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  1. WorldSkill412

    Larger mini map

    lol I call them "the lines button" and "a box within a box button"
  2. WorldSkill412

    Lone Survivor Dilemma

    ... Just a game dude.
  3. WorldSkill412

    Pistol Missions!?

    How come there's never any missions for any of the pistols? They have Ar missions, Smg, sniper rifle/dmr, but never a mission regarding pistols?
  4. WorldSkill412

    Vikindi Brightness!

    100, can't lower it either cause right now I can at least see flashes coming from dark windows when I'm getting shot at, I used to not see anyone or any flashes until I raised the brightness to 100.
  5. WorldSkill412

    Vikindi Brightness!

    This is really my only complaint about this map, it's extremely bright! Everytime I play it my eyes get blurry like I've been staring at the sun for an hour. Anyone else having this issue?
  6. WorldSkill412

    Can't See Into Buildings

    My brightness is at 100, I've always had it at 100
  7. WorldSkill412

    Can't See Into Buildings

    I use a 4k tv, and everytime someone is shooting at me from a window all I can see are flashes coming from a dark window. Does anyone know something I don't or have any advice?
  8. WorldSkill412

    Missions Menu

    How come when scrolling through the missions the whole menu is transparent and then the missions are transparent and then there's a white background and I can barely read what the missions are because everything's in white text? This should be an easy fix. I also noticed on PC their missions menu is different and easier to read.
  9. People like you amuse me, it's not how many times you shoot the person, it's what type of gun and ammo your using.
  10. WorldSkill412

    Getting Naked and Teaming

    Did any of them have afros?
  11. WorldSkill412

    One Shot One Kill [Oct 18-21] Feedback topic

    I enjoyed every bit of it, Thanks Bh!
  12. WorldSkill412

    My PTS Server Experience

    I've never played blackout and never will, I have seen some game play of it and yes that's a pretty close reference to what's happening here, I was just over exaggerating the issue using Destiny, if anyone else has played Destiny they know it takes like 30 mins too kill a boss.
  13. WorldSkill412

    My PTS Server Experience

  14. WorldSkill412

    My PTS Server Experience

    First off the bat my brother and I tried too join Duo, waited 5 mins and nothing. We decided to go 2 man squad which left us at a disadvantage being 2 on 3-4, but whatever. We get in the game and noticed everything seems to be in widescreen and the life bars in the bottom left seem to be longer then usual for some reason... no idea why they would change that. After we land to find some weapons everything seems too be glowing for some reason which is stupid as all hell, I've got a Qbz and my brothers got an Akm we realize it's laggy as hell but keep going pushing building after building until we run into a 4 man squad, my brother gets downed and I run up the stairs and lay at least 20 rounds of Qbz into the guy before he gets downed, (reminded me of Destiny). I get downed and we both die so we spectate the people who killed us and every time we switched to spectate the other player it would lag so bad we could see through walls and buildings or we couldnt see the player we were spectating at all.