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  1. I don't have a problem with it. But sometimes my squad will try to blame the stream on OUR death.
  2. My friend TacticTV recently stopped streaming PUBG, because of stream sniping. He has 10k subscribers.
  3. 1-have full squad ready in lobby. 2-tell squad to let only the streamer ready up before anyone else. 3-after streamer presses "x" to ready up, then they press the PlayStation button in the middle of the controller to bring up the dashboard. 4-Everyone will then see the blue screen bouncing happy faces in the stream. 5-then everyone else in the squad presses "x" to ready up. Snipers will end up in another session, because they won't see the countdown.
  4. At the 49:30 minute mark. You will see a four man squad become three even though the missing member is still in match.
  5. This is a beautiful suggestion. This could be a good thing just as an idea for starters.
  6. Your right. Mayans and Incas, however did have pyramid like structures, sort of like Tomb Raider type temples. So let me recant "temples."
  7. I'm already dreaming of an actual desert with pyramids, footprints in sand, ladder climbing and Desert Eagles. You guys are so close.
  8. This is it! This is the optimization we were looking for. I am heartbroken 💔 that console players might have to wait until 2020 for this, but it's okay because it'll be worth the wait.
  9. ME TOO! I always wanted to play the jugarnaut.
  10. One year anniversary of hoping for a riot shield?
  11. I've found 2. Here's the issue... For 3 flare guns, they should spawn 6 boxes of flare ammo in random common spawns.
  12. I wish they would at least try in a war mode or pts tho.
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