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  1. Ok strange one at moment I have 2 separate regular partners. One is far better than the other but I seem to play better with the lesser skilled guys. If playing with better guy I rarely get kills With the lesser guy I can go 1+ kills per game when with the other I can go all day with none. Anyone else have this issue ? Is it down to matchmaking ?
  2. Must be one of those custom controllers...
  3. Thing is I have met some decent players who i still squad with from random.
  4. Either A) a bunch of stoners so zonked out of their heads that they aren't discussing were and who they get their drugs from. B) An American who thinks he's a gangster. C) A squeaky 10 year old who thinks he's Rambo and can take on a full squad all by himself. D) .....fill in the gaps....
  5. Not as old school as me. 47 Atari 2600 was my second machine after a grandstand pong clone
  6. I think there needs to be some sort of automation with regards to looting and attachments. Perhaps a way of selecting favourite attachments for all weapons and it automatically switches out with an option of yes/no.
  7. Nope was about third phase to dry and draw some people in...
  8. Anyone else called the drop and it was a no show ?
  9. I ain't even .5 and I still love the game... I play with people who are much better and anyone saying they are at 4+ are NOT average they are good
  10. You can't have it installed on both...
  11. Like I say that's when you can tell it's kbam they spin and head shot you.
  12. Like I say i take the defeat but I know when it's suspicious
  13. You honestly know when you've been possibly killed by a kbam player. You know when your landing shots on someone and the swing round 180 degrees and head shot you immediately. Happens far more often than it should and you know it's suspicious but what can you do...
  14. Or the guy who's constantly telling everyone what to do and you know it's the wrong advice and he charges off alone into a full camped squad and A) he wants reviving as he is immediately downed B) it's your fault as you felt it wasn't a good idea but he knows best. Result entire squad gets wiped and it's everyone else's fault but his...
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