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  1. SoulbringerITA

    VSS needs a nerf!!! Change my mind

    I do not agree with OP that VSS needs a nerf. VSS is a particular weapon that is really strong in the right hands but is not so easy to use compared to others. It's ok as it is.
  2. SoulbringerITA

    VSS needs a nerf!!! Change my mind

    I agree but suppressed UMP is louder than a VSS. The only comparable weapon is a suppressed Vector and even that is easier to locate than a VSS.
  3. SoulbringerITA

    VSS needs a nerf!!! Change my mind

    Because most people don't know how to use it properly. The other day I was on a game on Vikendi, landed in the southern part of the map near Milnar with a bunch of other people. Killed one, then found a VSS. An airdrop came just next to the Abbey, I went for it. Once arrived, there were 4 guys battling for it: one was pinned behind the airdrop with level 3 gear and mk14 another was shooting at him with a SLR, the other two guys were shooting each other away, one of them had an AWM. I infiltrated the abbey and took by surprise the airdrop guy and his shooter...killed both of them in a bunch of seconds with VSS without anyone realizing what was happening. AWM guy left, the other one came to the abbey to loot the bodies but because he heard last shots from above the abbey wasn't ready to meet my G36 hidden in shadows. Was a real pleasure of a game even if I died some minutes after to a bad circle rush. But those 3 kills were thanks to the stealth VSS gave me.
  4. Huge difference compared to a 60HZ monitor if your GPU could keep up with fps. The smoothness you gain is highly noticeable and useful for fast reaction, especially if you pair the 144hz with some variable refresh rate technology like GSync or Freesync.
  5. SoulbringerITA

    VSS needs a nerf!!! Change my mind

    You clearly have no idea how to use a VSS...
  6. SoulbringerITA

    VSS needs a nerf!!! Change my mind

    In reality it is a heavier 9mm. It can penetrate 10mm of steel at 200m so it is definitely not a pistol round... VSS is fine as it is, I think.
  7. SoulbringerITA

    Solo vs Squad - general skill level?

    Never tried playing 1-man squad, but I guess I'll give it a try just to play a bit of miramar again. Regarding skill level I think that it heavily depends on the squad: coordinating with teammates is no easy job and I also think that a lot of people that are just below average only play squads because they're afraid of solo. For example I have two friends in my squad that have a lot of hours played but never play solo. But I'm sure that to learn some of the essential skills needed to play this game well, solo is mandatory.
  8. SoulbringerITA

    VSS needs a nerf!!! Change my mind

    People keep thinking that VSS damage is garbage without realizing that it actually has, more or less, the SAME dps and damage per bullet as M416 and all 5.56 AR... M416 -> 43 dmg per bullet, dps of 502 SCAR-L -> 43 dmg per bullet, dps of 448 VSS -> 41 dmg per bullet, dps of 479 Once you start learning how to spray with the integrated scope the only things to keep in mind are the 20 bullets in the magazine and to not engage in fights > 100m where your opponent knows your position.
  9. I agree with that but actually BH can do something to incentivate players to play older maps. Something like adding content only for those maps: exclusive new weapons, the flare gun only on erangel or miramar, double bp compensation only on bigger maps, some "secret" cave or bunker with airdrops also. Something that doesn't require a complete rework of the maps but could make players come back.
  10. SoulbringerITA

    Weapon fire mode option is not working

    I'm sure this isn't the only scenario where the bug happens because I've took up weapons in single fire mode without dragging them and/or switching slot position.
  11. SoulbringerITA

    Weapon fire mode option is not working

    No it is not possible. It was the first compound I looted and I was just landed completely alone.
  12. I've set automatic fire by default for all weapons, but sometimes when I pick up a brand new AR or SMG it has single fire enabled... It just happens every game: just yesterday I landed alone entered a building, grabbed a bizon and it had auto fire enabled...few seconds later I picked up a UMP and it had single fire. Same with a Beryl moments later. Then an M416 came with automatic fire...It just seems random and force me to always check fire mode, actually making the option useless.
  13. SoulbringerITA

    Grenade spamming is a big unaddressed problem

    Since months ago when grenade weight was increased the spam is better, but sometimes happens to find an enemy "grenadier" who seems to carry only grenades and starts to bury you with explosions of any kind... I think that backpacks should allow for a fixed grenade slot, something like: - lvl1 -> 3 grenades slot; - lvl2 -> 4 grenade slot; - lvl3 -> 5 grenade slot.
  14. Remove bullet weapons and add laser and plasma ones.
  15. For me it's: - peeking from the same spot that last time to put a bullet in "his f*****g head" and finish the shootout; - throwing a grenade at the worst time possible, can't manage to cancel the throw and have it explode on my feet; - vaulting only to find out that my opponents barrel is stuck in my nose. I think that these points are part of my bad behavior. 😀