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  1. Footsteps has been an issue recently. Can here my partner in next apartment but not the guy in mine...
  2. A 3 kill game is not a bad day.
  3. Why not just change it every day..... Monday - erangel Tuesday - Sanhok Wednesday - Miramar Thursday - vickendi And just repeat.
  4. I do wonder if the problem is that when your having problems you reduce sensitivities. I upped mine massively and felt a difference immediately for the better.
  5. I moved my settings to what "the beard guys" use and felt a difference immediately and it's took me about a week to get used to then but it feels much better now. Had a funny 3 man chicken dinner with 4 kills from me this afternoon. One of our guys electric ran out who is probably our best man so we lost him going into final few circles. We brought home the dinner and he came back into chat just as we ended. One of the funniest games I have played. Those dinners don't happen often.
  6. Was at the end of my tether the other week. Then suddenly getting kills again it's like suddenly something has changed with aiming. Still can't get the sniper shots though....
  7. My ceiling is getting lower the more I play.
  8. I think more the point is that you can hit someone multiple times from behind and they'd spin around spot you immediately and hit a perfect head shot in a matter of a second with a 9mm weapon. Always find that one a little strange..
  9. Op is spot on. Something is amiss since last update. I am seeing blood as well and getting zero points. Got 2 knokdowns today a s got zero points along with nothing for taking down partners knock as well.
  10. The hacks are via modded controllers how else do these god type streamers show you they are using controllers. And no I do not mean elite.
  11. You mean you don't do that when passing vehicles...
  12. I have had a few issues since the last patch where shots where behind me but tge shooter was in front. Squad made heard it in the right area. Could have been a different oponent but it felt off go both of us.
  13. There's a website called Google that may help you...
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