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  1. Ok thanks for info and thats a official statement? Just to be sure.
  2. I understand that and thanks for info, but still upon that what you say. Lets say there is 400 people in exact moment and nobody leaves. Does it mean it will be 4 maps filled or not. What im trying to say its ,if is there any % that maps is by system prefered or not.
  3. Hi guys i have a quite simple question and never see any comments on this. Is there any % of which maps is rotating more or less. Or is it really 25% chance on any map if i select quick join ? Thanks a lot
  4. Why do you think its a blame of a game ???? Actually its opposite. I run a FB page fans of PUBG on xbox for Czech and Slovak Republic and we have had a discussion about why we cant select maps. I said there that it will extend the cue of matchmaking and that i understand they dont do it. From that there were question that Miramar is the worst map and should be rotating less then other map. I said that i dont think so and made a vote pool in the FB page and decided to have more people to be involved in so we can discuss it with better data. This is actually in the end great also for devs as a feedback to know what really people like or not and maybe change it a little bit or not. So dont always make a quick decision about all people here. Lot of people here love the game even we know there are a lot ups and downs. Thanks to all that vote
  5. Which maps is the worst for you? Vote.
  6. Just quick question i havent found it anywhere. Thanks
  7. Bufo007

    Vikendi pass problem

    Ok thanks for info my God. 😂😂😂
  8. Hi again i have found that some of missions are not counting. First is 500 damage here i found i have done it, but never count. Also take syringe and headshot enemy is not counting for me.
  9. Bufo007

    Show me your desync clips

    Here you have a crazy desync video: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/sionbskyline/video/70252344 its really anoying that the devs dont care.
  10. And another proof .... really do they dont react on this ?? Robo this all proofs show that there is a problem.
  11. Bufo007

    BP duration question.

    oh sorry for the wrong word not a native speaker, but yes thats what i mean and thanks for info
  12. Bufo007

    Survivor pass level

    Go to military on Miramar and you will have it easy. When you do it in Duo and your teammate helps you to find them even easier
  13. Hi guys just a short question. Is there any durability on BPs? Thanks a lot
  14. Bufo007

    WTF really .... how?

    I think so too its weird.