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  1. IdiotAvantGarde

    PUBG is dying again at the hands of Apex

    if i wanted to jet pack around squeaky children with aim-assisted lazer beam guns i would play Fortnite.
  2. IdiotAvantGarde

    sECRET CAve vikendi

    So funny, i tried to drive into the cave on Xbox when i found out about it....and....drove through the map assuring myself that there was no cave on Xbox. Or maybe us being able to lag through the map in vehicles is Xbox's version of PC's cave? Kinda like our version of Proximity Chat compared to PC's.
  3. IdiotAvantGarde

    Make AUG a common spawn

    Aug could be a world spawn, for sure. Groza should remain in crates.
  4. IdiotAvantGarde

    Custom red dot

    same thing here...
  5. IdiotAvantGarde

    Devs, Where did the bullets go?

    It's not ideal... but i think @Rev0verDrive is on to what's going on. In those time stamps you mentioned, and according to Rev's logic, it appear that you are shooting just between the head and shoulder (cloths don't register hits). But yeah...it's not ideal
  6. i don't even understand how this ranking system works... seems like the more you play the higher you go. Which is stupid. Should be more like Overwatch's competitive or something
  7. IdiotAvantGarde

    What is your favourite niche weapon?

    fingerless gloves
  8. IdiotAvantGarde

    What is the best map for you and why ?

    Vikendi! Love it.
  9. IdiotAvantGarde

    Submit your Random/Funny/Awesome Pubg clips!

    I call this one the "when you play with your RL friends that suck" https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/idiotavantgarde/video/68541374 My friend potato'd an entire clip on that guy EXCEPT for shooting our other teammate in the head. LOL
  10. IdiotAvantGarde

    Game crash: Megathread

    Xbox one X 13 people left, i had already had the vehicle glitch under the map in that game earlier but swam up and lagged back into the proper map Game froze while going into ADS https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/idiotavantgarde/video/68331485
  11. IdiotAvantGarde

    Under the Map on Vikendi at Castle

    jeeez, good on ya for the heals
  12. IdiotAvantGarde

    Inventory bug

    Happens to me all the time. I aggressively jiggle the sticks all over the place and then the inventory can scroll...i know sounds weird but it seems to work for me
  13. IdiotAvantGarde

    PUBG Limited Edition Controller Question

    Copy that, thanks
  14. I was given the PUBG limited edition controller for xmas, but didn't know it came with cosmetics in game. I threw away the box, i assume there was a card or something in there. Is there anyway to still redeem this? Also, just as a heads up, the controller RB button is already almost broken and i've only had it for a month...not too happy with the quality there. I'll give the benefit of the doubt and assume someone dropped it without my knowledge, but thought i'd bring it up in case it is a common problem.