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  1. A lot of players who do this are deciding whether to stay or not. They want to find out if the team can communicate in the lobby. That way they can leave without a stat penalty before they get on the plane. I don’t play randoms much anymore because of how important communicating is, however, if I did and players didn’t have mics I would likely move on to the next team in another lobby.
  2. A lot of these skins are really nice additions imho. I just hope they’re not out of reach via crate or impossible to achieve via gameplay.
  3. Unless they stream it... could be some money to be made 😂
  4. I would have to disagree, stealth in PUBG requires slowing movement to decrease audible cues, like crouch slow walking. It requires not moving when camping, it requires focus and cautious movements if you are attempting to sneak. However, these methods are very effective, especially using them in combination with other sounds (crate planes, red zones, players own sounds, throwable, vehicle sounds). The audible cues you risk when not taking these cautions are what the vigilant aggressor or cautious camper must listen for. Overall I think PUBG has done a pretty masterful job of balancing offensive and defensive play. They’ve even catered certain maps for specific play styles. I’d prefer to keep the audible cues for doors as they are, as I feel they’re an important part of this balance.
  5. I would love to have the “have a nice day” smiley face... good suggestion mate 😂
  6. I think this type of sneaky or silenced gameplay will appeal to some, personally I’d prefer audio cues were not made any less audible as I’m more a fan of having info to find teams to fight. Its mainly about a balance between defensive/camping/sneaky style of play and offensive/pushing/aggressive style of play, imho. Too much sneak or too much noise makes one style of play less viable. I prefer the current “balance” of cues players are given.
  7. I see this type of thing by several forum posters. Mate we are all here discussing different ideas and suggestions about a game we are passionate about. We won’t all agree, however there’s no need to get personal. I disagree with your “this or that” style of poll. I feel that both knocking and killing have merits and deserve “points”. The tactics and avoiding bad situations points come in the form of k/d ratios, DBNO, Average Damage and wins as there is a causal relationship. If you only want people who agree with you, or whom you agree with to take the poll then I think you’ve already shown it is too biased to be taken seriously. I simply don’t get why people can’t agree to disagree without becoming angry that someone has a different perspective. It’s unfortunate.
  8. I do, especially when you’re inside. The volume of wind should be lower inside.
  9. Where’s option 3 that knockouts, killing, avoiding bad scenarios, and tactics are a sign of skill? I chose not to vote because both options are correct but neither is all encompassing nor mutually exclusive imho.
  10. After calling some and stealing some in Duos, I have to say this vehicle has given me some of the most fun I’ve had in game to date! 😂
  11. ASMR gun mechanics aren’t as fun as they sound 😂
  12. There is some curve of diminishing returns currently applied to SP. Applying that same algorithm to the additive SP suggested here would make sense as well. I think a significant number of players would still reach max SP for a session even if that were the case as well!
  13. Again, I know why, I'm just saying it wasn't as simple as the original statements that were made... I feel you're not getting the crux of my statements. I literally just agreed with you lol The reason why is to make the game more complex and competitive.
  14. I agree and recognize why it was included, however it is situational as I said before, and not simply what was being posted that "he who gets the kill, not the knock, gets the credit". I'm showing there is other logic behind it, it's a simple way of showing that the game design isn't quite so simple as that logic.
  15. You said "If you don't want your kill to be stolen then kill them immediately after they're downed. Otherwise tough luck." I was never arguing against kill stealing, your statement assumed I was. That's what I was referring to, I didn't read into anything mate. I'm fully aware how to keep my kills from being stolen. If it was meant to be a "general statement" you should include that when you tag someone else, else they'll recognize it was meant for them...
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