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  1. Prowash

    Oceania servers

    Something like that wouldn’t work for Xbox. NA?
  2. Prowash

    Oceania servers

    What are those kill ping websites? To improve ping? They aren’t using a vpn? I remember using putty with internode which would give me better ping on WoW, cause they had a better connection?
  3. Prowash

    Oceania servers

    On PC it’s Sea only? No OC? also has anyone tried using a VPN to get better ping on NA servers from Australia?
  4. Prowash

    Vikendi - WIll we par with PC?

    The replay aren’t recorded in mp4 format, it’s just data and it shouldn’t be much dara at all.
  5. Keyboard + controller is the way to go, mouse is overated.
  6. Prowash

    Razer Wolverine Ultimate

    That app only does the extra buttons, as I also turned to turn of left stick click but doesn’t work within the Xbox app
  7. Just getting this after a game.
  8. Prowash

    OCE servers.. Again...

    Peak hour could always find a game,
  9. Prowash

    OCE servers.. Again...

    OCE died the day Blackout dropped
  10. Prowash

    WTactualF - absolute crap

    Welcome to pubg
  11. Prowash

    OCE servers

    Before Feb 2019
  12. Spectating is not accurate