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  1. Mikeybenno

    Is there enough coupons to?

    Without any doubt the beryl & the mutant need one, After this pass ends in 52 days is their another pass ready or will it be some time after that before we see another one as giving out rewards over a 100 levels is a lot of work?
  2. Mikeybenno


    They obviously cant or dont want to do anything about it on xbox same with m&k or they dont want to tell us when they do🤨
  3. Mikeybenno

    Survivor pass level

    Ive done the 10 nades one youve just got to hope people you kill have a few on them but also throwing them just lets everyone know where you are. Not a fan of it
  4. Mikeybenno

    Survivor pass level

    I only play solos so any duo or squad challenges i cant do myself
  5. Mikeybenno

    Survivor pass level

    What level are you without paying to jump up a few? And what level would you like to atleast get to? Im at level 31 & would like to atleast get to level 66 as anything beyond that doesnt look likely at the moment. And how do you think pubg could immprove on the pass with challenges or on how to gain more xp etc?
  6. Mikeybenno


    Yeah but if you can control the recoil on it for me its op you honestly hold down on your right analog the tiniest bit an its a laser
  7. Mikeybenno


    Best gun on the game for me but its to much effort finding attatchments as i only ever drop hot & dont get the time to.
  8. Mikeybenno


    The m4 full attatched no recoil & i can control the recoil on the beryl or the ak after playing the game for so long but some of the things ive done with the ump is embarrising honestly you can just hip fire people from stupid distances
  9. Mikeybenno


    Looking for some tips on how to get better? Honestly use the ump you dont need a grip or a comp on it, Its an absolute laser & very easy to control & will beat most guns in any fight close range medium range & long range👍 Over powered & boring to use if am being honest😂
  10. Mikeybenno

    What would bring people back?

    If they were really bothered about this game on xbox they would of stopped putting players from eu to oc servers, They would of sorted the rendering, They would of sorted the flying cars going under the map crazy lag desync they seem to be more interested in other things
  11. Mikeybenno

    Feb 8th dev update

    Its pubg they always go backwards instead of forward on updates..
  12. Mikeybenno


    So why is their challenges like drop pecado or pochinki? Alls am saying is if your giving a challenge to drop into a specific place just give us other options on different maps. & why would i go out my way to by an x & an ssd for one game? No thanks clearly states full game product not you need this & that for it to run without bugs👍👀
  13. Mikeybenno

    UK servers

    What difference does it make if were in europe or not? Honestly cant see someone voting to leave to leave a continent😂
  14. Mikeybenno

    UK servers

    Leaving the european union. i dont think its possible for us to actually leave europe😂
  15. Mikeybenno

    absolutely discusted.

    Dont drop milly base school pochinki pecade or hacienda, Go drop yasna georgepool los leones get a chance to get a weapon its not hard we all have games we’re we will kill players who dont have a gun & we all die to it as well