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  1. the guy Who is #1 on ps4 has only 1 win. Lmao. With almost 800 matches played. How do you figure this current leaderboard showcases skill when the dude in first is a complete mcGruber with a .68 kd and only 1 win in 800 matches lol.
  2. Being competitive is not a flaw in the gaming society at all... And if you don’t strive to be the best at whatever you play, then you are just one of the casual gamers I suppose. The ranking system as it is now, allows any McGruber/noob with a ton of time on their hands to get ranked, regardless of their skill level/ win % ect. The previous ranking system required actual skill to get ranked and actually meant something compared to the new system. Nothing wrong with having both ranking systems.
  3. With the current SP/ranking system I am starting to notice friends and others are only willing to play one perticular game mode. Their reasoning is if they already started and achieved a certian SP rank. they do not want to start all over in another game mode such as fpp, solos, duos, squads ect. This is becoming an issue for players that have less time to play the game. Although I don’t have access to statistics to back this up, it does leave us to wonder if this will become a growing issue down the road that may effect cue times for certian game modes. The curent ranking/leaderboard system also takes away a huge competitive aspect of the game. Myself, I have all the time in the world to play, however this system is unfair to others who may not be as fortunate. Following, are a few ideas on how to improve on this ranking system all while maintains the sp rewards/ leaderboards and incorporating a competive aspect back into the game. Keep the current sp ranking system but also bring back the competive leaderboards that are seperates into “squads, solos, duos ect” I’m talking about the leaderboards that take a portion of your kill rating and add it to your win rating. This will not only appease to the competive community members but also the members who simply just don’t have the time to grind sp in one perticular game mode. Now that we added the “competive leaderboard” back in the game. Lets tweak the sp leaderboard/system. Instead of deviding the sp rewards system up into 6 different catagorys such as solo, duo, squads- fpp and tpp. Let’s lump it all into one overal rating. Meaning if you play solos primary and your buddies get on, there’s no negative effect for jumping in with a squad as all your points from all game modes could add up into one overall SP rank. With keeping the devided up “competive leaderboard” and tweaking the SP rank system and having two seperate leaderboards. A SP leaderboards as well as the Competive leaderboards the game will be broadening it’s ranking system and appeasing to both sides of the community. Of course there may be some flaws with this as well, so please post bellow any concerns someone would have with this and let’s talk about it.