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  1. hidenseek

    Getting bored?

    Im bored because of campers.
  2. hidenseek

    Increase the time for kill

    This would mean to increase health and armor properties. I feel the same way about this. To increase the time it takes to get a kill is like a double edged sword, it's good if you get the kill sucks if you go down. In lou of what your asking I prefer if headshots do less damage and close up attack damage is lessened by 10% or something. If you are shot about 8 feet or less you can die in 2 milliseconds. It's that fast, absolutely no time to think or evade the attack if your shot at first at that range or by headshot.
  3. I cant even see the gridlines and the circle because the map is so white cuz of the snow. I agree. Also players can blend in so well where the snow meets the foliage, I hate it.
  4. hidenseek

    nerf molotovs

    If you get hit by a molotov or if you run through the flame of a molotov it will do about 80% damage to your health over 3 seconds. The molotov now does a lot more damage than a grenade does since the grenade was nerfed. Even when grenades land less than 5 feet from me it only does half damage of health.
  5. Xbox players should only play on Xbox and Playstation players should only play on Playstation. Reason for this is the controllers, Ps users may be able to aim better using a ps controller. Not sure if this is true but if it is this would be a problem for xbox players. I also noticed that players are shooting a lot better on Vikendi at distances. When I am running in an open field I almost always get hit no matter how much I zigzag could this be because of M&K users or is this because it is easier to aim with a PS controller. I think this problem is related to ps players because before Vikendi I actually had a chance to run through a open field without dieing. I also heard that playstation pubg runs a lot smoother than pubg on xbox now if this is true this could be another reason why the shooting seems so much more accurate on vikendi. Now if xbox players are already on xbox servers only and playstation players are only on playstation servers then everyone can disregard this discussion because I prefer it this way.
  6. hidenseek

    A 7200RPM HDD?

    I use a external 5400 rpm hd with sata 3 technology. My buildings render almost always by the time I land. Because Vikendi is a much more detailed map rendering can take up to 3 seconds in certain parts of the map, not a big deal for me. Only 1 time have a I had a building take up to 10 seconds to render on vikendi and this was the inner parts of the building not the whole building itself. I'm on xbox og, cant speak for xbox x users as their graphics loading may take longer.
  7. hidenseek

    Vikendi patch

    Vikendi needs more vehicle I almost never find any. Backpacks are really hard to come by. I may have to search up to 10 homes to find a backpack sometimes. While standing over corpses you may start twitching. Can also get stuck on stairs.
  8. Nope, maybe the playstation controller is better than the xbox controller for aiming. I was told xbox and playstation would be on the same servers.
  9. hidenseek

    Vikendi the ultimate camping map

    Dev team needs to make a map where it's just open battlefield with only hills and small single buildings scattered everywhere. Weapons will typically spawn on floor, pavement, roads, etc. A true battlefield map.
  10. hidenseek

    Ghillies vikendi?

    I hope there isnt any snow ghillie suits in this map. This map is by far meant for campers.
  11. This is the only map where whenever I'm being shot at I don't where where it's coming from 99% of the time. If you like camping for 10 minutes straight all the time every 10 seconds and not go crazy while doing so this map is for you. There are so many buiildings in this map scattered everywhere you just don't know where there camping, it's either in a building or in the grass. Impossible to hunt enemy players in this map. Everywhere you go it's a booby trap. I thought sanhok or erangel was bad at the amount of sheer camping, this map tops them all.
  12. Were shotguns nerfed. S12K always takes me at least 3 shots to kill point blank. The S1897 always takes me at least 2 shots now point blank. Even when I hit my target no headshot at point blank it takes me around 3 shots to kill unless I am literally only 1 feet away from my opponent. The S1897 used to be everyones nightmare at 15 feet or less now it's completely useless. The only time I am guaranteed a 1 shot kill with the S1897 is if I have a choke attachment and my opponent has be around 3 feet or less. Shotguns are absolutely horrible right now and need to be buffed. The S12K is by far the worst shotgun even with a choke and I don't get a guaranteed 1 shot kill ever even at 5 feet or less. I know the shotgun seems pointless in the late game because there is absolute no use for it if everyone has a smg or AR. How many kills has anyone ever gotten within 10 feet or less if you are only the last 3 people alive 1v1, "zero". I would still like to see a shotgun to be considered by the dev team via care package preferably the striker, binelli, AA, or the saiga shotgun
  13. hidenseek

    Cheating Discussion

    If you consider camping as cheating then yes, lately I have been playing and the camping has become unprecedented then ever before. I mean players would literally stay in one spot forever either to be sneaky or just too chicken to fight then they get you. This is like nearly straight 10 minutes of people camping and you cant find them then they just come out of nowhere and take you out after you killed everyone else in the area basically doing all the work and you think there is no one else around then they hit you. I don't know why the camping has become so severe, it could be peoples excitement for the new vikendi map. Dev team should implement something in the game where you get more BP points or g-coins if you kill more players or even wound players while playing. At least the non-campers who make this game fun can get something out of not camping.
  14. hidenseek

    Cheating Discussion

    Has this ever happen to you. Where you been killed by someone right in front of you but your opponent cant be seen. Not sure if this is actually the case but it could be.