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  1. Xenophobic Bigot

    Easy kills for enemies because no vegetation displayed

    Was sure this post was about PUBG Mobile even before I clicked the link. Don't go snake in that game unless you are in the final circle😀
  2. Xenophobic Bigot

    Need more crate guns

    How about the tactical shield? It was deemed as a possibility a while ago.
  3. Xenophobic Bigot

    Game crashes everytime! (Jogo crasha toda hora)

    What is that pray tell?
  4. Xenophobic Bigot

    Unable to play!

    There is no right group here. You need to address your issues to PUBG Mobile Customer Support or on their facebook page.
  5. Xenophobic Bigot

    I didn't get prime membership

    Those are PUBG Mobile features. Go complain on their facebook page.
  6. Xenophobic Bigot

    Crashing in menus and in game since last patch

    This game is crashfest. Crashes happen on low-end and high-end rigs because the game is poorly optimised. I even upgraded my rig thinking I would get rid of them. Still getting 1 or 2 crashes every 5 games.
  7. Xenophobic Bigot

    Game crashes frequently when landing

    It's a known error and they are apparently trying to fix it
  8. Xenophobic Bigot

    Unable to play!

    That's PUBG Mobile. You are on the wrong forum.
  9. Xenophobic Bigot

    suggestion for blue zone

    Very bad idea. While you are in the blue zone at some point you need to heal, right? So you pop a first aid but you have to stand still. You die (coz of that huge damage spike). or Your client crashes. Blue zone kicks in. By the time you reconnect you are dead coz guess what? Your bot stood still the entire time.
  10. Xenophobic Bigot

    Had enough of this shit

    You need to get a NASA computer. Jokes aside, I saw a streamer who had all graphic options set to low to max his fps. Then a friend of his suggested to set all to ultra. Do you know what happened? FPS doubled. This game is very poorly optimized.
  11. Xenophobic Bigot

    Why PUBG?

    It seems to me this game never left beta stage. Errors upon errors upon crashes upon bugs upon glitches. We have to deal with all these among others like hackers and suspicious deaths. I'm playing this game in duo and squad mode. Some of my buddies are from other countries as well. But every game night we have something in common. PUBG crashes. Crash while landing, crash while switching views in spectate mode, crash while leaving game. Last night, we took turns in getting "serialisation error" crash. Game was obviously spoiled for us. After that we had "network lag detected" and bam! chicken dinner gone, coz we were against two more players. I wrote a longer post, but mods decided it was "nonconstructive" and deleted it altogether. Our PC specs and internet connections are just fine, drivers up to date, all have gtx 1070 and rtx's. Still this game manages to make us come to this forum and vent. And the most annoying issue is whenever I get a crash a crash report windows appears. And if I press send it takes forever to compile the needed data. So dearest PUBG Corp, please fix your game.
  12. Xenophobic Bigot

    Footstep sounds broken?

    On my USB headset sounds are definitely broken. I can hear my enemy only when he is meters away from me. I can see him sprinting to my location, and only when he gets within a couple of meters I start to hear him. I have no problem whatsoever with footstep sound on any other game but this. However, when i switch to my 3.5 mm audio jack headsets, the sound experience greatly increases.
  13. Xenophobic Bigot

    Flare Guns - Share your feedback with the PUBG Team

    There is still a major problem that was still not addressed. The damn provisioning appearing on UI. Twice it happened to me so far. I am in the zone, there's one care package available showing on UI, I pop the flare gun. Guess what? No plane is coming my way. Probably because another person fired his flare gun a second sooner. Flare guns are game changers. Making them scarcer is a good thing. Making them not working as intended is absolute bullshit.
  14. Xenophobic Bigot

    That was quick!

    That happened because lots of players reported the hacker over a short period of time. All my successful reports usually take 48 hours or more to be confirmed. BOOM! Thumbs down PUBG Corp.
  15. Xenophobic Bigot

    Let us open crates

    Loot boxes = gambling. And paying for a key to open a loot box in order to get the desired item and all that at abysmally low odds should be banned from all games. But there is hope that all European states will adopt The Netherlands and Belgium's regulations.