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  1. IdiotAvantGarde

    PUBG still broken

    I would wreck you in any game, son.
  2. IdiotAvantGarde

    PUBG still broken

    I feel ya on that
  3. IdiotAvantGarde

    Vikendi's cave

    What's your timeline for fixing this? Or should i dust off my old Xbox 360 so i can have a PUBG advantage over players with better Xboxs? Do players with shitty computers have advantages over players with good computers in the PC Version?
  4. IdiotAvantGarde

    PUBG still broken

    It's insane how poorly this game still runs... I've been playing Apex and there are so many quality of life changes (PUBG should consider fixing/adding these): Rendering... No play doh buildings... Guns render immediately RB button used to easily call out enemies and weapons/gear Being able to move slowly while healing (why cant you eat pills or drink an energy drink while slowly walking? Sliding. PUBG could incorporate a "dive" with less mobility than the Apex slide. Played PUBG again last night and... come on... year later and same shit with some new toys/maps. I'll admit some of the charm of PUBG comes from the shitty feel of the game, brings me back to playing online games on my AOL Online PC. But new polished games like Apex are thinning my patience for PUBG's shit.
  5. IdiotAvantGarde

    LvL 3 Hat - Anyone else doin this?

    that's actually a lvl 4 hat.
  6. IdiotAvantGarde

    How Do I Report Teamers?

    It wouldn't be bad IF WE HAD PROX CHAT. It's not realistic to say it would make sense to team up in a fight to the death, when you can't even talk to people around you. Teaming is only bad because they have comms while the rest of us run around like hellen keller with sight.
  7. IdiotAvantGarde

    Listen To The Community!

    Please...i've been ignored left right and center for my crying about no Prox chat and no Facial hair features for over a year now...you will take your shitty map select options and like it.
  8. IdiotAvantGarde

    zombie mode

  9. IdiotAvantGarde

    PUBG is dying again at the hands of Apex

    if i wanted to jet pack around squeaky children with aim-assisted lazer beam guns i would play Fortnite.
  10. IdiotAvantGarde

    sECRET CAve vikendi

    So funny, i tried to drive into the cave on Xbox when i found out about it....and....drove through the map assuring myself that there was no cave on Xbox. Or maybe us being able to lag through the map in vehicles is Xbox's version of PC's cave? Kinda like our version of Proximity Chat compared to PC's.
  11. IdiotAvantGarde

    Make AUG a common spawn

    Aug could be a world spawn, for sure. Groza should remain in crates.
  12. IdiotAvantGarde

    Custom red dot

    same thing here...
  13. IdiotAvantGarde

    Devs, Where did the bullets go?

    It's not ideal... but i think @Rev0verDrive is on to what's going on. In those time stamps you mentioned, and according to Rev's logic, it appear that you are shooting just between the head and shoulder (cloths don't register hits). But yeah...it's not ideal