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  1. XmasTeaTowel

    Increase dynamic weather

    Nobody wants rain every 2nd time. It's great how it is. An off chance of rain. For testing maybe the PTS could have ran a higher rate. But that would just confues people more because they don't read.
  2. XmasTeaTowel

    Raining in Erangel

    The rain drops on the 'screen' are unnecessary. Otherwise I thought the sound placement in the headphones was excellent. Was glad to see the wet look rocks on Miramar.
  3. XmasTeaTowel

    PTS bullet damage is BUGGED!

    Video or bust... Also, if this was on PTS (you should specify) Test server is NA only. So you have players WORLDWIDE connecting to it for a look. = wicked desync at times. More likely you were dead on the server before you knew it. Which is why your bullets on client didn't do squat. And if you didn't have a helmet? Then you dead. Headshots in the start game are eeeeasy kills
  4. XmasTeaTowel

    HDR still needs to fixed

    Also the brightness slider in game menu on pts is broken. Doesn't change when moved.
  5. XmasTeaTowel

    start menu very dark

    Yeah, HDR has changed? And it's worse again... Beyond that the brightness slider has ZERO effect when changed. Fix HDR or BUST!
  6. XmasTeaTowel

    HDR still needs to fixed

    Bump The HDR has changed in the PTS I have mine set to a pleasant level (as porridge as PUBG's HDR can be) on the main client. The PTS is now dull. Dull dull dull.
  7. XmasTeaTowel

    Brightness slider PTS doesn’t work

    Yes! It doesn't do squat. And the HDR looks different/worse. I'm back to playing dull Player Unknown's Porridge Grounds
  8. XmasTeaTowel

    HDR worse again?

    It's no secret PUBG's HDR is rotten. But I have my C7 oled set so it's not that bad. The PTS however... Looks worse now? Dull. Even more so.
  9. XmasTeaTowel

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    It is there. It's dynamic... Meaning... It's not EVERY time all the time. Ppl just don't understand it's not every turn.
  10. XmasTeaTowel

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    Have tested. TYPE B ONLY General sensitivity (look camera) bugs to the sensitivity of what the 1x optic is set too! immediately after you ADS. The only way to shake this is too over the shoulder aim. But as soon as you ADS again. It happens again. Have also test with 3x optic. Does ANYONE test the PTS internally? It's took all of 15 secs of playing to realize this. Can't play. Too annoying.
  11. XmasTeaTowel

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    Just had this. Yuck
  12. XmasTeaTowel

    PLEASE add legacy stick controls to PUBG!

    Its not about making it easier to control. Thats input smoothing. Legacy controls is simply a different control scheme for the joysticks, that dictate look and walk. Default is Left stick walks forward/backward/left/right and the Right stick looks. Legacy means the Left stick walks forwards/backward but looks/turns Left and Right, and the Right stick strafes left and right and looks up and down. Its an old control scheme that originally was used by single stick control pads like N64 and was made popular by Goldeneye. So if someone is used to playing like this. Default controls or no Legacy option makes the game unplayable. Its like having your Y axis inverted when you dont play like with it inverted. Only 4x worse. Every shooter on console should have Southpaw and Legacy stick options. Its criminal not too.