? What does that mean?
  14. MrSpireite

    Matchmaking server issues.

    Will do.