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  1. How many smokes do you have? @PUBG_Takarii I can't see you anymore Or do I need to open one thread at the time? The servers would crash if I do so.
  2. JUST FYI and to keep this post alive.
  3. LITERALLY one minute after the previous video
  4. Trying to kill someone thats DBNO with a headshot from 0.1 meters away
  5. either you are out of words, or excuses. this is proof that the game is far FAR from polished. 2 years later
  6. And go for another one, prone blocked when im clearly in a place where i SHOULD be able to prone (this happens in 9874783748343473843743943 spots on all 4 maps), super realistic "no prone" PS: on the video you can see how many times i hit z z z z z z z z z z z z on 49038 different spots.
  7. Another ! Why when you drive (seat 1) and move (which is realism at level 0) to another seat (seat 2 for example) the car "hit the breaks" with no one at the wheel? Does the player sticks the handbreak while moving?
  8. This is fresh, from a friend of mine, 5 minutes ago (after this tuesday patch) explaination?
  9. PS: After just receiving and completing a PUBG Survey, its clear that you don't have a clue where to go forward with the game. I really hope people answer that survey the way I did, and hopefully in some near (!) future....
  10. Ty @jouzeroff Another one: This could also be a perception issue, but I think its not. Almost everytime, after an update (4-7 hours) when you drop in the first map (maybe a couple of them) you think, OMG, they've fixed it! Its sooo smooth its almost disorienting, but after "i dont know how much time / maps after" it starts to become the game it was before the update. It almost seems like a "after-some-time-windows-crappy-slowdowns" that have been there since the beginnings of time. It seems like after upgrades and probably servers rebooting, it works seamlessly, at least for a little period of time. Is this only my perception?
  11. I'm writing as i'm remembering 2 years into the game, and you still can't solve the zone 4-5 having 45+ people on eSports mode, lagging the game as hell, dropping maybe 30-50 FPS (!!!!) We've tried disabling death cam, replay, nothing, all the same, we need super computers to play steady 120+fps and STILL, its not a PC problem, its a GAME problem. Whats your take on that @PUBG_Sheepy ? Millions of dollars have been and will be given in tournaments, and still.. this is an issue no one talks about.
  12. A couple more things At least the 2 seated bike going backwards, should not make sound at least if its off; a bike going backwards and then forward should not take almost 4 seconds to accelerate. Changing weapon while walking isnt possible, the game must take "CTRL+2" as the intended combination, when i'm trying to switch weapon while walking
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