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  1. SoulbringerITA

    Maps seem ok for now... they fix this?

    It was much worse weeks ago before the queue fix. If the case happens the devs will find out another solution. For now, just enjoy!
  2. SoulbringerITA

    Maps seem ok for now... they fix this?

    The maps are fixed during peak hours. Playing during non-peak hours still is Erangel/Sanhok only. But I'm ok with this as long as I can play Miramar/Vikendi only at night.
  3. SoulbringerITA

    super high win rates?

    My record is 2 games in a row. They were both Duo. In solo I managed multiple times a win and a 2nd place but I think that 6 wins in a row are pretty suspicious.
  4. SoulbringerITA

    Stuttering since latest patch

    Rollback the windows updates? But I've just installed them today and I've got the stutter since last week...These are not the problem.
  5. SoulbringerITA

    Stuttering since latest patch

    Get the update but the stuttring is still there...I'm hopeless.
  6. SoulbringerITA

    Stuttering since latest patch

    I've got this issue since the last patch. The stuttering is just unbearable...I've tried a lot of things but nothing fixed the problem. Previously the game just ran super-smooth. I've opened another thread for the same problem the past week: https://forums.pubg.com/topic/330533-prominent-stuttering-since-last-patch/ @Takarii I think at this point that it's safe to assume that it is not a driver problem. Many people are reporting the problem and also a bunch of friend I play with.
  7. SoulbringerITA

    Prominent stuttering since last patch

    There is Logitech Gaming Software for headphones and mouse, another app for the keyboard, AIDA64, Microsoft onedrive, msi afterburner & rivatuner (already tried disabling these 2). I think that's all. I'll try playing with all those apps disabled and see what happens.
  8. SoulbringerITA

    Prominent stuttering since last patch

    Yesterday I've tried older drivers but the stuttering is still there...audio driver are already updated, tried also deleting nvidia shader cache without success. In other games I do not have stuttering...I think this is definitely game related.
  9. SoulbringerITA

    Prominent stuttering since last patch

    I've tried all the drivers from January, 417.71 to 419.67. 417.35 are too old and do not support Gsync compatible monitor that I use... But I've used 417.71 for months without any problem. Suddenly after latest patch I started noticing this stutter so I tried updating the drivers.
  10. SoulbringerITA

    Prominent stuttering since last patch

    I would be glad to have a feedback from Bluehole as this problem seems real since update #27. Also a couple of friends I play with have the same issue. I've tried a lot of things all without success but it seems related to the game engine. After some testing I confirm the stuttering is triggered while executing specific actions, like looting items from the ground, sprinting and jumping (e.g. moving a lot), switching active grenade type, vaulting...
  11. Hi, since last patch #27 I'm experiencing a lot of microstuttering during gameplay. Previously the game just run fine and ultrasmooth. I have a 1080ti, ryzen 1700X cpu and 16gb of ram. The game itself is installed on a nvme SSD. I've tried all the nvidia drivers since January and all have the same issue. I've tried disabling ingame replay and deathcam, disabling nvidia shadowplay, executing multiple clean install of drivers, used DDU, all to no avail: the microstutter persist and seems to occur every 30-60 seconds as showed by MSI afterburner frametime graph. I also noticed that the microstutters are triggered by changing equipped grenade type, by vaulting and generally by moving a lot. The microstutter is not present while waiting for the game to start in the map lobby. If you're wondering, no it is not caused by msi afterburned, I've also tried disabling it... Is anyone experiencing the same issue?
  12. SoulbringerITA

    SMG late game viability

    Actually for me it's quite the opposite. When I use SMG I feel more confident as I approach the endgame because I'm sure that engagement distances will decrease on average. Otherwise I use my secondary AR/DMR/SR.
  13. SoulbringerITA

    SMG late game viability

    Maybe it's because I'm not a great player but with SMG I make some godly sprays that I can't do with any AR...with the exception of the AUG, maybe. But with SMG I can stay on target far more easily than with an AR, especially from 30-50m. In the last few day I won a lot of 2vs1 with the MP5K on vikendi...just loving this gun!
  14. SoulbringerITA

    Twitch Streamers

    Lately I'm encountering a lot of streamers. I've found the website pubg.report where you can see if you have been killed by or have killed a streamer and even see the video of the kill on their stream. It's very cool by itself but what surprised me is the typical streamer reaction after being killed...90% of the time they just loose their heads and start insulting you badly. I mean, if you're a public streamer you should maintain a good behavior at least. I don't pretend everyone to be like chocotaco or wackyjacky but neither like a 10 years old crybaby that just lost his favorite toy. And then, you just have been killed by someone else in a game that's about killing...so stop blaming others luck, desync, your bad luck or whatever else. Start another game and stop whining like a donkey!
  15. SoulbringerITA

    The missions for the weapons are boring...

    You have to do only the first mission in Solo, so it should have ragistered the damage. Maybe sometimes it requires the game to finish with a winner before updating the missions...