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  1. Delboytrotter

    Kill 10 players with a crossbow

    I am now on 8 - have been going for this in Solos over the last week or so and it's destroying me. I know i can do it easily in squads or duos but i want the satisfaction of doing it the pure way 😉
  2. Delboytrotter

    100 chickens...

    How's the humble pie taste?
  3. Delboytrotter

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    This would be far better. Even in 4K a white circle on snow is pretty hard to see. Rendering sucks a bit - i have had to land first out of my squad every game as they do not have external drives. Even a slowfall means they are still waiting between 45 seconds and 2 minutes after landing for rendering.
  4. Delboytrotter


    True enough , although Miramar has been rendering fine on my wifes xbox one S recently. There will be a few hotfixes over the next few weeks hopefully, this has happened with each of the previous map releases.
  5. Delboytrotter


    if you are going to complain about it - keep putting it in the bug reports section and not here. It will have more effect there. Also - an SSD is not a waste of money as you would notice a difference in loading times for every game you own which you play from the drive, i had one long before PUBG came out and it was probably the best £60 i spent for gaming.
  6. Delboytrotter

    30fps forever?

    I have checked in on these forums since the beginning and played PUBG since it's release, so have seen a constant improvement. I am confident that it will continue to improve and to see a representative confirm this is only ever a good thing. While this forum has far more than its fair share of negative, crying assholes it becomes easy to see only the complaints about issues which have already been discussed to death. At the end of the day - who cares if it never hits 60, as long as there is steady improvement (30fps increases to 35......then 35 increased to 38 and so on) and tweaks, what more can we ask for. Developing a live game is not a case of instant fixes and magic wands. I've seen plenty posts from forum users whinging about lack of comms and recently Andy has been doing a fine job of keeping us updated, if me saying this in a comment results in you wanting to jump on the naysayers bandwagon, by all means do.....but personally I think any comment telling us what the developers want from PUBG is also only ever a good thing. Unless they are telling us they are ditching it.......that would be cack!
  7. Delboytrotter

    30fps forever?

    This is pretty much the clerest answer we have ever had for this question - thanks Andy. I'm usually never on the forums to grumble about anything but the lack of any actual, real answers to some seemingly simple questions or requests was beginning to make me wonder where we are heading with PUBG. Bravo sir, for not taking a vague quote and spoonfeeding us some polititian style spin 👏
  8. Delboytrotter

    What did I miss?

    ^^ THIS People seem to think that because Bluehole are not a massive company that the bugs and faults are all down to this. They fail to remember that every battlefield game is virtually unplayable upon release, GTA online was a mess for a year, and other online games such as Sea of Thieves was released with only a handful of missions and only 2 enemies in the game. Even red dead 2 - after 8 years development had it's fair share of online bugs. Get a grip
  9. Delboytrotter

    What did I miss?

    I have a wife and kids - which is why i drink so much and play video games so often.......they drive me to it
  10. Delboytrotter

    FPP EU today!

    So it seems that, at long last, FPP for EU Duos will be opening today. I am hoping that people - even those who enjoy TPP, would give this go try a few times each week. I love both perspectives, but think it's quite sad that a whole game mode in Duos was taken down becauuse of the lack of interest. Hopefully this won't happen again. Hope to see you all dropping hot in Vikendi later
  11. Delboytrotter

    Add Tracer rounds and Item/Weapon Wheel

    1) why not just aim properly? The only reason anyone would want tracers is if they cannot be arsed to put some effort into aiming correctly. 2) weapon wheel would be pointless.....here's a big nope
  12. Delboytrotter

    Upgrading to a One X

    Actual shot of me landing in Miramar when using the OG Xbox
  13. Delboytrotter

    Care package

    Played since release and never even thought of slow falling with the care package. I can see this little challenge will totally destroy my K/D ratio even more than the crossbow kills achievement is doing
  14. Delboytrotter

    Care Package on roof

    Not at all mate - i've done it a couple of times. It's bloody annoying though as on a few other occasions i have blown myself up by either cooking the frag too long or not enough, and the rebound blow me to smithereens
  15. Delboytrotter

    Care Package on roof

    nope - you need to hit it with a frag to blow it down