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  1. Innocent Infidel

    Cheating Discussion

    I play in my own region (OC) with a sub 25ms ping...and I still encounter cheaters EVERY NIGHT I PLAY. YOU are the one claiming you haven't seen a cheater....I would suggest you don't really know what you'er looking for. They are becoming so much more subtle, turning on and off their cheats in game...maybe every 2nd or 3rd game even, using different cheats of various strengths, ..but the undeniable fact is what BattleEye themselves, a company hired by the developer to address cheating, keeps reporting. MILLIONS of banned accounts at astonishing rates. e.g. how do you know if a player is or is not using a 'autohealth' cheat in the blue until you watch the replay several times and track the sucker. p.s. I only play FPP and that is regarded by many as less cheat infested, but I still see them every night...TPP is supposed to be worse.
  2. Innocent Infidel

    Cheating Discussion

    2 million+ bans since Jan 1st, and as the old advertising blurb of McDondald's saying goes "2 MILLION customers can't be wrong!" At last check BattleEye was reporting that they banned an account for cheating...wait for it...EVERY 2.56 seconds. IF that doesn't tell you there is CLEARLY an endemic problem then I really don't know how to converse with you on the topic. OF COURSE it's the Market Place that attracted the cheaters, you can almost nail it down to the very day they introduced crates, cost and exchange rates...literally to the day, Around August 2017 from memory. OF COURSE Bluehole is continuing making bucks as much as possible. They know they are on a limited timeframe. They aren't stupid. They are maximizing profits as much a they can, even if it means reselling game licenses to those they ban on a second by second basis. One tactic to deflect from the obvious fix for the problem was to label those that called for action as xenophobic : "“This kind of xenophobic attitude that a lot of Western players seem to have online is just disgraceful. It's 2017! We live on one big planet together! What the fuck? I'm quite ashamed of those players that shout these things out. We want to create a great space for everyone to enjoy across the globe and locking one region out . I don't know what the fuck they’re thinking." (*Mods, please note, the swear words are those of your Creative Director, not mine.) (Region locking would resolve nearly 90=95%+ of the 'Chinese' cheating problem overnight) But the company wide reluctance to even discuss the elephant in the room, is evident and is clearly a worry for any customer past and future. The topic is quashed at every opportunity when raised in Forums, the company spiel out the usual platitudes of "oh we are committed to this and we promise that, & we are implementing this, and we have lots of wins here/ we will reveal soon..ect..ect..." BUT the simple fact is, they avoid at all cost actually doing the single thing that would have a huge, immediate impact on the Chinese cheating problem. A problem that BattleEye is on record recently stating worryingly, " that continues to escalate". WHY? The game is barely scraping a 53% 'recommended' rating on the largest gaming platform on the planet, STEAM. Nearly every second post on most PUBG Twitter & Redditt & Facebook threads have the slogan 'REGION LOCK CHINA' slathered everywhere. People are even releasing T-shirts to that effect!. It's a meme already, but Bluehole don't seem to be in on the joke?? Or is the joke on us? There is no way in hell this game is going to last more than 2 yrs total max, even though you have community managers saying they have plans for 10 yrs or so, yeh right, THEY WISH!!... because they are on the pay roll. Wishful thinking at best. But the fact is, the minute a half way decent Company makes a more efficient, more optomised game, on a better game engine without the crippling embedded gamble of loot crates as incentives and the associated Market that attracts cheaters and profiteers Ad Nauseam, you can bet your left testicle ALL those PUBG 'early adopters' will jump ship faster than a rat off the Titanic. Guaranteed.
  3. Innocent Infidel

    Cheating Discussion

    It certainly saddens my heart when I see a game with so much potential, that I do really like, getting fucked over by these mindless cheaters. I was reading another thread here by other community members here on PUBG forum they mentioned a 'radar hack' that I had not heard of, so I did a google to found what it was. I found a site offering it for 30Euros a month ect.. BUT THE THING that really ticked me off was that in the forum where people were asking how it works and what you have to do with a 2nd PC and such was this safe ect... They guy who obviously made the cheat posted this: "I'm on this forum selling cheats for 14 years now. So there is 0 interest in getting a ban for selling a fake product - especially not for just 30 EUR. " THAT'S what really fucking ticked me off, 14 YEARS FFS! This loser has been peddling their shit for 14 bloody years! AND STILL continues to run his scumbag enterprise!! THESE are the lowlife's that companies need to target, identify and prosecute to the full extent of the law.! C'mon Bluehole take a ticket out of Blizzards playbook and nail at least a few of these shitheads, pursue them relentlessly and put them through the Courts. Make examples out of them and instill the fear of the law on them and others who are even considering this type of enterprise! Or else we are still going to have this douchebag and others like him around in another 14yrs still ruining our gaming enjoyment. grrr. rant over..I need another whiskey! God I hate fucking cheaters...in anything! Games, life, love, anything. I hope they get Cancer the lot of them.
  4. Innocent Infidel

    Cheating Discussion

    BattleEye banning PUBG cheaters every 2.5 seconds...that's where we are at currently. I think the situation needs to be investigated by whatever Consumer protection agency there is in Korea. It certainly does look dodgy as hell from the outside, and the selling of information about upcoming cheat defenses could certainly explain why it is that within 24-48 hrs any new anti cheat rollout is defeated. Plus it's also very suspicious as to why people who have been repeatedly reported for months and months by legit players as cheaters continue to remain on leaderboards. Its almost as if they had bought themselves immunity. ?? Big things to come i reckon......
  5. Innocent Infidel

    Cheating Discussion

    what server mate?
  6. Innocent Infidel

    Cheating Discussion

    Yep I see that now, I just watched a video of it...my groupings are nice but they aren't in the same fucking spot! I was also unaware they did it thru their scoped in views as well, I thought it was purely an iron sights thing.
  7. Innocent Infidel

    Cheating Discussion

    Is the no recoil thing REALLY obvious when you watch it? Reason I ask and I am by no means a guru at this but I have practised for ages on my mouse pull down when I shoot iron sights. Like Whackyjacky described some months ago. I can pretty much keep the AK on point and doing a very tight group in auto, purely from muscle memory and automatically pulling down on my mouse as I unload. So if my shooting was watched through a replay could it be interpreted as a no recoil?...or do they not move a milimitre at all? I do have kick and such but in all modesty I controll it really well. I've never seen the no recoil thing in action that's why I ask. It OK forget this post. I just looked up a video on it, my grouping is good but it certainly isn't anywhere what the cheat provides! Scumbags, I hate cheaters!
  8. Innocent Infidel

    Cheating Discussion

    I call shenanigans!