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  1. DexVicious

    Bullet Registering

    Hello, i have this problem for a long time and i didnt have the software or the oportunity to clip this so here it is, https://clips.twitch.tv/DarkBlightedCatPeteZarollTie
  2. DexVicious

    Bullets are going through visible part of head

    i have the same issue, i lost a lot of fights like this, 5 of my friends with me included updated their hardware to play this game and is still broken, i wonder if devs even play this game
  3. DexVicious

    [Cannot get on motorbike backseat]

    Please do something about this, i insta pressing f to drive the bike and i can insta drive it but i cant enter the 2nd seat i dont know the reason, sometimes my player sits after 3 seconds on backseat and sometimes it doesnt ride
  4. Hello, my friend just bought a new pc with the following specs : AMD Ryzen 2600 not OC Gskil 3200mhz cl16 MSI B450 TOMAHAWK RX 580 Nitro+ 8GB Sapphire Corsair txm 650 Samsung ssd 850 evo his game is starting on perfectly till the lobby screen, we have update bios and drivers for every device in the system, but when hes starting find match his problem is that the loading screen is loading forever even after 15 minutes he cant join the match, does anyone has a solution for that? we disabled firewall too but the problem is still there
  5. i didnt experience any kind of desync since the latest patch came out i believe they completely got rid of it
  6. DexVicious

    Can't aim up past a certain point

    this is not about realism, is about fair gameplay, theres nunclear weapons in real life too, should they add them and then i loot one i kill 99 players alive and be the last man standing? this is not fair
  7. I would like a permanent reconnect button to be added because the way it is now maybe your game crash and if you are lucky you will see a reconnect button and you have to be even luckier to reconnect after you press it, the way dota 2's reconnect button is is perfect to be added in pubg too, what do you guys think? I would also like a spectate button when im waiting for my friends to finish the game they are playing so i will play with them.
  8. DexVicious

    Camper dissuasion idea

    No way!!!! Camping is fun, Camping is LIFE!! I wish they make footsteps even louder so i can perfectly hear u when im waiting you prone in a bedroom.
  9. DexVicious

    Played FPP with a TPP view.

    i remember when they added the x3 scope patch, in return they broke up three wheel motorcycle hahahahahaahah
  10. DexVicious

    Played FPP with a TPP view.

    Dev team : We just added a new pistol, in return we will add a bug on matchmaking thank you for playing PUBG
  11. DexVicious

    About Image Quality

    The grass looks so bad and no matter the settings i am unable to improve clarity in the settings, adding sharpen on options is kinda better but it still looks bad, i remember back in the days the terrain was looking so good, why you just ruined the image quality rather than optimizing the client? 10 patches ago i had texture on medium and the terrain looked cool now on very low and on ultra seems pretty much the same thing
  12. DexVicious


    if i wait for like 5 sec after game crash i can open it without problems try to open it after 5 sec not instantly
  13. DexVicious

    New Pc: Lags/freezed screen in lobby & ingame

    also if you have a 2nd ssd or an at least 7200rpm hdd change the page file on a different hard drive than your pubg and windows runing this will prevent hard disk bottlecking, so in simple words when you are out of ram windows are taking space from your hdd to run the game, if you dont know how to do that just google it. Also dont hear those guys about requirements just add the latest drivers for your graphics card and this will do, btw pubg can play ez with 40-50 fps with ur cpu dedicated graphics so it is better for you to remove the 7800 wich is a worse graphics card than vega and plug ur hdmi on your motherboard instead
  14. DexVicious

    New Pc: Lags/freezed screen in lobby & ingame

    if you are having lag and freezes with that pc try to fix you page file in you correct amount, i have also ryzen 1600 and gtx 960 and 8gb ram and everyone that has 8gb ram should check the page file because the game is butter smooth after that fix, i dont think its your drivers but make sure that everything including bios is updated
  15. DexVicious

    Small freezes when moving the camera

    The problem solved by changing the page file to the correct page file ammount and changed location of page file on different ssd than pubg and windows 10 the game is butter smooth right now and i had no crashes if anyone experiences freezes with 8gb ram google about page file and fix it.