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  1. New one to me. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/mitre3/video/76076110 Upon attempting to revive downed teammate, fixed the issue.
  2. I’ve had three / four 2nd places the last few days. Aghhh
  3. I finally unlocked 50 kills last night, man it takes some grinding. I’ve lost games, won games thanks to carrying the M16. Keep going, the skin is cool and not many people will be interested grinding for it.
  4. Hi Andy, Yes thats the one, I had loud buzzing in the headset and the game froze.
  5. Hi Andy, Had a crash yesterday https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/mitre3/video/75508534
  6. How can you complete a premium mission when you do not have the pass?
  7. Hi Andy, Here are two more crash videos. Is there any news regarding crashing? https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/mitre3/video/75234899 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/mitre3/video/75234896
  8. Robo I've purchased the pass but can not access any premium missions or rewards, I've also hard reset but I still have the same problem. Ignore me, It was in my items.
  9. The loot is defiantly better, I don't find pistol mags in every building, noticing more AR attachments and healing. The big Erangel loot update is the next patch. Hopefully we don't need to wait too long.
  10. Every PTS has been NA only until the player base was large enough to open other servers. I'm in EU and played 5/6 games on NA with no problems. It's not a big update like Vikendi so the PTS won't be as popular.
  11. What do you expect when there isn't enough players on the PTS? I'd rather play squads than solos.
  12. Don't think it's happening anytime soon, PC are on patch 29 and it's still Vikendi only.
  13. PC patch 28 more loot was added to Erangel and doors removed. The PTS is PC patch 27 so we haven't got those changes just yet.
  14. How has the test server flopped? They rightly or wrongly opened up all servers from launch (something what has previously been done when demand is high after a few days) The test server runs well, rendering on the OG xbox is the best it has ever been, X users don't need SSD's. The next patch will get more players enjoying the game, and bring some back. And let's be honest, thats all what matters.
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