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  1. I'm sitting on a beach in Cuba when I overhear, "level 3 vest" and "winner winner chicken dinner" I can't resist and interject if they had noticed that car that looked like the Dacia. They turn and excitedly start answering that yeah they had, they talk for a moment, then realize they are talking to chubby woman in a big hat old enough to be their mother lol. There is a moment of silence then a tentative "you PUB?" I answered I don't so much 'play' as die. It was a fun conversation, we exchanged gamertags.
  2. Dreamcleaner

    So many Negative gamers

    I concur. I've been a fan of games since pinball was a nickel. Wonder if we just see and appreciate the improvement in gaming? For the record, I like watching Shroud lol
  3. No, I don't think so. It's when they mention this modification for shooting. I wasn't even aware of it until this thread. (the etc is meant to cover any other type of modification that I've not heard of) For the first time, yesterday, I had to wonder about a couple of hits I got. Driving jeep, past houses, in turbo, 3 shots two tires gone, and me hit once. Driving dune buggy turbo, getting shot, weaving, one head shot killed me. (altho I admit the dune buggy could have been sheer luck). Normally I chalk it up to people just being good. It was the first time I wondered if they were using something. A 'better' controller, well, I don't see anything wrong with that, I don't think a better controller/sensativity will artificially inflate your skill). I guess if there is something out there that ups your skill without you actually improving is what I am against. But at the end of the day, people are gonna do what they gonna do. I personally, just don't think a win is earned if you were using a cheat/hack (I know they don't exist on xbox ) modifications, M & K if it gives you the advantage you didn't work for. And, I don't believe I am calling foul. I die to often, and have never assumed that someone is using anything other than a controller. (well except for yesterday, I wondered not assumed) What I've assumed when I die, is they are better than me.
  4. I honestly believe mods etc should be limited to play alone games COD etc. When playing people, skill should count. Maybe it's me but beating someone who doesn't have the tech I have just wouldn't be as good. PUBG IMHO is a skill based game, whether it's your shooting, or your tactics. I'll tip my hat to those who beat me (which is everyone) but if you beat me because of tech vs skill......