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  1. Prowash

    Xbox Update #5 - Feedback Topic

    Don’t know if it’s just me but the game seems to be shuttering a lot more than last patch. When panning around.
  2. Usually after a new patch, I have to turn all sens down 1 or up 1
  3. Prowash

    A "token" you'd like to receive

    You forgot to put “refund” in the list
  4. Just wait till week 8, it looks like they all overlap eg week 2 use 10 bandages, week 6 use 30 bandages, no point in doing them when in a couple of week you will have to do them again.
  5. Prowash

    Sell this game to Tencent

    I play pubg on my PlayStation classic, runs at 60fps
  6. Packet Based Radar 😂😂😂
  7. Prowash

    Leaderboards - What On Earth

    Wackeyjackey hit lone survivor before without shooting a single bullet, this is old news.
  8. Prowash

    Make AUG a common spawn

    Running through the snow, look a air drop, I need that level 3 helmet!! Oh wait I’m wearing one, Squad goes, we are all wearing one.
  9. Prowash

    Hotfix did NOTHING

    I was having the same thing with pubg taking too long and the grip/msg switch is for the new canted sight
  10. You could play squad Sanhok during peak times but the day blackout came out, nothing.....
  11. OC died the day blackout came out.
  12. Prowash

    Region renewal is a failure

    Settle down Darkkarn you newb 😂
  13. Prowash

    FPS and weapon performance

    Ak all da way.