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  1. hidenseek

    Crossplay PS4-Xbox / Map selection

    I would like to see this.
  2. hidenseek

    New LMG's please?

    Pointless to ask developers too add anything new that the players base want because they will never deliver. How many times have I complained about something or asked for something and have never received it in this game. It also doesn't help that other pubg players don't like your ideas because if they don't like it either developers will never take you seriously just like your LMG idea which I have already asked for in a previous thread. The only way developers are going to add something is if everyone is asking for the same thing and even then there probably not going to add it.
  3. hidenseek

    Need hit markers

    Their should be a option for hit markers. Since most people don't like hit markers they don't have to use it. But if you want to be a better player hit markers will help.
  4. hidenseek

    Need hit markers

    The maps are way too big in this game and the graphics ain't too good in this game on console, also sometimes blood doesn't come out of players when they are shot. So having hit markers will fix all this and make it easier to shoot.
  5. hidenseek

    Remove alive count

    I would like an option for the "alive" count to be removed from the top right corner. I actually get more anxiety when I know how many players are left alive. If this can be moved to either the start menu or map menu.
  6. This website is the only way to see our replays. Best thing that has been added to pubg console because all the recent patches have done nothing to make this game better besides a few new weapons.
  7. This website is the only way to see our replays.
  8. hidenseek

    SMG strafing

    Their is no point in having a AR in this game. Anyone who has been playing this game long enough knows what I am talking about. It's better to have a smg to deal with close to mid range battles and DMR or sniper to deal with mid to long range battles.
  9. hidenseek

    SMG strafing

    I even say I have a much too easy time winning battles with smg vs ar at close range.
  10. hidenseek

    SMG strafing

    Smg strafing is about 3x faster than ar strafing right now 60-70%. It should only be about half. I said ar strafing is too slow compared to smg strafing. And the game isn't going to become like COD.
  11. hidenseek

    SMG strafing

    Their is a huge inbalance with SMG vs AR strafing. SMG's strafing is simply much faster than AR strafing. A lot of times at close range it can be difficult for AR users to be able to deal with SMG speed. I would say SMG's strafing is about 4x faster then AR strafing speed. I would say SMG strafing speed should only be about 1/2 or 60-70% faster then AR strafing. Most 1st person shooters have AR strafing speed that is faster and much more realistic then pubg AR strafing. Unless your wielding a LMG a LMG strafing speed should stay the same speed as the AR strafing speed currently. SMG vs AR strafing should updated.
  12. hidenseek

    Cave is Toxic

    I think I'm the 1st one in their sometimes, but their is always someone else in their first, it's like they glitched in their while the game is still rendering after the parachute landing.
  13. hidenseek

    Parachute glitching and teleporting

    Sometimes I press the B button and it doesn't let me land early.
  14. hidenseek

    Most fustrating game ever

    Don't really play this game anymore as the title suggests. One of the wortest things they patched in this game was not being able to zig zag while running. They patched zigzaging before the release of Vikendi. Currently you can only zigzag easily with the right stick. If you zigzag with the left stick you will make a brief stop everytime you zigzag. This was the only tool in this game you can use to combat campers in this game, but not anymore after the nerf.
  15. hidenseek

    New map idea

    Need new maps and not maps like Vikendi. This game wasn't meant to be played like on the map Vikendi. Too much cover is not ideal for this type of game because it leads to excessive camping and not just that, you never know where your enemy is. So this gives the camper too much power. Ok so for the new maps I recommend a new map that is somewhere in the middle east. Or we can have a map somewhere in North America like in the country or mountains.