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  1. Honestly folks... at at this point it’s only OP if you can’t throw a good nade. Kudos to @pajama dad for his crate /A4 only idea. it wouldn’t be as commonplace in the field as not many noobs can really use the m16a4
  2. I get them. Play more. It will come.
  3. My lady keeps asking me... anyone seen this or done this before?
  4. I got put on an SA server the other day for squads and I was an easy kill at 300-400 ping. I keep thinking that sa server players are much better than NA. They stick together better and take less risks. I’ve never seen a sa server player make a stupid play... only seen em get outplayed or out gunned. we should listen to this guy.
  5. Teaming is a problem now? How about prox chat teaming?
  6. I’m good with a penalty I guess. I’ll admit I’m a poor sport about vikendi at times.
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