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  1. Uff...another useless complain. Erangel was ruined? Nah, it's ok now considering the loot distribution, much more enjoyable. But the problems of Erangel are other, like lack of cover and low building density so I'm still not playing the map. Vikendi instead was great even with SMG abundance. The map and locations are simply much better designed compared to Erangel. Now, after all the useless complains you've got a lot of dmr and sr...but, wait. Are you still complaining??? Incredible!
  2. P90 Dragunov svd Dragunov svu Fn2000
  3. Anyway we both agree that stuns need a buff, smaller or bigger I don't care as long as they buff them in some way. I feel that other throwables are all in a good shape: smokes are essential for cover/distraction/bait, molotovs for area denial/camper cooking and frags are simply mandatory in the endgame.
  4. I think that my suggestion would be fine even with a stun radius of 5 meters. You still have to push and kill the guy yourself where a cooked frag grenade would have insta-killed him. And if you're playing duo/squads there are also teammates that can still be a threat and if you don't manage to kill the stunned guy within 5 seconds then your grenade is wasted.
  5. The problem is that a frag grenade kills and send you back to the lobby. Instead a stun grenade "just" blinds you for an UNKNOWN variable time that ranges from 1 to 5 seconds, hence the unreliability. They're the least used throwable by far so I would like to see a big buff: 5 seconds may be enough but then make them always stun for full 5 seconds regardless of the distance/front/back hit. And add another 3 seconds of ads block after those 5 seconds.
  6. I can't do with the Beryl what I do on a consistent base with the m416. Maybe I get lucky and manage that good spray here and there but, most of the time, it's either: a) shoot like mad and empty the clip hitting everywhere but the target; b) shoot slowly and hit, actually negating much of it dps... But for some reason, I like to use it
  7. I hope they won't nerf grenades. They should be deadly, I would rather give a BIG buff to stun grenades, extending their radius to 10+ meters and stund duration to full 10 seconds. And to avoid spamming give each backpack a fixed grenade slot: 2 for level 1, 3 for level 2 and 4 for level 3.
  8. Ok, but it does not change the fact that it is stated that the game has some sort of skill based matchmaking. I'm not saying that it works flawlessy but it definitely works at some degree. The difficult spike that a lot of players are experiencing cannot be related to a small change of the player base between season start and end. They stated that have a hidden rank for each player. Maybe it's something as simple as k/d ratio or damage per round...
  9. Post mean all as is done by a community dev. You instead are just coming out of nowhere stating the exact opposite. PUBG matchmaking is based on skill level and similar ping, THEN, if 100 players are not found it just adds people with similar ping. Again, tell me why the season end is a lot more difficult than the start.
  10. You have to be right at all costs don't you? Ok. Have a look to this post, then:
  11. This in not true. There is matchmaking for a small set time...then if the game cannot manage to find 100 players it proceed with ping matching. Otherwise it's not possible that the start of the season is A LOT easier than the end.
  12. I don't know your playstyle so I'm just asking. I know people that after 1000 hrs still spend 15 mins in looting frenzy and then die surprised by the first enemy they encounter... so every game has at least 50% of people in the top 10 using esp? I think that you people are really overestimating cheating. Do you know what? I'm convinced that the increasing difficulty people complain about is due the matchmaking system that pairs you with actually more experienced people. Want a proof? I always won the most games when a new season starts...then I keep winning but at a much lower rate. My last chickens are the hardest ever. A lot of 2nd places.
  13. Every time I reach top ten I know I have at least 10% chance to win the match. Your question is ambiguous...how do you play in top 10? Do your enemy knows your position? Did you do something that revealed your spot to someone nearby? Do you start shooting like mad at everything that moves? Do you stand still in a "safe" position only to die from that kar 400m away? Have you a general idea of where your closest enemies are? Do you play the edge too much waiting until the last second to move directly towards the center and die to a better positioned player?
  14. I would take the buggy and crash the big apartments circled in green, preferably one of those on the external border of the city, so north or east. If someone shoots me from there I'll try to take position in a building right next to him and try to snipe him with the kar. It's a risky move but it would put me in a good position for the final circles, I think.
  15. Again. The deathcam purpose is not to show exactly where your killer was aiming but to show you the action and the line of sight. If you understand that deathcam is a registration made by the server and sent to you, you could then imagine that there is some delay introduced by all this process...here the desyncronization you see in the pointer.
  16. Again this topic. I would say: SMG if my long range is a DMR or AR otherwise AR for cqc and SR for distance. SR and SMG don't pair well together. Keep in mind that in cqc SMG have a few advantages over AR: - higher damage to arms/limbs; - higher base DPS for MP5K/Vector; - super easy to control recoil, this means more of your shots will hit actually nearing max theoretical dps; - smg ammo lighter than AR: more space for meds/nades. Other than that if I know I have problems in controlling my recoil I would never take a 7.62 AR over a SMG. To maximize your chances you should use the weapons you're most comfortable with. 556 ARs are more forgiving but they're not smg either...
  17. I'm at 1500hrs and still learning. Add to that the matchmaking who pairs you with high skill players and here you go. The more you play the more you have to work hard to get your kill. In my latest games I find that EVERY single gunfight is more of a battle than a simple combat: I have to change cover, run, peek from multiple angles, throw grenades and be super smart to earn a single kill. SUPER REWARDING
  18. Italy: from as low as 10ms to 40ms. I would say 25 on average.
  19. Yeah, remove melee weapons entirely and free space for some new real weapons. This game has never been about melee combat anyway...
  20. Maybe you should learn to shoot better before blaming the game?
  21. We definitely need more crate weapons. More variety is always good: even if a weapon feels similar to another, in this game you can change a lot of things regarding a weapon, like recoil control, rof, damage and so on. I'd like to see a P90, don't care about ammo type, for me it could use either 9mm or .45, just add it to the game because it's such a great weapon to have. Also I'd love to see FN2000 AR and SVD dragunov sniper rifle.
  22. The weapon is a beast but I can't feel 100% confident while using it. Sometimes I manage to control the recoil and get some fantastic kills, other times I just cannot hit anything that moves past 40m and get raped by that UMP guy who perfectly sprayed me with his low-dps, low-recoil weapon. It's also a weapon that absolutely NEEDS a compensator and a vertical grip, so not so easy to get every match. But I want the beryl to stay because I like variety.
  23. Why not expand the new weapon mastery menu and add some useful stats to each weapon? Something like base bullet damage, rate of fire, bullet type & speed, magazine capacities, head, torso and limb multipliers and so on...it would be useful to have this in game rather than surfing the web in search of some outdated useless data. What do you guys think?
  24. I would rather have a slightly higher running speed while wearing shoes compared to bare feet.
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