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  1. Delboytrotter

    My best rampage in a long time

    Well played mate - hopefully many more to come soon
  2. Delboytrotter

    UK servers

    We will all get a free Theresa May or Boris Johnson mask
  3. Delboytrotter


    It's not a problem with the game if you are too daft to check buildings and rooms before going into them. Campers will camp, I will wager £10,000 that you have camped at some point too. The game is about survival......if you cannot cope with that then go play tetris instead and stop being such a baby.
  4. Delboytrotter

    RoE is everything PUBG should've been

  5. Delboytrotter

    30 fps?

    Don't flatter yourself. Being top 10 on SA servers is kinda like saying you could beat up stevie wonder in a boxing match This is just not true - you rarely do anything other than complain. This is also not true - most people who die blame lag or desyc (usually completely incorrectly). All a M&K does is make a terrible gamer slightly less terrible. They still die in the game when they are shot.
  6. Delboytrotter

    30 fps?

    How surprising to hear you moaning about the game. Please play Apex legion and never come back to PUBG, I will look forward to your absence from these forums
  7. Delboytrotter

    It’s pronounced suh-knock, NOT san-hawk

    I'll call it whatever the fuck i want to call it , as i paid for the game. Stick your pedantry up your arse pal, it can keep your brain company
  8. Delboytrotter

    M203 grenade launcher

    No It would not.
  9. Delboytrotter


  10. Delboytrotter

    Anyone remember this...?

    great game - i think you can get it on Steam with all the addons for about £5
  11. Delboytrotter

    1 month

    Vikendi just encourages people to drop in the middle and sit an the attic of a house for 20 minutes...........the new map has just made me realise that Miramar is great. The more time i spend with my wife , the morre annoying she becomes lol. Although she is my Duo partner so i am quite lucky to have met someone with an interest in games I hope your month off gives you both what you need......just in time for valentines day too, good timing old boy!
  12. Delboytrotter

    What is your favourite niche weapon?

    This - the noise that the pump action makes when it fires is the finest noise in the game
  13. Delboytrotter

    What is the best map for you and why ?

    Miramar is my favorite - used to hate it but when you get used to using the terrain for cover and get used to moving early for the circles if necessary, it's a great map. Vikendi is boring me to death at the moment - the circle movement seems to encourage people to just sit around in a hut.
  14. Delboytrotter

    Que Times??????

    Que ne comprendes pas? If you are French, then your title says "Than Times????" Or if you speak English, it's an abbreviation for Quebec, which makes your post just downright silly. In Spanish it would say " What Times??????" which makes more sense but still does not mean what you would like it to mean. I think the word you were flailing around in the dark for was "queue" In answer to your "que"stion (haha) - the queue times have been fine for me , except two occasions when it reached 2 minutes, I backed out to the title screen and when in again, got into a game within 15 seconds.
  15. Delboytrotter


    it's possibly regional. I'm in the UK so maybe it's copyrighted here and not elsewhere