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  1. I don’t like the red zone as a mechanic, however the one useful element it offers is audio cover. You can use the sound to your tactical advantage for pushing, escaping, or rotating around multiple enemies. I’d prefer not to remove that aspect.
  2. It’s just a guess but I’d say the way it works currently is an artificial way to produce the perception of scarcity. Typically people feel more more pressure to buy an item if it is limited, even if it’s nothing more than pixels that have no limitations on resources. However, I agree with your post, Sometimes people don’t want to buy a skin or are unable to when they’re released and this prevents them ever buying one in the future.
  3. I’d say it’s a mixture of factors that lead to PUBG being difficult for beginners or casual players: 1) The game has been out for quite a while now giving players the opportunity to become very experienced and adept. 2) Many players transferred from other competitive fps with thousands to tens of thousands of hours in those games prior to playing this one. 3) Professional PUBG players as well as highly skilled streamers stream this game 24/7 showing advanced maneuvers and strats that players can learn without putting in all the time to figure them out alone. 4) The training grounds provide the opportunity to fine tune recoil mechanics, throwables, and many other skill sets. 5) Many players have high end rigs and excellent headsets giving them an edge over more economic rigs. 6) There are cheaters, as in any game, that can occasionally throw off your match and be quite frustrating. 7) Learning how to manage your ping by either using peekers advantage or playing more defensive/aggressive depending on if your ping is on the high side or the low side. 8 )The overall skill cap for the strats, mechanics, and muscle memory is set very high. A new or casual player coming into this environment has a lot to learn, but there are a lot of resources available to do so. These factors can combine to make players perceive that more players cheat than what is objectively true. When you have players with 3-10k hours in a game playing alongside with players who have a couple hundred or less, the skill disparity will often be high enough to elicit cheating suspicions. However, the further your skill progresses, the easier it becomes to ferret out the few cheaters compared to the large, highly skilled player population. This game, imho, is one of the most frustrating and simultaneously rewarding games I’ve ever played. I find the players are passionate about it because it can be rage inducing or extremely thrilling depending on your performance. I feel you can’t have one edge of the sword without the other.
  4. Vector/Uzi very close range. Vector/mp5 are acceptable at medium close range to mid range. However I take an AR over SMG in anything but hot dropping because they are better suited to adapting to more situations imho. AR and DMR/SR is usually the meta because it performs better as a combo in most scenarios from my perspective. SMGs are niche weapons where they perform well in specific circumstances from my point of view.
  5. My strat on blue zone varies by map. Generally on Erangel and Miramar I get a vehicle early (it feels like they even upped the spawn rate of vehicles on Erangel at some point) and keep it till the end circles (phase 5-ish). On Sanhok I never use a vehicle unless I’m not able to outrun the first couple of circles (almost never). I play the edge of the zone phase 4+ (Most of the time). On Vikendi once you have the first circle you should never die to the blue, it only moves a few cm each new phase and there aren’t really hard shifts. There may be better rotation strats, and these are rules of thumb, but they generally work well for me.
  6. What if you were given an option to queue with friends (like duos or squads) into the match and then could practice leading targets with one another? That said I don’t know if this is possible with the current lobby mechanics but it’s just a thought of how to practice with friends that may, or may not luck (or if different region be able to) into getting into the same training map. Just throwing it out there as a possible alternative solution?
  7. Sure thing, where do I look for a link to the discord? It’d be interesting to see how devs discuss the mechanics behind the gameplay.
  8. Sounds like a stimulating inventory 😂
  9. But will we be able to hot drop in it? 😜
  10. With the massive availability of nades currently, they could almost be the default answer to any scenario... Nades are like the “need more cowbell” meme at this point... “you can never have too much nade”
  11. I’m not being snarky or sarcastic here, but trying to position yourself to be the guy in the other building is the most optimal answer atm. Using these mechanics in your favor while quick peeking then re-peeking for an added dose of “peekers advantage” is the way to make this work for you and not against you.
  12. This makes sense, would adding a small complex of each building type in training mode add a significant number of draw calls? Would it severely impact lower end client rigs on this map?
  13. So repeating the same style of building puts less stress on the server/client interaction? Also would a few buildings significantly impact performance?
  14. Several differences exist between the architecture of the buildings on maps. Each map has certain windows you can vault through, some you can jump through, and some that are partially obstructed with metal bars. There's also differences in how to get onto roofs by jumping onto railings/doorframes/roofs via window as well. Placing a few buildings or even a small complex highlighting these styles on the training grounds would allow players to practice those mechanics in order to be more on par with highly practiced good players already using these mechanics. It would also allow them to practice how to maneuver railings on steps, half walls, and other obstacles that will push your weapon up when you are too close or using a longer barreled weapon. I think the training grounds was a brilliant addition allowing players to practice everything from nading to recoil patterns, to parachuting, etc. I think adding the different styles of buildings they can expect to encounter on the maps may also be a nice addition. Thoughts?
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