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  1. IdiotAvantGarde


    shiet...I turned off music day 1...
  2. IdiotAvantGarde


    The funny thing is, Simpleton isn't even covering the real issues with the game. How much longer do you think the Devs will get away with not having proper facial hair options? #giveusproxchat
  3. IdiotAvantGarde


    The Devs probably wanted to enjoy their Christmas and New Year break instead of fixing the PTS issues. Have some empathy dude.
  4. IdiotAvantGarde

    Im in shock

    You shill, you don't even care about the real issues.... like NO FACIAL HAIR! #giveusproxchat
  5. IdiotAvantGarde

    Best cosmetic ever!

    Oh shit, i got the controller for xmas and didnt realize it came with a skin... anyway to still get the skin?
  6. IdiotAvantGarde

    Wackyjacky video PC PTS

    Wow...those changes look awesome. I wanna play the night mode on Xbone!
  7. IdiotAvantGarde

    Red Dots in the Snow

    oooo that's a good idea... but i like Red blood.
  8. IdiotAvantGarde


    Quit defending the Developers, you shill.
  9. IdiotAvantGarde


    https://i.gifer.com/7iiZ.gif 7iiZ.mp4
  10. IdiotAvantGarde

    Red Dots in the Snow

    How the F*** are you supposed to see your reticle on the red dot whilst on Vikendi? I've tried cycling the reticles and switching the red/green, but i still cant see it for shit. Any Pro tips here?
  11. IdiotAvantGarde


    I dunno, i don't trust this Simpleton guy... Seems like a sketch ball Played two games last night and seemed fine: On the first game, i flew on my motorcycle above the map...below the map... and then on to an otherwise unreachable rooftop. Seems fine to me. Second game we landed castle and wow...i mean talk about beautiful rendering, i could see every gun in the area whilst simultaneously getting stuck in a roof.
  12. IdiotAvantGarde

    Care package

    I rolled up on some guy trying to do that the other day and killed him. He was a very salty boi, sent me salty messages lol lol
  13. This is F***ed up...right? Is this a problem with other games?
  14. IdiotAvantGarde

    Will this feature be coming to Xbone?

    I'm shocked at how you have all so easily rolled over and rationalized not wanting Prox chat because they won't give it to you. For example, my friend says to me to other day, "hey, let's do some fun challenges like play squads only using crossbows and melee weapons." the rest of my squad responded that it wouldn't be as fun without prox chat to say funny things to the other people before they murder us all. We ended up not doing this because no prox chat... Were we trying to "troll"? I don't think so, more like trying to put smiles on people's faces. PS. All this crying about being Trolled...i charge tax on the Erangal bridges, kids, with or without prox chat to let you know.