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  1. Mixer.com, Gamerdvr.com, xboxclips.com? twitch.tv 🤮
  2. I will not be joining tonight sorry killers! Also i will not be able to join any of the saturday games until august either(HOLIDAY TIMES )
  3. Yeah solos are definitely getting sweatier, people are way more careful and using the TPP camera more efficent than before. 3rd party you say ehhh? Heres from my perspective https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/nukeyy1/video/77193892 & here is the perspective of the guy that i killed 🤣 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/onetimepadwah/video/77193820 laughed so hard when the spectator sent me this clip😂😂
  4. Damn dude, you gotta do your thumb exercises/stretching and drink water when playing for that long! Keeping the body hydrated helps the heart more easily pump blood through the blood vessels to the muscles. And, it helps the muscles work efficiently.
  5. @HairMetalLarusso and that is what you get for thirsting me
  6. @HairMetalLarusso really thirsting in a forum game? im pretty salty now tbf
  7. fun warmode but too many staying on the roof tops =(
  8. Well as the lobbies dont fill up, people leave and generate a new random map and if enough players like this one, lobby will be filled eventually and then played. When we get a vikendi/miramar lobby with 90+ players its players who want to play the map or dont care what map they play and dont leave the lobby. Everytime i get a vikendi/miramar lobby i see atleast 10-15 people leaving very fast. This is just my theory on why we are getting so much sanhok lobbies tho
  9. Could it be that players are backing out from miramar/vikendi until they get a Sanhok and because of that most open lobbies will be sanhok? Im getting alot of random maps on quick join but i do get Sanhok and Erangel waaaay more than the other maps..
  10. Hopefully there will be nothing done from the mods as we all are on the same level here i hope
  11. uh uh, that sounds like some elaborate cover up story here doesnt it?! Just admit you guys were teaming! I heard you skulking around there and as i heard the pin of the nade i just exited the building fast as fuck Anyways, yeah that lag fucked me up big time. Never had that happened before so i put it down to "lag switch" because some "Alan123545612354" killed me with a kar98 hs lol. This is how it looked for me: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/nukeyy1/video/76943750 only missing the 1-2 seconds when im full spraying my ak as i got on the bike
  12. Maybe, but @Prinzar left the building and to try and kill me and @SleepyGrumpyCat stayed in the building. Something shady is going on here, explain yourselfs now go on then Had no idea she was there until i checked the 2d replay now. My game lagged out in a really weird way so checked it to see if it was some lag switcher and found these 2 rascals in the same building lol
  13. @Prinzar & @SleepyGrumpyCat HMMM WHAT AM I SEEING HERE HUH?
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