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  1. Well at least it’s in the pipeline I guess!! I can’t wait either because I think Erangle is my favourite map as it was the first map we all played and I guess I have a special place for that map in my heart haha. Thanks again for the reply 👍
  2. To be fair I only bought the X on release because it was my birthday so I thought why not let’s treat myself lol. Also if I was like you and didn’t play for that long I wouldn’t of bought one either. I started on Xbox live back in 2006 and did have a few years off it completely but I think just before BF1 come out I got back into playing most days and now I’m addicted again lol. Well lets hope that Xbox pull out their best show yet at E3 and blow us away. I’ve put too much money into Xbox in general I really don’t want the new PlayStation to wipe the floor with it next gen lol.
  3. Very true my man but I wouldn’t of thought it would of took much to increase the sliders for the loot. It’s possible in custom games so surely they can do it just as easy. Maybe I’m completely wrong.
  4. Sorry mate yea I know it runs well with a SSD on the older Xbox’s but I just don’t like how blurry it all looks lol. I suppose I wouldn’t of cared if I just had the S or OG but I originally played this game on the X so I don’t like the look of it on the other consoles after seeing it at my mates. But yea your correct an SSD definitely helps with the rendering on the older consoles for sure.
  5. Good to know Andy thanks for the reply. But I honestly gotta ask, why has it been done like this when they know full well it’s going to need another rebuff in the next few weeks. Seems kinda pointless if you ask me.
  6. So if the enemy can find a fully decked out m4 why can’t you?
  7. You playing on your local sever? Any clips of the issue?
  8. To be completely honest I never really have issues finding weapons on any map. Yea fair enough the loot on the bigger maps isnt as good as say Sanhok but it’s not exactly hard to gear up within 5-10min. My advice to you is drop at a named town and try and make sure you wipe out anyone else who is in your town and if you don’t find a half decent gun then your the issue not the game lol. I’ve never gone longer than 5mins without finding something that’s usable. Plus almost every solo match I play on any map I usually find a sniper more often than not so I never get these posts.
  9. I think you feel like it’s RAW (Said in Gordon Ramsay’s voice) because there is no aim assist at all. To me the game feels fine for aiming apart from the added difficulty of no aim assist. To me the gunplay/aiming is what makes me still play this game as almost every other game does not feel as satisfying when killing people. Dont really understand these types of posts, you can change the sensitivity to your liking for each scope plus turn off aim acceleration off completely if that’s what you like.
  10. I had the same issue yesterday so I give up and played the live servers.
  11. Sorry I didn’t mean matchmaking my fault. I meant skill based leaderboards 🤪
  12. Bring back the skill based matchmaking instead of time played to stop these posts once a week haha.
  13. Because it one shots level 3 helmets? I honestly don’t believe this is a good change. The reason why snipers are not overpowered at the minute is because it takes skill/time to aim for the head. Now with this change it will cut the time to aim by so much that it will cause the AWM to be overpowered. It’s already been tested on PC and they know it’s over powered so not sure why they are even giving us this 150% damage to the chest!
  14. Harold I’ve proved it doesn’t run fine without a SSD as you wouldn’t record it to prove it yourself. Vikendi runs like crap on the Xbox One X and so does hot dropping on Miramar! The only time PUBG runs well is with a Xbox One X and a SSD as it’s been proved countless times with video footage.
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