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  1. For those “get a kill and finish top 3” once you get a kill with the gun, just change it, don’t need to hold onto it for the whole game.
  2. Also got 4 wins in a row on all maps 😬
  3. How does Asia have no lag on NA but have big lag on OC?
  4. The skins are mostly for pistols and shotguns, least weapons used in the game.
  5. The ashes which are down the bottom of the customization menu need to go, it tanks the FPS and you can’t even select the gun skin you want, on the emote menu the ashes aren’t there and it smooth as, any chance to to look into this?
  6. Selecting a weapon skin still drops FPS to negative 100
  7. Why not convert it into AEST for us 😁
  8. I like this part on the PTS notes Fixed an issue which caused heavy FPS drops momentarily using hotkeys to mute or change audio channels. 😂😂😂
  9. This is true, I’ve seen PC players hit trees with motorcycles and it just stops, no damages taken, On Xbox, you turn the bike on and it blows up,
  10. Been modding games for 15 years and yet you are upset when an alleged hacker kills you?
  11. Game is running worst than last patch, last patch for me was running great, X with SSD. This patch the pop in distance is crap, you see rocks and rails on building load in when you’re 10 meters away, also the game is jerking when I’m running, it feels that the new pop in distance is causing this as things are loading in and just then I notice the sound is off, there were guys in the next building but it sounded like they were outside the wall, then 3 of them walked towards me and it sounded the same, bad patch, revert back please or add options where if you have a SSD that you can select better draw/pop in distances etc
  12. Fun fact: Adding a suppressor and 6x scope to a S12K turns it into a DMR.
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