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  1. You can change the parameters of quickjoin so it’s fpp whatever.
  2. OOokvltoOO

    Custom games on new patch VIKENDI

    Everywhere really
  3. OOokvltoOO

    PTS Mission crates rewarded!’

    Exactly the same here.
  4. OOokvltoOO

    PTS Mission crates rewarded!’

    I still want to know at what time the content of a crate is determined ... does it randomize from delivery into “my items” or in the moment of opening?
  5. OOokvltoOO

    Are the skins causing problems?

    In squad or solo hot drops? i think it’s because so many are ads and shooting full auto in such a close proximity... happens every time in squads at the last few phases of the zone. When there is about 30 people all in the apartments in yasana..
  6. OOokvltoOO


    Everyone gets it on Thursty Thursday
  7. OOokvltoOO

    Does this mean I play too much PUBG?

    Seeing lvl.3 bags EVERYWHERE!!!
  8. OOokvltoOO

    Stat snobs

    You should make lfg posts for 300 wins plus and if you say “Appear offline” I think your stats are unavailable to the others you are not friends with.
  9. OOokvltoOO

    Stun grenades

    I find this stunning. I’ve only been partially flashed when horsing around with squad mates.
  10. OOokvltoOO

    Trouble starting up?

    Fixed with hard reset.
  11. OOokvltoOO

    Trouble starting up?

    I open the game. Prompt to press A button. Loading ensued. Restarting now.
  12. OOokvltoOO

    Trouble starting up?

    Gonna do the same. Clear cache. I did a reinstall on pubg yesterday and hard reset. Time again. Ty
  13. Is it an xbl issue? I just get the loading screen.... anyone else?
  14. OOokvltoOO

    Crossbow thread

    It only makes this little noise when the shot lands on em. I think on the event mode I would have greater success when using the 4x scope on it to see if it landed.
  15. OOokvltoOO

    parachuting technique?

    I have experienced that nudge too. I guess I’ll try it again later.