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  1. Tested in training map: there isn't any stutter while playing on the training map...the frametime is optimal without any hiccup even while grabbing items from the ground. Since patch #27 something has changed and now every patch sometimes it gets better other times worse...but it is still present. I definitely think it's game related, maybe something with replication as you say.
  2. I did enjoy the pass generally. Finished lvl 81, unlocking all the rewards but the special skins. The only bad thing for me were the skin missions that were way too difficult to achieve.
  3. I tried erangel update this weekend and it was absolutely gorgeous. It runs fine for me with steady 100+ fps at 1440p with a 1080ti...I see not much difference with the "old" erangel. All is much more detailed: buildings, grass, trees, there are even scratches on the fences! The color palette is more vivid and the map feels more alive and realistic, for me. Spotting enemies is more difficult and I bet the new grass will be a gamechanger for snakes and proners in last circles. Yeah, Miramar is more recent than Erangel but a lot of buildings on miramar could use a rework as they're really dull and simple.
  4. Miramar is the best map ever. 8x8 is perfectly fine, learn to play that. I hope they'll remaster the graphics of the map like with Erangel.
  5. So are you saying that kdr should not be counted against your skill level? If so, it is simply a wrong method. I think you guys are too much for this "survival game" and too little for "FPS"; you're forgetting that shooting is a major part of this game and usually who shoots best wins firefights that are the bread and butter of the game. Yes, you can also win by camping and waiting the last guy to die in the blue but can you do this on a consistent basis? Let me clear once and for all, these would be my metrics to determine player skill level, ordered by importance (from most important to least) 1. WIN RATIO; 2. KDR; 3. AVG POSITIONING/TOP 10 RATIO; 4. AVG DAMAGE; 5. AVG SURVIVAL TIME So, with this, a player with a higher win ratio and a low kdr is considered stronger than one with higher kdr and damage but with lower win ratio. A camper without shooting skill who never won a single match but finish consistently in top 10 is considered worse than a rambo that dies every game after killing 3-4 people on average.
  6. No...Then I would rather say that a good indicator of skill is the win ratio. Because a player that consistently reach top 10 with ZERO kills and keeps dying in the first combat it's not as big of a threat as a player with kd of 3 that reach top 10 only 15% of the time. The first is likely a camper that has no idea how to shoot, position, assault or defend...he simply stays hidden until top 10, then die. The second player, on the other hand is someone that likely dies as well, but he's someone that I would rather avoid if I can because it's very likely that he brings at least 3 people to hell with him, every single game. The truth is that you can't consistently win at this game without any shooting skill but it's also true that you cannot either consistently win if you're good with guns but play always like rambo. BUT, if I have to choose I would give more rank (threat) to a rambo than to a camper with low kd. This is my opinion, of course. I'm saying that to have a good indicator of player skill we should combine different stats together using a function, and those stats should mirror 2 skill fields of a player: 1) combat skill 2) survival skill
  7. Ok, I agree. But you have to admit that a player that have a steady kd ratio of 5 is a BIG threat even if it only wins 1% of games. Because it means that he has an outstanding awareness, he's able to locate enemies around him and hunt them, he has very good reflexes and combat skills, ultimately he has a good chance to come out alive in a shootout. What you call "surviving" it's still trackable with at least 3 statistics: 1) win ratio; 2) average survived time; 3) average ending position. Throw all these stats in the function above and you make them count as well...I'm talking about a simple and quick system that doesn't require months of development.
  8. Yesterday won a game with 9 kills of which 7 with the Beryl alone and completed the mission "Win a chicken dinner with at least 1 kill with the Beryl". It's a pity that now the last mission requires me to get another 5 kills with it when I've just got 7...
  9. I really can't understand why is taking so long to implement a proper skill based ranking system. I mean, a VERY simple one could really be the kda ratio alone. A more "complex" one could be a weighted average of kda, avg damage, top 10 and win ratio. We don't need a moon landing scientific function to get a number representing player skill...
  10. Erangel has improved after loot increase...it was so frustrating looting on that map. But the main problems are still there, for me: no cover, too many open fields, windows bars grass not rendering, etc. I maybe enjoy playing the first 3-4 circles on erangel, but after that it just becomes go into a field without ANY cover and hope to be the first to spot enemies. Vikendi is fun as hell, yes there are too many snipers now but the map is cool and intense to play.
  11. Lol I found myself the exact opposite of what the majority of players like more: Miramar is by far the best map for me, Vikendi second then Erangel and Sanhok last. On Miramar I feel like at home, I know the terrain best and can always manage to find cover in some way. Long distances allow to start the game in much different ways (aggro or slow loot) and with vehicle abundance they're not an issue. Loot is the best of all maps, perfectly balanced. Maybe it could use a bit of bump following all this "loot increase" fever we have lately, but it's not a priority. Anyway in solo EU FPP I mainly play miramar when it's available, which, for me, means EU peak hours from 18:00 to 02:00 am. In the morning and early afternoon both Miramar and Vikendi queues are dead but if you do a 9-18 job like me then it's not a big problem!
  12. I repeat what I already said: please don't nerf grenades as they're perfectly fine as they are. Grenades in real life are very powerful and even do damage through solid walls. The main problems are 2: 1) Frag grenades are way too common -> make it rarer; 2) I don't care about inventory space management if it unbalances the game, simply limit the amount of grenades one can carry to 1 + 1 per backpack level. With a level 3 you can have 4 frags but without any smokes/stuns.
  13. The wind is stronger at night but even then it's not as loud as you claim it to be. If anything, at night is scary as f***k, at least for me as it adds a lot to the creepy atmosphere. Vikendi in daylight has some wind but it isn't nearly an issue...But, night or day regardless, there wasn't a single time where I was unable to hear an enemy because of the wind "noise". Flies are more annoying...let me shoot them while I'm camping, at least!
  14. Tapping with m16 is fine. It has a controllable recoil and high bullet speed. Problem is burst in cqc: the recoil has improved with the stock but the biggest issue is still the pause between bursts. Just remove or reduce that.
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