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  1. Game loads faster, but now we need better graphics for this game. Right now it's like 480p on Xbox OG and like 720p on Xbox X. At least for Xbox OG we need somewhere between 480p and 720p graphics resolution.
  2. I would like to see the custom games updated and improved for the next patch. Able to customize the weapons you can use when you create a custom game, only having uzi's and vectors is no fun, more loot and starting loot in war mode, create longer game as they are too fast in war mode, more modes such as capture the flag, domination and so on, custom games should give BP as well. If these things were to be implemented in the custom games I would probably not play ranked battle royale anymore as I am starting to tire of it. It shows as well because when I play in squads a lot of players nowadays just go solo and not taking the game seriously anymore at least on the Xbox version.
  3. I definitely like more action and more gun fighting as it makes the game much more fun, but this can get you dead sometimes "risk vs reward". Reward = more action, risk = die early in game. In the beginning of the game many times players will just camp for the 1st 15 minutes of the game which forces everyone else to camp because you don't want to die that early in the game and the game can become extremely boring when your not fighting. The problem with this game is that you want to get that chicken rather then get lots of kills because this game only has a battle royale mode for the console version in ranked. There is no other conventional multiplayer modes in this game for ranked. Custom games can take forever to get in and you don't get experience points. For example if there was a capture the flag mode for pubg in ranked when you play capture the flag you want to capture the flag and not be a sole survivor like the battle royale mode because your playing capture the flag mode.
  4. I would like to see 50 or less players game mode for ranked. Currently having a 100 players causes the game to be very boring and creates excessive campers. If their was a game mode that had 50 or less players, the game would be more fast paced and exciting and create less camping. You can find games like these in custom games, but it may take a very long time to get in a game mode like this. Also you don't get any BP or experience points for playing custom.
  5. Headshots do too much damage, body shots don't do enough. I felt like this change was made ever since the Vikendi map update. Before the Vikendi map was introduced I felt like the body and headshot damage was better and more balanced. As of now it does not feel like this.
  6. Their is cheating and hacking in this game? Do you have a video or proof of this? Besides early drops when some players are able to move through buildings and shoot you which this isn't really cheating. Is the only thing I have encountered something close to cheating. I think you need to practice more with your defensive and offensive skills in this game and practice your shooting. I know it must feel like people are cheating when you lose most of your gun battles. This is how I felt when I was a noob at this game, but now I am alot better. If people knew who they were up against while I play pubg they probably just run away from me because I win most of my gun battles.
  7. What are you talking about this game is already in hardcore mode. What you want to die in this game with being shot with only 1 bullet?
  8. I am talking about gunshot noise in general. 300 meters out, 200 meters out, 100 and even less than that. It's too loud compared to other noises.
  9. I try to avoid this map now. It's unplayable, too many camping corners, buildings etc. This game isn't fun if people camp all day.
  10. Fix the sound balance. Gunshots sounds are way too loud, it drowns out everything in this game. You don't know where gunshots are coming from because they are so loud. Also gunshots are so loud compared to all other sounds. Especially when you wear headphones all you hear is gunshots. When you wear headphones and you set your volume the way you like it. Even if you barely lower the volume while using headphones you can barely hear footsteps, teammates talking, doors opening, cars going by, grenades, etc, but the gunshots are still too loud. When you increase the volume on headphones the gunshots are very loud to the point they hurt your ears and drown all other sounds out like your teammates talking, footsteps, cars, etc. There should be a option in the menu settings that control all sounds like if you wanted to increase your teammates voices to be louder or not, gunshots, footsteps and so on.
  11. If anyone noticed In FPP or any other 1st person shooter game your crosshair is in the middle of the screen and when you ADS it's perfectly in the middle of the screen same spot as when your not in ADS. In Pubg TPP your crosshairs when not in ADS is in the middle of the screen and when you ADS in TPP your crosshair is a little down and slightly to the left thats why it is a bit harder to get a proper aim on a enemy player. Don't know why this is. It would be easier to quick aim exactly where you want to if the crosshairs were both exactly in the middle in TPP while ADS or not. Developers could have done this so it is a little bit harder to aim while going in ADS in TPP or is just a mistake the developers made and never noticed it or could be like this because of TPP's 3rd person camera angles which shifts the camera angle when your ADS or not, which also shifts the crosshair.
  12. BF5 firestorm is really good. Only thing I don't like is that their isnt really attachments you can find for weapons, there isn't much loot like on Erangel, inventory isn't as organized as pubg's inventory, but better than COD blackouts, also that there isn't 3rd person view (TPP). I like TPP not necessarily because you can see people while your still hiding, but because I like to be able to see my own character while engaging the game. The game becomes more immersive when you can see your own character while in game. I am a big fan of gears of war the true 1st 3rd person shooter game.
  13. I don't care at all for the vector and it's pathetic low ammo. Getting rid of this weapon is a good thing. SMG's are already way OP in this game mainly due to the fact you can strafe 3x faster then you can with a AR. I have an incredibly easy time picking off players at 50 meters or less when using a SMG vs a AR. They just can't hit me. I also recommend making AR strafing to be faster so it can compete with SMG strafing. SMG strafing should only be 40-50% faster then AR strafing. Also if there taking out weapons they better not take out the tommy gun because this is the best SMG ever.
  14. Don't understand why the bizon SMG was added to this game. Nobody asked for a SMG. People including me asked for another shotgun, or LMG not a SMG yet they give us a SMG. Add hit markers because blood doesn't come out sometimes when you shoot ppl. Assault rifle strafing is too slow make it faster.
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