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  1. @PUBG_Andymh5 Hi, I still have the same problem. I have called my ISP twice and nothing is wrong with my connection after we did some tests and resets. So the problem must be at PUBG server’s end. It’s been two days that I haven’t been able to play and I lost my weekend trying to figure out what is wrong. Please give me some help on this matter because it is very frustrating and unacceptable not to be able to connect to a game. And all the other multiplayer games work fine.
  2. Well today after a few games it happened again. I thought those settings did a reset or something so I went back to network settings and did a check but I could not get back in the game after a few tries.
  3. It seems that the DNS trick has worked!!! Thanks guys!
  4. Never mind guys I found out how to do it. I will try it in a few hours and I will give my feedback whether it worked or not. Thank you
  5. Ok I will try changing the DNS then. Would you kindly tell me where exactly do I change this?
  6. Maybe instead of replacing my console should I ask for a refund if this is permanent?
  7. This has started after the latest update. So it won’t be fixed I suppose?
  8. Guys anyone else having this prolem: Stuck on loading screen ? Have you found a way to fix this thing?
  9. Is there any chance this is a hardware failure? Should I ask for a console replacement? All the other games run very smooth btw.
  10. I did all those steps and nothing happened. I managed to play just one game and after I exited back to the menu it was once again stuck on loading.
  11. I was thinking that it may be a console issue but the pubg software is not the best as we have already seen. Sometimes when it is stuck at the loading screen my Xbox ventilation starts working. So this means it struggles to start up the game. Maybe a hot fix is needed to solve this issue?
  12. On the internal. I erased everything, did a reset and tried to do everything I could and sometimes I managed to play 1-2 games and then it took me back to the loading screen. Most times it doesn’t pass the loading screen.
  13. After I uninstalled and installed again for 3 times I managed to play yesterday. It was all running smooth no problem. Today I played a couple of solo matches, then a friend invited me to a duo and after the game ended it took me back to the same loading screen. i do not know if it matters but when the game actually loaded that circle was stopping as it was lagging. When the game stucks at loading the circle moves steadily. I do not want to uninstall and install again. I am tired of doing it and waiting. Could you check if this is happening because of the game or the console?
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