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  1. trufflepigg

    Just curious

    33 and the age range of PUBG players seems to be 20-35
  2. it's so cool they created a challenge with no information that you need to lookup online and the parameters are extremely specific and make no sense and you only get 4k XP.
  3. trufflepigg

    My opinion

    He's joking about the SSD guy. It's meant to help render stuff faster, but you don't always get guaranteed results. It's a joke to me because I would never spend more money on extra hardware to fill in the gap of a janky product that should be able to run without any extra hardware investment. It's a joke that people tel us to buy SSD cards to solve the problem of a poorly optimized game. You'll just need to wait until next patch or deal with the many, many issues this patch has introduced.
  4. trufflepigg


    I feel personally annoyed with this game and the dev team because it's a full game, with a 20 gig patch, that makes the game much worse. It's not a subjective opinion, the game runs like shit now. When you land, there are ZERO buildings loaded in, you must wait up to a full minute for things to render. The lobby UI and functionality is a damn joke, how does a product release like this? That's the point of the OP, it's not childish at all - I think the only immaturity here is from the devs themselves, it's like they aren't even trying. It really doesn't seem like they even play the game or test the patches they put out. Within 10 minutes of playing my whole squad has a laundry list of bugs/issues. I'm not exaggerating, 10 minutes and we are all shaking our heads in disbelief. This game is a disaster and an embarrassment, the devs should be feeling really bad about what they are releasing. They should honestly roll back the patch, it should have never been approved. It's a joke, and I sincerely thank people like the OP that take the time to post. PUBG Corp should be getting absolutely shamed right now, this game is just not in a good place.
  5. trufflepigg


    if you don't get to the top of mountains near camp alpha and the zone is ending around there, that's the risk you take and sometimes it completely screws you. Those mountains are my absolute fav place in all the maps for a final circle, I've had some of the wildest moments in those mountains!
  6. trufflepigg

    Tommy gun/VSS

    there is no point of putting a silencer on a tommy gun, the effective range is like 30 m - they are gonna hear/see you regardless. I dunno...tommy gun is an early game monster for sure, but mid-late game I think it's very average or even below average VSS is amazing though, until you get a .556 weapon with a 4x and a silencer, then it's just not as good. VSS is an amazing mid game weapon though
  7. trufflepigg

    What happened to this game?

    At least make your story believable..."looting for 20 minutes and only got a pistol"....riiiiiggghhhhht, that's the games fault I'm sure
  8. trufflepigg

    A few days of Blackout.. then PUBG!!

    Yeah, I'm out as well. Lost Connection to Host just makes me smdh every night I can't believe it's still ongoing
  9. I've def made some clutch head shots that would leave the dead guy wondering wtf I must be using M+K. Last week I remember close to the final circle I was running through a field, getting shot at, I finally spotted the guy and whipped around and headshotted him with one single shot it's like my crosshair was already perfectly on his head when I zoomed in and he insta dropped, these things happen bro