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  1. JDubbs77

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    Horrendous update, worst so far. If you're going to group up maps why not by size?
  2. JDubbs77

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    After a 20gb update Matchmaking is completely broken now and it didn't even need a fix before. Buildings take LONGER to load than before. This shit is embarrassing. Roll back this update as soon as possible
  3. JDubbs77

    HDR Brightness issue

    I have an OLED. Game was way too dark before the 1.0 update, now it's fine. Adjust your sets accordingly.
  4. JDubbs77

    HDR still needs to fixed

    I was hoping this PTS would address it but no still broken, washed out and unplayable. HDR was fixed on one update on Miramar in PTS a few updates back when the map was too orange, the contrast was fixed. It's been broken since. Please work on this for the next update I can't imagine why this is so hard to fix. Many of us have HDR TVs and are forced to disable HDR for this game alone which is extremely annoying HDR OFF: HDR ON: This is not a setting issue, I've tried on both Samsung and LG OLED. Samsung is a bit more playable. No other game has this issue. I'm aware of the PC mode workaround on OLED, still doesn't fix crushed blacks and weird colors and having to use standard mode instead of game mode is less than ideal.
  5. Tried on 2 TVs now QLED and OLED. HDR isn't properly calibrated, the colors are watched out, looks grey and too dark. The brightness slider doesn't help makes it even more grainy. Turning off HDR on the Xbox itself fixes the issue.