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  1. OOokvltoOO

    Controller Mods

    I watched a halo tutorial on the device and the author said you should never use it outside of story mode on halo because you would be smashed quickly and fiercely with the ban hammer. I would think it’d be the same with pubg.
  2. I guess you could have started match after match and back out to watch the bp roll in back then, eh? i had a match where I took out the trash and came back to see afk hunters. Some cars and one guy punching to his heart’s content. We we had a boxing match where both of us died by headshot with punch. 🤭 i messaged the guy and we had a laugh
  3. OOokvltoOO

    PUBG unplayable in the weekends??

    So I was playing pubg and I had to go in to work later than usual. It was great. I don’t think there were as many people on the servers. After everyone is in work or school.... either we we have to take more personal days or both pubg and Xbox might need to expand and improve on their server resources.
  4. OOokvltoOO

    What should PUBG steal?

    I think I had a squadmate ask me once if I was “good at rocks” like him. Some of the parkour I can pull off I’ve never seen anyone do simply because they assume it is not possible.... too hard or not worth the risk. Don’t smooth out everything and ruin some of my positions.
  5. OOokvltoOO

    Salute to Andy

    ONE OF US!
  6. OOokvltoOO

    Salute to Andy

    Three cheers for @PUBG_Andymh5 !!!!!!!!
  7. OOokvltoOO

    Duos/ 1 man squad?

    Good you found a fix however temporarily. Once in a while I’d be in a one man squad or get my game mode reset to solos after leaving a team of duo or squad. I thought all that was fixed recently.
  8. OOokvltoOO

    Duos/ 1 man squad?

    Are they solo teaming and killing you or are you getting knocks instead of kills?
  9. OOokvltoOO

    Aiming question for good players 2+KD

    I don’t even aim in cqc anymore. I rush juke and micro uzi till we are face to face. It messes with the enemy if they are ads at you. -Not a +2
  10. OOokvltoOO

    Lightening has struck!

    I’ll keep trying for the biker crate goodies thanks to your testimony. Spent 100,000 the other day like you but the key is to never give up.
  11. OOokvltoOO

    What happened to my Snow Glasses

    I didn’t try for it.
  12. OOokvltoOO

    Running faster with no gun?

    How about 1km while punching? myth? Thank you for your study!
  13. Contact the manufacturer? It may be faulty and have nothing to do with your understanding of the add on. Look at reviews to see if there is a recurrence of this problem.