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  1. Corbachev


    I can say for the first time in 3 days the screen has not appeared. You guys must have found the issue. I appreciate your prompt efforts. I'll keep you all updated 👍.
  2. Corbachev


    https://youtu.be/mR3bRbt I'm not financially depended on my streams, so my content is NOT professional, but I experienced all the bugs I explained above. Feel free to search through it.
  3. Corbachev


    I can drop a link to my last live stream, but at least twice a day.
  4. The new patch #3 was great, anticipated, and much needed, but also something that has broken PS4's PUBG. Players freeze when they touch down, then freeze again when they grab a first item. Now in the last three days, in between matches, and so forth especially when accepting invites.
  5. First congrats to the development team for hard 💪 work in getting us this update. One issue that happens every time I play, is when my parachuting player touches the ground, the screen freezes for a moment, and then the landing animation finishes. This issue has happened to all players I've played with, so I am confident you all have experienced this as well.
  6. Corbachev

    Level 100 and I’m out

    I like VIKENDI.
  7. Time after Time I get killed, and accidentally push circle after I die, putting me in the lobby alone. We need a CONFIRMATION message, asking if we want to back out of spectating. "Are you sure you want to exit spectate?" Would be perfect.
  8. Corbachev


    I'm going to cool it. 🤐
  9. Corbachev


    The battle pass, 20 pass tiers, and skins. I no longer want to be guilty of the complaining I accuse others of. I digress. The new content has become like a drug, and I keep going through withdrawal.
  10. Corbachev

    Public Test Server: NEGLECTED

    Yeah maybe you're right. 🤐
  11. I'm not trying to add insult to injury, but why hasn't this app been used to test out the new vehicles, etc? We could be testing out Wild Card right now. I just don't understand the purpose.
  12. Corbachev


    I spent $40 this season, on the strength of knowing the new season was coming. I deserve to bitch over $40.
  13. Corbachev

    PS4 Update #2 - Feedback Topic

    We are missing a few items still. 2 vehicles, loot enhancements.
  14. Corbachev

    Completed update patch coming???

    I always believed "quality over quantity" was the way to go... But I'm pretty jealous.
  15. Corbachev

    Blood splatter on environment surfaces

    I can see where you are coming from. No matter what I still think it would be cool visually. Or to see it in the snow, or sand, or on a 🌲. Just a suggestion.