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  1. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nukeyy1/video/71143551 Had to put down my controller and calm myself down after shouting at the game "STOP FUCKIGN SHOOTING ME, SHOOT SOMEONE ELSE!!!" 😂
  2. AmaZedgorilla

    Small suggestion

    Haha, it will not turn into another FPP vs TPP thread, hopefully.... Just to add something to that topic is PLEASE GIVE US EU FPP LOBBIES! Just give us solos, i dont mind having 40-80 players in the lobby as long as we have a decent ping.
  3. AmaZedgorilla

    Small suggestion

    General sensitivity and OTS mostly. I up these ones when playing FPP to be have a more fluid looting and CQC speed I dont like to tinker with the sensitivity of my Elite and i have already 1 slot fixed for another game whenever i play that(basically never but i refuse to give the slot up for pubg)
  4. AmaZedgorilla

    Greene interview.

    I cant believe that PUBG and Tera is created by the same company, blows my mind 🤯
  5. AmaZedgorilla

    Small suggestion

    Can we get several sensitivity options? I change my sens depending if i play FPP/TPP so it would be nice to be able to save 2 sensitivity options, that way I/We dont need to change our sensitivity every time we swap game mode. Can this be implemented pretty please? @PUBG_Andymh5
  6. AmaZedgorilla

    Can we see streamer skins for Xbox and PS4?

    I wanna see some Thumbless Cudi skins, they will be on point!
  7. Please correct me if im wrong but isnt all the graphics/textures/whateverthenameis bought pre-made from a shop for erangel and for the rest of the maps they created their own shit?
  8. AmaZedgorilla

    Just spotted these PC update details

    Seems nice but iam feeling a bit suspicious to the "First aids no longer heal instanty, instead a HoT for 2 seconds"
  9. AmaZedgorilla

    Queue times are stupid!

    What region do you play in?
  10. AmaZedgorilla

    Do you need help?

    I really dont understand how they charge you 120 euros for a controller with such a low quality, its a robbery! In my opinion the standard controller should be the elite controller maybe without the grips and shit but atleast the audio jack and paddles on the back..
  11. AmaZedgorilla

    Salty messages

    Haha i really hope not.. I dont think im lagging either as my xbox is hard wired on a 100 mb fibre internet, sure the Parisian internets are not good at all especially not mine(ISP: FREE..) they have cheap phone deals tho, i pay 9 euros for free calls within France and a whooping 50GB mobile data every month!
  12. AmaZedgorilla

    Salty messages

    I dont know why i keep getting these lag mod messages 😂
  13. AmaZedgorilla

    Throw 10 grenade challenge

  14. AmaZedgorilla

    Throw 10 grenade challenge

    I accidently got it on erangel at like 3am on a weekday.. Was like 40-50 people in the lobby and i landed military, it was the worst loot ever had about 2 clips for my m4(no secondary) but a lv3backpack, found some more ammo but got the message "Inventory full" i open the inventory and noticed i had 9!! grenades on me, started throwing them around like a crazy person 🤑
  15. AmaZedgorilla

    Pans do save lives!

    https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nukeyy1/video/71143551 Had to put my controller down and take a breather after that lol