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  1. The red zone would be more fun with a destructible environment. Think about it. You take shelter into a building only to rest in pieces under the rubble when the artillery strikes your location.
  2. This forum was created to help people out. Your answer simply put is toxic. If you didn't experience Mibalzrbig's issues it doesn't mean they don't exist. So next time you want to reply maybe do a check on the problems reported. He is from NA and during matchmaking he ends up on OC servers. People from EU got the same problem being thrown to OC servers. I see this issue reported on the Xbox forum. So at this moment it would be wise to ask him if he plays from xbox or pc. Now I'm asking you pywackit, how him having better hardware or better gameplay is going to resolve a server-side problem?
  3. Let me tell you what is my problem with this game. I get a waiting time for a match, after that I get lobby waiting time, then I get a fly-by waiting time, then a parachuting time, then getting loot time, then (most of the times) moving towards the safe zone time. So far so good. I then get a spectating time since on TPP Europe it's always a chinese-named player that kills me, and then I get a replay-watching time. Lots of times I have a recording time and uploading to youtube time. So all in all for a single match when I get maybe two minutes of action I'm in fact wasting an hour and a half.
  4. You might have to wait for 5 minutes but at least you get a ranked match. For the sake of argument, let's assume the cs:go queuing times were instant and silver/gold ranks get to be matched up against global elites, how happy would players be?
  5. And many times I thought I was a noob fighting a skilled player and after watching the deathcam I saw that guy was an obvious ESP cheater.
  6. Would you say this guy is cheating just by looking at his stats spreadsheet?
  7. Plot Twist. The other guy has ESP and no matter what you do you'd still end up in second place🤣
  8. Because all Facebook pages dedicated to the mobile game are filled with this type of questions. Will the use of GFX Tool get my account banned? Will the use of vpn get my account banned? That's why!
  9. Remember the good ol' days when the Tommy Gun came from a crate drop, was OP, melted through vehicles with almost 0 recoil and had 100 bullet clips? Make Tommy Gun great again!
  10. Aaaargh. PUBG Mobile again. You are on the wrong forum. Even so, I will tell you that Tencent doesn't condone the use 3rd party apps. So if a 10 year ban doesn't scare you, enjoy your GFX Tool.
  11. Might be this one you are talking about. Anyways you have *Bug Reports & Known Issues* section to post any bug you might experience.
  12. I am 99% sure you are talking about PUBG Mobile Zombie: Darkest Night Mode. This whole forum has nothing to do with the mobile game.
  13. You do not apparently. But other people do. Big streamers are influencers and the they are revenue generators for any game creator or gaming equipment manufacturer. When Shroud started playing and streaming this game, it caught the interest of a lot of people simply because he was praising it a lot. Many players bought this game and started playing it because streamers are better advertisers than the game's makers. But when he started to lose interest and began trashing the game, lots of players simply abandoned playing the game and jumped on the Apex bandwagon or some other game. A lot of constructive criticism addressed on streams was eventually implemented in the game.
  14. Why stop with the realism here? You get shot, besides the initial damage, your hp starts to drain away until you use a bandage/first aid/medikit. You don't like wearing shoes, your running speed is slower. You go for a swim in level 2 or level 3 gear, you drown. You're not wearing winter clothes on Vikendi, recoil is increased for all weapons. You jump through a glass window, you get hurt and must bandage. Also automatic weapons tend to get stuck rounds when fired in real life. Let's get some more rng. Open to suggestions.
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