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  1. It’s about both.... some people really enjoy the gunfights and others enjoy grinding for the win. Personally I like to get kills and win 😂. Nothing better than a high kill win tho it’s so much more satisfying.
  2. How many hours have you played duos to hit that amount of points? I’m curious on how long it takes.
  3. I wouldn’t worry about win rate my friend. As long as you have fun then that’s all that matters. To get a high win rate you have to play like your playing for real money.... not my style I prefer the gunfights just as much if not more.
  4. I wasn’t talking about you buddy lol. I thought the other guy was talking about his own win rate....
  5. Is that your win rate? Don’t you use a keyboard and mouse?
  6. Will do buddy. I only usually play with my IRL friends and we never have a 4th lol. But then to be fair we hardly ever have a 3rd lol. I will prob be on tonight around 9pm for a couple hours...
  7. Ahhh I knew I seen your name I thought it you was the other guy lol. Yea my mate dean doesn’t play much at all and I was like how hasn’t he died yet?! Then realised you must of been out of ammo and he ended up getting you haha. Sometimes I do just thirst people straight away as it always happens to me so sorry about that hahaha. Can’t recall killing you tho in the game previous.... I must of been in my own little world lol.
  8. I think it’s to balance out the SMGs. It’s got a huge 50 bullet clip with extended and quite powerful so a red dot would make it really good. Maybe too good.
  9. I think some people are just salty and love to message other people haha
  10. I didn’t notice your friend hiding behind the wall and as soon as I ran across he melted me and then you jumped over to thirst me instantly hahahaha. I think my mate thirsted one of your team so I didn’t care lol. Too many missed headshots from me that gunfight 😂.
  11. Plz don’t add the noob tube.....
  12. Mate I’ve got some guy who has been messaging me for the past week... saying he’s going to keep reporting me so I sent him the clip of me killing him as evidence that he can use against me 😂. It’s the last clip in this short video, I wudda been annoyed as well but I wouldn’t of claimed the guy was a hacker lol.... https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/buckstar-pz/video/77059814
  13. Oh no!! To be fair I haven’t noticed much on the movement but @ColonicBoom has been having issues with sensitivity and movement since a couple of updates ago. I don’t play too often so it always feels a tad odd to me when I play my first match or two so I don’t think I’ll notice.
  14. I honestly believe it evens the playing field which makes it more of a fair game. We all get annoyed when we die and I’ve had my fair share of grenade deaths believe me... but in no way take them out of the game! There might be more snipers around but that doesn’t mean more deaths from it as It’s quite a tricky task hitting a headshot.
  15. I guess you have a hard time with the sniper and grenades so let’s nerf them to keep you happy.... it’s part of the game if you don’t find it fun play something else.
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