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  1. Schwick318

    1 Year On - (december 12th)

    It's a dominant rival if you want to categorize them together. Yes they are both battle royale and the basic concepts are the same but the gameplay and mechanics couldn't be any more different. Blackout was supposed to be the one that killed PUBG but most people would agree its just not the same as that PUBG experience. I have mentioned this before but could PUBG be so big and so unchartered that no one, even AAA studios, can achieve 60 fps and eliminate all of the bugs on the current consoles. Call of Duty dumped their story mode to push out Blackout and their map is smaller than Fortnite's.
  2. Schwick318

    1 Year On - (december 12th)

    Well you need to find better deals on Xbox Live, I haven't paid full price since like 2010. But I don't know anyone that has an xbox 1 and doesn't have gold.
  3. Schwick318

    1 Year On - (december 12th)

    Lol what? The season pass just gives you goofy clothes you don't have to buy that.
  4. Schwick318

    1 Year On - (december 12th)

    Fortnite is a cartoon, there are no ballistics outside of SR's, and the maps are a fraction of the size of PUBG. I am talking about true realistic BR and I am assuming that the smaller map, cartoonish graphics, and the lack of ballistics make it a lot easier to code that game.
  5. Schwick318

    1 Year On - (december 12th)

    If its so easy to fix this game at a AAA studio, why haven't any of them made a Battle Royale game that rivals PUBG?