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  1. This was a great shot - impressive. Holy shit man - you are like a COD quickscoper with that Kar! Calm yourself down!
  2. I am enjoying the new map - damage and armour seem a little weird at the moment, not sure if it's some kind of change in the ratings or whether everyone, including myself have suddenly become crack shots? As with any new map there are a few desync/rendering issues but nowhere near as many as i was expecting ( i have played this game since the release date so am fully aware of how new content can be a bugger!) All in all, a merry christmas to everyone (except my VSS victims)
  3. I am an EU player, i have many friends in the states so play NA and EU servers. It's not about having a place to go, it's more about having the people around at the time you want to go there ? I'm pretty sure if all these cretins moaning about desync and other issues could actually manage to record the videos of the problems to show us i would be more sympathetic, but nothing in the OP has happened to me with any regularity at all - especially his points 3 and 4. The lag will be his shitty connection and the crackling will be his shitty audio port/headset
  4. Apparently we're fanboys if we actually can play the game...i'm beginning to think that being a fanboy is most likely a slang word for someone who has a decent connection.
  5. Had no issues other than the odd wobble. Please do delete PUBG and play COD........if you could delete your forum profile too, that would be super
  6. I agree - it's by no means an instant win button that turns your PUBG avatar into Robocop. You may as well moan about someone using an armchair because it's more comfy that the chair I sit in. It would be nice if the hardware was traceable and could be banned completely, but when all said and done, I personally could not give a crap
  7. People are , yes. There's a million posts on the subject in this very forum (hint - the search tool at the top is handy) M&K users are not suddenly invincible death machines, they get shot as easily as the rest of us, they have a slight aiming/turning advantage but that's about it - the whole subject has been run dry by now
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