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  1. yep we got one that plays bushwooky with us. Need help, and he said on my way, and specate him and he hiding in a bush on wrong side of the street. We learn just invite him when we need a body to hold loot for us. Then pick his ass off when he starts hiding in bushes
  2. Those scripts are for PC anyways, wouldnt work with the adaptors for the console. And most have been flag and easy to detect now.
  3. Take it from somebody who got ban for 2 days for posting proof of things lol.. But yes Teaming does happen on solo, and i have sent video of it many times. As for the packet radars, their is only one major company that produces it and they have been flagged and shut down to point. They are aware of them and if you had this company software, you been flagged as well.
  4. mac9yv3r

    Feb 8th dev update

    im a tech geek but i didnt understand non of that shit. other then maps doesnt load up correctly. Well here is some input.. 1. Get rid of the fake flying leaves you see flying across your screen. 2. Stop with the water graphics as a base line, then build on top of that? If the graphics doesn load, were stuck in the water and game thinks were drowning. 3. Just cant grasp how the same engine that other devs are using and have no issues with graphic problems. 4. Really need to up the specs on your servers that were hosting on. 5. If the 20 gig download is the graphics, then let our console load the graphics and use your server just for location value, similar to what COD does when were p2p or p2p- hybrid dedicated server. All i am reading is excuses, not solutions.
  5. mac9yv3r

    Leaving people with one shot

    I do that all the time.. i see m24.. leave the 1 shot box and any scopes that spawn with it are layed out in the bushes lol. One of my mates, will drop a gun to grab it and go hide it and come back pick up his prefer weapon of choice.
  6. DVR got full but just watching about 20 cars and trucks come in from the road is like a semi convoy.. just kept on coming and yet those hiding the houses refuse to shot them? Wish had a DP on mirmar.. could easly get about 10 kills just blowing up cars and trucks.. With that said, why not blow or shoot tires of cars on your way to your next point? Less cars/trucks in the circle more entertaining it is..
  7. mac9yv3r

    Two updates?

    Rubles are about pennies to the USD..
  8. Nice but shitty mission to be honest.. ruin the fun of the game and last circle. .
  9. mac9yv3r

    Rampant teaming on Vikendi - why?

    It seems to be the new normal thing to do now..and yet not much we can do but report and hope for the best.. and still get that same jackass i reported a while back playing again.. Mr Ill keep teaming over and over
  10. mac9yv3r

    "Horse Head With Antlers"

    wow who knew paying to dress up barbie would bring in so much $$. I been rocking the same default setup.. grind the other barbie/Gi Joe Costumes.. No worth 100 bucks for cosmetics but that just me.. each to their own.. then i go look at fortnight and wonder how the fuck parents pay for that shit over and over unless the kiddies stolen their parents credit cards.
  11. Title saids. Vikendi map does not load up till about 30 sec when you are on the ground, sometimes a good full 1m on OG xbox and xboxs.
  12. mac9yv3r

    "oh,the things you'll break" challenge guide!

    LOL THIS!!.. i know i was just drivign around i teh car hanging out teh window doing drive bys.. lol
  13. mac9yv3r

    Settings changed again

    no. typica m4 and sks.. Feels like its all over teh place. im dead on but seems to be not hitting them.. but i got snipe with a shot gun 100m out?
  14. Looks like the settings are same but feel differ. I couldnt hold a aim with teh settings i been at since the last reset.. did they change it again and just didnt reflect the settings?
  15. mac9yv3r

    Sniper Rifle Spawns

    Most of the time its the other way around. I can find 8x all over the place, and not a single SLR or DMR anywhere to use it... Then find the guns, but no attachments. lol