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  1. Ganjiek

    Cheating Discussion

    one thing i know is people are using a packet sniffer cheat, what simply reads all the traffic the game sends/receives, it generates a real time map showing where all the players/loot is. its apparently very easy for people to do this because all game traffic is sent unencrypted. i also believe it relies more on client side, because if a player can see you on his screen and shoots you, its going to register as a hit regardless of if you think you just ducked behind a wall on your screen. this is the cause of much of the desync/getting hit behind walls stuff we see.
  2. Ganjiek

    Cheating Discussion

    How are we able to have a real discussion about the rampant cheating if we are not able to post videos/photos of what these cheats look like in action. There are so many good suggestions here but none of them are being listened to it feels like.
  3. Ganjiek

    Makes you wonder

    its new way for them to cheat. that last patch made it possible and its blown up over the past week.
  4. Ganjiek

    Last man standing - 2nd place ?

    its a new exploit that the last patch made available. while i don't know how they are doing it, its certainly being done on purpose.
  5. There is a new exploit being abused as you can see one main forums, people are losing games to people that are not in the last circle with them. this is already being discussed on cheating websites, and they are for sure doing this on purpose. While I have now idea how they are performing this issue, people claim the last guy has zero distance traveled, they may be doing this exploit even before leaving the plane. This clearly needs to be figured out and fixed immediately before it becomes more widespread. Now the cheaters don't even have to really play a match to get guaranteed wins.
  6. Ganjiek

    Cheating Discussion

    same. i took 3 week break and came back today and within 3 games it became obvious some people still had esp/aimbots/no-recoil.
  7. Ganjiek

    Cheating Discussion

    by now, its EVERY server and mode.
  8. Ganjiek

    Seeing Through Walls [FP]

    i also dont have video but i have experienced this as well. there was a spot in the school i could easily see through the wall over twards apartments, and through the floors and walls of school.
  9. Ganjiek

    Cheating Discussion

    nowhere is any safer than anywhere else. sometimes you just get a lucky run.
  10. Ganjiek

    Cheating Discussion

    they have every cheat imaginable. magic bullets, no-recoil scripts/paks, glowing colored players, no grass, aimbot, esp/wallhacks, instant heal/revive, faster firerate, nospread on shotgun rounds, everything. its all working right now in this game.
  11. Ganjiek

    Edges Flickering

    i have the same problem. its very distracting because ill think its people...when its just a fence or railing flicker. i have tested everything i could think of, i dont think the in game AA works properly or something. i5 7600k@4.8ghz - gtx 1060 6gb - asrock z270 killer mb - 16gb 2666mhz gskill ddr4
  12. Ganjiek


    not to be negative but i dont think this most recent patch has helped at all. got killed by no-recoil aimbot cheater as recently as yesterday. and so have many many other people it seems, after reading the forums here and on steam. they must not be able to detect these people running this stuff.
  13. Ganjiek

    Erangel off?

    i dont want them to offer the option either. learning to all maps and their playstyles is just part of the game.
  14. Ganjiek

    Client and server not in sync

    i get this from time to time. although it has gotten much better lately for the most part.
  15. Ganjiek

    Glitchy road near Impala

    +1 i have seen this as well, not sure that it was same spot though.