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  1. Everytime i watch a streamer on Mixer theres always 3-5 people asking what game is being played and most of the time they say it looks really fun. Take note that i dont watch streamers for 5-8 hours, i watch for maybe 1-2 hours max while playing something else. So if we add those numbers up to with the amount of stream time every streamer has and the question being asked several times during this period i reckon they are influencing alot of people into playing the game, especially if the streamer is active with their chat. We shouldnt be talking about PC streamers influencing console players because its not the same platform. Even if i enjoy watching Shroud play games he doesnt influence me into playing a certain xbox game more than a xbox streamer does..
  2. Oh! Can you imagine a black windbreaker with light blue & orange details and the trashcan logo on the back with the Zcritic avatar on the front? That would be so sick, holy moly!
  3. Ouuufff! What a shot with the 2x, nice Hehe, to be fair i came to the compound before you, i was looking for whoever it was that was there and then you pull up and start fighting lol
  4. @Critic I see you dont think i wouldnt buy a critic skin as soon as it would hit the store!! ❤️
  5. Im running a bit late, still out skating. The weather is too fkn good 😂
  6. Not for me either, always thought "Yeah hes a really good player" and i never really watched his stream but when this stuff that he said surfaced i completely lost any respect i had for him and will definitely not watch any of his streams.
  7. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/nukeyy1/video/76257181 lol, i was a bit pissed about this but then again the next fight this guy got into he lost quicky because it was actually a gun fight. I laughed and started a new game Note: he had already thrown 2 grenades before this, crouch walking in from blue and didnt fire a single bullet at me lol
  8. He was drunk but that is no excuse. He said stuff in line of r**ing other mixer streamers, use of firearms, very violent stuff that has absolutely no place in the gaming/streaming community. Even if a stream is 18+ there is still kids that pass by this and should not hear this kind of stuff. He was raging so hard that he was spitting & frothing while shouting in the mic/camera..
  9. This is what i do every time i fail a vault, except for when i die then i scream at the top of my lungs. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/nukeyy1/video/76257090 Please, make it into a "hold A to vault"
  10. How can anyone watch militia? His spitting in the bottle every 2 sec is utterly disgusting and he seems to be such a toxic person. He definitely deserved that ban from mixer from what he said on the stream the other day to be fair. I hope he never gets back on Mixer.
  11. A custom editor would be really cool but i actually dont know a single game that has a custom skin editor and as PUBG already have issues with skins breaking the game i cannot see a custom skin editor ever be introduced unfortunately. On a side note; I reckon its waaay more than 1% that watch console streamers, IE Thumbless GaGa got 1,5k subscribers and 3 million views on his channel with a daily 400-1500 viewers on his channel, stack those viewers with the rest of the streamers on mixer/twitch/youtube and i bet its a waay higher percentage than you think. For us that actually watch the console streamers, streamer skins would be a nice addition to show support for those that you watch.
  12. Why not? Just curious to know your reasoning behind this
  13. Last visit was 6 hours ago so we know hes still lurking here
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