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  1. Do we really need to explain the obvious? Test your shit. Fix your shit.
  2. howie

    No damage before dead

    It's due to the shitty netcode... you will die behind cover, kill others who are behind cover (do no damage when you should, and do damage when you should not). The game is a total mess. As DrDisRespect said, "this game is unathletic" as hell in addition to all the severe desync problems it has.
  3. howie

    server network performance

    Sorry for super late reply. I never check these forums because it doesn't seem like the devs are doing jack (waste of time trying to help them here). Windows 10 was not the culprit. Most likely a Windows Update reset my power plan settings so Core Parking and Frequency Scaling were re-enabled which led to some stuttering. Another thing that I also did was disable Nvidia Freestyle and I haven't seen any massive FPS drops during close quarters combat since. I posted a trouble-shooting guide which should help fix the stuttering issue if you had the same problem as I did. It will also help you troubleshoot in general (for other root-causes). https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/1043969/geforce-drivers/stuttering-frame-drops-troubleshooting-guide-amp-recommendations/
  4. They'll never fix this issue. The devs are simply incapable and incompetent of mitigating/fixing the underlying root-cause. Ping-based matchmaking is something a high-school student would implement and is only a bandaid.
  5. This has been broken since the very beginning. Your chute can get caught on just about anything like the corner of a building. The parachute isn't made of fucking diamond. It's made of soft, flexible materials. And clearly the "cut the chute" mechanic doesn't work. You can count 15seconds before it actually cuts and by then, you're long dead from getting shot.
  6. howie

    server network performance

    Guys, I found out that there may also be issues related to Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709) AND Nvidia graphics drivers. Many other people have been having FPS drops and stuttering with these 2 combinations that affect all games. I may be seeing this issue PLUS some issues inherent with PUBG. I've tried all sorts of things but nothing fixes the problem. Out of frustration I'm going to install Windows 7 for dual boot and see if the stuttering is gone or improved. I think this will be easier than reinstalling Windows 10, all my apps, and trying to keep the version at 1607 (anniversary update).
  7. howie

    server network performance

    The character customization screen shows the stuttering even better. Also note the FPS drop / stuttering occurring when the mouse cursor is initially placed over items and constant FPS drop when placed over the character model. FPS drops from ~120 to ~15.
  8. Nvidia Freestyle may be related. With Freestyle off things definitely don't look as good but I haven't had this exact issue for a while now. However, I haven't played much after today's update #7 patch so something else could be broken and it could be back.... wouldn't be surprised. I am now getting frequent, light stuttering and already created a post.
  9. Issue: Frequent, slight stuttering after today's update #7. Nothing else on my PC has changed. In the linked video you can see that all movements including the character and grass are not constantly smooth. There is stuttering. This does not go away during matches. Date Seen: 3/8/2018 9pm PST after 3/8/18 Update #7 Server: Live server Error Message: No error message. Troubleshooting Attempted: Disabling death cam or replay does not help. Launch Options: No launch commands. System Specifications: Win10 64-bit, up-to-date 8700k stock w/ NH-D14 cooler Asus Maximus Hero X WiFi/AC w/ latest BIOS 32GB DDR4 @ 3200MHz default timings 1TB 960 EVO 1080 Ti, latest 391.05 drivers, default clocks Asus PG258Q 240Hz monitor w/ G-Sync ON I know how to optimize my PC and clearly it's is overkill for this game. I haven't delid/overclocked it…. yet. Dxdiag System: https://imgur.com/aSsqFdO
  10. howie

    Huge "desync"

    You're right. As expected, their reply is basically "no comment". I got my answer and so does everyone else.
  11. I doubt anyone needs to describe the game's "desync" issue as it's all over the internet but here are some examples. Older: https://youtu.be/APBMq8nWVUo Recent: https://clips.twitch.tv/ConsiderateApatheticClipzCmonBruh Questions: Do the devs acknowledge this fundamental problem with the game? What are the devs doing about it or is there basically no plan to address this?
  12. howie

    M16 is a POS

    Even the AK is more consistent.
  13. I should also mention that I did have the following enabled as well: Deathcam Replay Replay is a must because of the prevalent, blatant hacking/cheating (literally 90%+ of matches in TPP).
  14. howie


    It probably has something to do with the lousy hit detection and netcode. Related example: I recently snuck up on a guy who was crouched behiind a counter and only his helmet was showing (counter top was between us). I stood still and pointed my S12K reticle DIRECTLY on his helmet and fired 2 shots at literally ~1.5 meter distance. Guess what. He took literally 0 damage because the counter magically blocked everything even though literally 75% of all the pellets clearly should've hit his head. It seems like hit detection is not individually computed for each individual pellet and clearly does not accurately simulate the actual weapon. That's why shotguns are so inconsistent in this game (along with the lousy netcode).
  15. I experienced the same issue and I created a similar post earlier "FPS drop, freeze, stuttering". Funny thing is mine was worse than both cases in these vidz and I have a pretty high-end, fully optimized PC.