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  1. Upgrade your internet. I never have lag or notice it while playing. I don't know if having slow internet effects framerates. Framerates and lag can be two totally different things. As far as the lag you are talking about I never have any. I don't have the fastest internet on the market, but overall my internet is decently fast. I only see lag when I play custom games war mode. The lag can be really bad in war mode.
  2. Just wanted to mention that player movement is faster. What I noticed is that only general sensitivity is actually faster. I had to change it from 7-6. The ads or softaim did not actually get faster. I first thought it did, but it actually hasn't increased in speed. I keep those settings the same before the patch.
  3. I think the framerate right now is good enough, but could still be better. Upgrade your internet. You really notice the lag your talking about when you play war mode. It can get so laggy sometimes in war mode.
  4. Fix lag in custom games war mode. Their is so much lag all the time compared to ranked. Cant customize appearance while trying to get into a game on ranked. Can't get into a ranked sometimes after leaving training mode. Sometimes when I join a duo or squad match I will be the only one to enter the game. Then when I back out the game my squad is still in the lobby.
  5. When I 1st started to play this game their were a lot of terrible players and now that this game has been out for a while players are getting better and better. The tactics of this game is not keeping up to par with better players in this game. For example if you are in a 1v2 situation or a 1v3 situation and your opponents know your by yourself going solo they will just simply charge at you and their is absolutely nothing you can do about it because you can't reload fast enough even if you down one of your opponents because the other teammate will get you. You can't even switch to your other main weapon fast enough to deal with this problem. The 1st thing I suggest to add to this game is quicker reloading. This will help alot with having multiple enemies charging at you if your by yourself. You will 1st have to find a quick load mag, but when you have it your gun will reload much faster then it already does with quick reload mags.
  6. Sometimes when I get in a game there will only be around 50-60 players or less and the game won't start because of the lack of players after latest patch. I suggest adding a timer that way regardless of how many people are in a game it will eventually start. Even with 30-40 players I would like if the game would just simply start because I hate having too quit the game and then have to log into another one. I suggest making the timer a maximum of 2 minutes or less. I actually prefer the game with less players because you don't have too worry about getting camp killed everywhere you go in the early too mid-game.
  7. The new map icons like attack, defend, loot, etc are so small that I can't see them on the map view unless I zoom in all the way. Due to this factor the new map icons become redundant. I suggest in a update make the icons much larger where it is easy enough to see without zooming your map view all the way in.
  8. After using Type C I would say I cant get use to it. It's a uncomfortable to use. Having to peek then aim and having to peek again to get out of peek is probably the worst part of it. Regarding Type B I would like to see the LB button be swappable with the left stick button to hold breath. Either you have to double click the left stick in twice, or hold the left stick in for a quick second before it can hold breath. I don't think this setup would interfere with left peeking if the peek button is still push in left stick button. This is a choosable setting and if the player doesn't like this setup they can turn it back to the original setting.
  9. When I join training mode and leave I can't join duo's or squads I think this is a bug. While using type C for some reason I can't lean left while in ADS with the LB button. This happens more while I am in ADS and sometimes while not in ADS. I think this is some kind of bug.
  10. BTW type A and B should have hold breath/zoom LB button changed to double click left stick twice quickly.
  11. I aim much better in ADS anyway. Still not having soft aim sucks. For the most part don't like Type C it has many drawbacks including no soft aim.
  12. I got to the last 3 in solos and because I couldn't figure out how to cook my grenades I lost that game. Anyway I figured it out and all you have to do is press the LT button.
  13. Been trying out Type C and I have to say it has many drawbacks for example you can't really peek left while aiming. People need to try for themselves and they will know what I am talking about. It has a few advantages, comes in handy at close range because you can peek more quickly when you want to hipfire your enemy when their coming around a corner. You can finally hold breath/zoom which was mostly impossible to do if your using a controller and your setup was Type A or B. That's probably it for the most part. Also want to mention the hold breath/zoom doesn't work sometimes when I push in the left stick. I think this is a glitch. You can double click the left stick and it works better, but still doesn't work sometimes when you need it too. Dev team could have made Type C easier to use, maybe in the future it will be changed.
  14. SMG and shotguns have been decreased in power. Not a good idea. Nobody uses crossbow. I got in a situation at close range less than 3 meters, my opponent I believe was wearing level 3 vest and helmet. I shot em at least 8 to 12 times dead center didn't miss a single bullet. He still had a quarter of his health when I died. He peeked out and shot me with a Aug with only 3-4 bullets I died instantly. When you die with only 3-4 bullets like this it seems like you die in a blink of an eye. Now SMG's vs AR's will feel like you are battling someone with twice the health and twice the armor. This story should elaborate that the SMG nerf is a really bad idea. Don't even get me started with the shotguns. It's hard enough to hit your targets with these things. S12K should just be removed from this game, absolutely useless, the horizontal recoil on this thing is so bad it's unbelievable. You aim dead center and the thing shoots way too the left or right. I can't count enough times I knew that shot should have landed too only hit nothing but air.
  15. Are Xbox players ever going to get the New Erangel?
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