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  1. Dreamsanity

    Really crashing again

    So I haven’t crashed in like 4 months. And then today playing the test server I crash while playing 2 man squad with only one guy left to kill. Come on pubg fix this don’t go backwards.
  2. Dreamsanity

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    @Andymh5 might want to tell the devs about this seems important.
  3. Dreamsanity

    Another tiny bug invisible object

    I posted something similar and they said they are working on fixing that problem.
  4. Dreamsanity

    Invisible Wall at Power Grid

    Yeah I post something similar and they said they are working on fixing that and the invisible walls when in a vehicle.
  5. Dreamsanity

    Invisible walls

    Thank you for the response.
  6. Dreamsanity

    Invisible walls

    So I was walking around on roofs and then bam can’t go that way like there’s a wall there. Then there’s the one where you could be driving and get injured and suddenly stop another wall. Anybody else have this problem and if so please fix this pubg. Thank you
  7. Dreamsanity

    Sensitivity glitch

    They need too fix this before they push it too live
  8. Dreamsanity

    Sensitivity glitch

    Actually it’s also happening with the A type as well didn’t know if anyone noticed or not