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  1. Hey, please give me the transcript of the post I got warning points over, as I don't believe I insulted anyone in it and would like to review it.

  2. Radix

    Cheating Discussion

    Yeah I suppose, then again there are people buying penis enlargement BS off the internet ( I didnt believe anyone clicks on these adds until I started wrking for a bank to deal with the fraud cases, I couldnt believe how many people gave card details to these sites..... in 2018, some of them under 30 years old........)
  3. Radix

    Cheating Discussion

    What about selling accounts? if you rack up say 100k of BR, thats a lot of crates sooner or later, If I had money to waste and wanted an outfit very badly, I think it could be cheaper to buy account with insane amount of BR on it, sure it takes time to buy crates, but eventually you would get there right? its just a wild guess though
  4. Radix

    Cheating Discussion

    You are completely ignoring the fact that once they land that 500$ item their investment pays back and they are set for a year, hit high value items few times and you are well of in a poverty ridden country. You seem to also not see the scale, its rarely a one person running 10 accounts or so, these are whole gaming houses, with literal legions. You dont seriously think that so many people cheat just for the hell of it?? winning without effort gets literally boring after few hours, almost no one does that other than some few curious/bored kids.
  5. Radix

    Cheating Discussion

    Seems like enough time have passed since last anti cheat update for cheat software scum to update their stuff, does anyone else is experiencing a rise in wall hacks and aim bots in past days? I think since yesterday at least half of games were dodgy and 1/3 blatant cheating. If its going back to the situation from before the patch then I think I will have a break until next anti cheat update, as long as they keep the skin market around this seems to be the only way to enjoy the game consistently
  6. Radix

    Cheating Discussion

    Honestly I am not the one for getting a pitchfork each time I am getting killed but this week I had about 3 games where guy was aiming with KAR/AWM at my heels and got a perfect headshot in full sprint mode, so yeah, they are still here
  7. I am having real problems with sounds since the patch. I cant differentiate directions form which car sounds, gunshots and steps are coming from, like at all, no matter my position I always hear them in both headphones. Additionally when in building the sound disappears altogether in certain positions when moving around inside, for example next to a window I will hear a car 2 steps back and it goes completely silent. Before the patch everything was just fine, I did not change any settings or hardware. I am convinced that it is an update related issue as with the exact same set up I had no issues with sounds before