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  1. Ok somehow i understand but its sounds little bit as excuse, beacause if i do it again from the same position it register the hit so then its to much randomnes in the game. Dont you think? But of course thanks a lot for answer and especially for the super profesional picture
  2. Here you can see the head issue https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/bufothedon/video/69369280 just skip till the end almost
  3. i will try to do it today and post it here. https://bit.ly/2I6AWH6 here you can see the foot others mentioned i cant replicate yesterday. Whenever i see it again i will give you example.
  4. i will try to do it today and post it here.
  5. Hi Bluehole, i have found there is some hit detection problem, thats quite easy to replicate. Im going before every session to training ground for some practice and there i see that some of bullets doesnt count on back of the head on the tip of the shoe almost never and elbow. I didnt try the bullet penetration system and i will but this is not working so penetration will be a problem also i guess.
  6. Bufo007

    Grenade kills mission

    actually with granade i have the same and it was in late stage of the game. So yes sometimes its not counting.
  7. Ok guys i have to say thanks a lot to all of you. Especialy Stuffedcrust21. Yesterday i came home an try for lets say 25 minutes update my settings and have some training. I will be there longer but my team is there so we go to play. It was like a miracle. First game i have 3 kills and we won a chicken dinner. It was totally gamechanging and in other games we are the ones that are pushing whenever we see or hear anybody shooting, what a change. I feel so confident ( what a beautifull change ) of course i loose some situation and so, but now i know why. And i can work on that . Im looking forward for train as hard as i can to enjoy again game that i love. Again so much thanks to you guys and Stuffedcrust21 you are a God for me now. Have a great day and lots of chickens.
  8. With that i can help you. I was always the one who has played mostly tactically ( somebody can say i was little bit camper ) i can say its not good to play like that always and you have to rush more so you are confident in one to one situation. Deffinetly try what Stuffedcrust21, says about training and how to understand settings.
  9. Thats little bit not so easy to answer, i was playing long time on type A so mostly it was soft aim, just lets say a month i see for me will be better to shoot with ADS and now im switch to B type and it looks good. More in new comment.
  10. Thats a great tips thanks so much. You are the best !!!!!
  11. Feel your pain dude, sometimes i feel the same, but its really big different your body response different in training and match.
  12. Sorry didnt answer all you question: Generally i die in close fights due to not aiming where i want, I think im avarage on sniping and im deffinitelly great in tactics but thats not that much fun of course
  13. Thanks a lot guys im doing it little bit like you said but not so special so i will try it. The most what i struggle is close fights and mid range fights, i also see that my settings is somehow messed up maybe beacause of changes and updates. I also see that i struggle get muscle memory when to ads and when to quick use reddot or whatever. Once again big thanks.
  14. Hi guys, im stuck and cant improved my game for a long time. Im plaing almost form the start and im still really bad. I have heard that some of the players are using training mode with specific excercisis to be better. If you please have some suggestion or have found some videos to get better pls help me out. Thanks a lot. P.S. I understand that i have to also jump on places with lot of people to shoot and i will but this topic is really just tips for training mode.
  15. Bufo007

    The UMP is overpowered. Change my mind.

    of course some of the situation can be tricky as you mentioned desync etc. Im just saying that when i have change from ump to AK i kill many more players quickly.