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  1. Onequick68

    No snow map til Jan

    What does it matter, all it will come with is more bugs and issues for us to deal with
  2. Onequick68

    Who Has Gotten a Turkey Dinner?

    Kidding me. I haven't had a win since it went full release. The matchmaking favors better players. There really is little challenge for them
  3. Are they ever going to come out with a fair system? I cant take this crap much longer. Come up with something to even out the playing field.
  4. The ranking system is complete trash, a two year old could come up with a better one. Even the matching system is awful. These need to be fixed
  5. Onequick68


    It's how it should be every day.
  6. Onequick68


    Think of how it is for the people that aren't very good. You are always matched with top players right now, always being destroyed by them is no fun at all. All you are saying is you would rather play bad players rather than have a challenge
  7. Onequick68


    Are they ever going to implement a matchmaking system based on rank and skill?
  8. I like the game but there are still so many issues with it. I used to play every day and now I'm down to maybe 1 day a week. One thing I wish they would implement is a good matching system. The one they use now is absolute shit when it comes to being fair