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  1. Subz3r0

    Game Crash? Monitor no Signal

    Hey, I finally troubleshot the problem, was a power supply issue
  2. Subz3r0

    Regole di condotta del forum

    Ho sparso la voce su due gruppi di xbox di cui faccio parte!
  3. Subz3r0

    Regole di condotta del forum

    Finalmente in italiano, ahh grandissimo era da marzo che l'avevo proposto
  4. Subz3r0

    HDR Brightness issue

    xbox one X Samsung c32hg70 no issues xbox one x lg 55uh615v just a bit too bright
  5. Subz3r0

    Game Crash? Monitor no Signal

    i downloaded killer instinct and played 1440p max settings with no problem, please someone resolves this issue with pubg, I bought pubg because of xbox one pubg and now I bought a new video card, damn it! I should have kept the money in my pocket! ?? and should have learnt the lesson before, stupid pc
  6. Subz3r0

    Game Crash? Monitor no Signal

    same experience, I load the game and as soon as the main menu appears with my character the monitor turns black but everything seems to be running fine, I'll try the trick win+d alt F4 enter to see if the pc shuts down.
  7. Subz3r0

    no parachute

    I was playing just now, I selected erangel map started game and no parachute when jumping from plane (scary the 1st time) but is opening anyway
  8. Subz3r0


    I discovered that if you go in settings with esc, then with mouse and keyboard it works. if you go in settings from gamepad by holding start it won't work
  9. Hey since i'm not used to keybord yet, I'm playing with xbox gamepad and I noticed you cannot set gamepad settings because you can't scroll down to see the other sliders, i tried using d-pad, using mouse and using keyboard, it simply don't scroll down so I can only set the ones I see in the screen.
  10. Subz3r0

    Game crash: Megathread

    Xbox one 1st version crash when jumping down a hill with motorbike sound goes wild, then black screen and back to xbox dashboard
  11. Subz3r0

    Game crash: Megathread

    driving top speed with lb pressed in uaz and in dacia , game crashed to dashboard, i was able to rejoin when i was playing duo and continue play but no more audio with mate playing, this happened on xbox one fat and xbox one x in the same way