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  1. Mikeybenno

    Im in shock

    Dont know if you know but they brought out something called a pts which allows us to test vikendi out? And in return we give them feedback on all types of different things but lets just use bug issues? Right we told them all the bug issues, We’ve waited weeks for them to release it & guess what? Still full of bugs which is going to frustrate people and cause them moan👍 Plus this is far from a full game product maybe we would see less moaning if it was still a game preview so its only down to them👍
  2. Mikeybenno


    Couldnt of said it better myself👍 Absolute criminal giving us this falling threw maps not being able to get your weapon out after using throwables flying cars not being able to aim over the shoulder or ADS when more than 4-5 players around you ive had it all expected a lot more but what a divvy i am. Really love to know whats been happening for it to be this bad what was the point in the pts ill never know👎
  3. Mikeybenno

    New season

    Alls i can say is dont drop hot & i honestly cant see why i couldnt get my weapon out when throwing a smoke so be careful & goodluck👍
  4. Mikeybenno

    New season

    Well first game on vikendi ive been flying around in a car also had a death from falling threw the map👍 Buildings dont render in! Tried sanhok the frames were awful in bootcamp i couldnt even aim over the shoulder! So now am on erangel and guess what happens? Im stuck on my throwables could not get my weapon out😂😂😂 alls i can do is laugh waited this long and for it to be this bad mate is criminal..
  5. Mikeybenno

    Hows vikendi

    Streamer im watching was flying in a car first game on, Looks ok other than that.
  6. Mikeybenno

    Did they fix the grenade bug?

    Its only ever been a problem on the pts and never affected us on the actual game also been a problem for pc players on pts but never seen or heard of it being a problem after the update for them.
  7. Mikeybenno

    Did they fix the grenade bug?

    Whats wrong with players not knowing whether a bugs been fixed or not? Alls he wants is a straight answer not a snotty sly comment. I highly doubt anyone who came across this bug wants to die to the exact same bug that got them multiple times on the pts.
  8. Mikeybenno

    The UMP is overpowered. Change my mind.

    At the very least you should only be able to throw red dot/holo on it or if not reduce damage from range that gun with a comp on it has no recoil at all & requires no skill to use.
  9. Mikeybenno

    High level players

    I always drop hot and the best thing to do is not to panick when trying to pick stuff up, If you spam x to fast your not going to pick anything up.
  10. Mikeybenno

    Stun grenades

    Always carrying 1 molotov if i find one they done wonders👍
  11. Mikeybenno

    Stun grenades

    My whole screen was white for a while like im not going to lie i wasnt happy as it was behind me😂😂
  12. Mikeybenno

    Stun grenades

    Not sure whether it is a bug or not but today a player threw a stun an it went well behind me but still i was stunned? First time its happened but i have witnessed it 2 or 3 times when watching streamers on mixer? I always thought it’d have to go of in front of you?
  13. Mikeybenno


    Yeah but the funny thing is ive been at the bottom and won because the people at the top had to jump down & died from falling which is also annoying winning a game because the other person had no chance so your answers really dont make any difference👀😎👍
  14. Mikeybenno


    Yes i know they are but when you are at the bottom of the mountain & it is in zone how are you suppose to know the next zone is going to be at the top? Like for an example the top of a mountain can be 1 quarter of the current zone. It then moves in an the next zone moves to the top and the only way to get there is to run into the blue and up a hill then back round to get to the zone if you ever experience it you’ll know what i mean
  15. Mikeybenno


    Still got major problems on mirimar, Guns dont render if you go to bootcamp and some final circles finish on top of mountains that you cant get too on sanhok nothing major but what problems do we have to face on vikendi when they release it? No footsteps in certain buildings or the worst of them all... blowing yourself up. Hopefully none but what bugs are you hoping to not come across on release day?