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    Are gillie suits bad idea?

    I would like a suit covered in a print of pistols, 9mm ammo boxes and shotgun shells. I can lay in any house in Erangel and you'd walk right past me.

    Should there be anymore maps added?

    Yeah I was thinking in the HUD,near the horizontal blue indicator line, except the line would be vertical with you in the middle. From there you could see how far the blue was above or below you.

    Night time and more!

    My only issue was that I hoped things were be a bit darker at distance. That moon is damn bright! I was thinking darkness could work alot like the fog does in the game...except it would be dark and not bright white. Maybe its tough to implement...

    Weapon/Armor Lock

    Thats a cool idea, I've accidentally swapped out my kitted AR for an uzi too many times and then not realize it till its too late lol.

    The Cave

    Haha maybe! that used to be one of our favorites before everyone started jumping there! Weird I haven't jumped there in forever.

    Should there be anymore maps added?

    I think a map with skyscraper type buildings could be fun, but the dynamic of the circle would have to change. Think of the circle as an orb surround the players. It would shrink vertically as well as horizontally, this way players would be forced to seek higher or lower ground.

    The Cave

    That would be lame and not very exciting though don't you think? One thing I like about PUBG is exploring the terrain and finding new areas. Sadly with the old maps, they can get a little stale in that regard. Opening up a new area could spice things up. It would definitely bring some flavor back to Miramar. Whats up with my food references? I just ate!

    PP-19 Bizon

    I'm a fan, here is a shameless plug for the Moonlight, the Canted sights and the Bizon. I never should have won this match, wish I had a nade...dude didn't know how close he was to winning https://xboxclips.com/Frodad14D/aa30b979-19f3-49f5-8e42-35a4a7cce4ed

    The Cave

    I think the Cave is a great idea. It's like a new hot drop, reminds me of the school before the loot was nerfed. I had some great action in the area on solos and squads, good times. So I was thinking (AND YES ALL THIS APPLIES TO AFTER THE GAME IS FIXED) that it would be cool if they had the ability to add other hidden places to our older maps. For instance. Erangel could have an underground military bunker system, maybe underneath Mt. Stabler. It will give us all a reason to go there anyways. Miramar- Lots of huge rock structures to hide something in here, I was thinking an abandoned Mine that you could get into for some bonus loot. This map has a lot of potential for hidden areas. Sanhok- Underground ruins, maybe its on the edge and you have to dive into the water and find an underwater entrance. What are your thoughts on the Cave and other potential hidden area ideas for other maps? Flame away.

    Thank you ??

    They sure are, its so much easier to track. I'm having much better luck in CQC