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  1. Chmona

    The epidemic of cheating on xbox

    Aim assist no. Emulators are a problem. Allowing MnK support for all xbox games is the cure not aim assist. Yes in a seperate lobby/area It is nice not having to compete against radar users on Blackout. That is the largest issue I had. Pretty funny to see those player's play other games xim or not.
  2. Chmona

    Chances of PTS this week?

    I hope so! Will come back to PUBG for the new stuff.
  3. Chmona

    I Am Going To Start Streaming PUBG

    Ya google connector for xbox1x for kinect!
  4. Chmona

    I Am Going To Start Streaming PUBG

    Then I would use mixer or twitch apps on Xbox. You can get a Konect if you want to use a cam.
  5. Chmona

    I Am Going To Start Streaming PUBG

    If you stream on your laptop or pc you can use any camera you would like! You don't need a capture card if you have windows 10. Use the xbox app. It lets you stream your gaming to your pc. Then you capture that source and stream it out to everyone from your pc.
  6. Chmona

    I Am Going To Start Streaming PUBG

    As do I. You can also use the xbox desktop app to stream directly to your PC from your xbox over your network.
  7. Chmona

    I Am Going To Start Streaming PUBG

    When starting out, try using restream.io. This lets you stream to all of the platforms at once! You will have to sit down and set up all of these different places before hand. Currently I'm doing mixer, twitch, youtube, and facebook! It doesn't use more bandwidth. If your streaming from your xbox then never mind. Mixer is less annoying because you can move the interface around. Both suck when trying to play as part of your screen is blocked out by the ui.
  8. Chmona

    Who Has Gotten a Turkey Dinner?

    I usually hot drop. Hacienda is my house!
  9. Chmona

    Who Has Gotten a Turkey Dinner?

    Many many many times. i was also 1 kill away from 6 in a row twice!(solos ofc)
  10. Chmona

    Have you ever been HypeZoned?

    Yup im like 1 for 4. the one win was a lame 10 kill against a final circle camper.
  11. Chmona

    I’m sick and tired!!!

    Take some medicine and get some rest!
  12. It is blurry. The graphics are really low quality. Looting is passable. But annoying. I don't get why they don't just make it auto pick up ammo. There is no penalty for picking it up. Guns have no character. And who cares? Auto aim gives u all u need. If ur bad at PUBG i see why you would like COD.
  13. Its silly to heal while moving. There is no downside. You can kite all day and live all day. Making pushing in Blackout impossible.
  14. Blackout is silly. Hit markers. Jumping. Cartoony buildings and cover. Throwables. Healing while moving. Its just a mess. Its a silly game. Seems rushed. The whole fps illusion people are talking about is an intentional design of PUBG. Your not running around like the hulk shooting guns with unrealistically high rate of fire with unrealistic recoil with unrealistic bullet speeds, but more like a real person on PUBG. The sound on Blackout is amazingly bad. Games in 1997 had better sound. The best relationship that I can relate to these two games is Madden to NFL Blitz on N64. PUBG=Madden and Blitz=Blackout And Blackout might have worse net code than PUBG. Lag and Dsync are horrible. The ping to the servers is more than double. Just tougher to diagnose because of the fast game play.
  15. Nah nah nah nah. Nah nah nah nah. Hey hey hey