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  1. The only reason why I asked is because you think your amazing and putting people down on the process for talking about MnK I’m nothing special either to be honest but I’m not talking crap to people haha. Here have my lifetime stats...
  2. Mate I’m not complaining about everyone using a mouse and keyboard. This one guy sent my mate a message because he killed him so I checked him out. It was obvious and I’m the last person to complain about MnK as you’ll see on these forums. He was probably the only guy I’ve ever ran into that I suspected. What’s ur Kd anyway I’d love to know
  3. I’ve never noticed any to be honest until this guy... watched some of his clips and he’s either the best player I’ve ever seen with a controller or he’s using a mouse lol I would put his gamertag up but I’ll get banned
  4. I was wondering how good one guy was as he was so quick at headshotting my team 😂. Checked his profile and it was a new account and all of his pubg clips was insane, an obvious keyboard and mouse player!!
  5. My best advice would be to learn exactly where your center of your screen is and get the enemy close to that before you ADS. Always try and have the center of the screen aiming at a area that a enemy could pop out from for instance as your moving around. My other advice would be to get into as many gunfights as possible. I did that by playing sanhok and only hot dropping for months lol. But you can’t do that now so if you hear a gunfight just go towards it and see what’s up. I’d also suggest to have your general sensitivity up high but your ADS lower. I think people make the mistake of having their ADS sensitivity up too high. But that’s personal preference. As for the enemy going side to side you just have to adjust for their movements. Once you get used to spraying targets the close ones don’t move around much haha.
  6. BuckStar

    Fpp is dead!!!!!

    It’s been dead for EU players since the middle of last year, think yourself lucky.
  7. BuckStar

    Will xbox pubg survive ?

    Nice!! I always use them as they are usually a lot cheaper than the store for digital games plus Xbox live is usually on discount. I’ve used them for years now. They even sent out my PUBG code a day early and it just worked as it was in game preview haha and it was £21 instead of £25 at the time.
  8. BuckStar


    I was thinking the same. Not sure why he thinks he’s gods gift at this game. Im nothing special and play for fun not for leaderboards and I’d say my stats are better lol. @spanker63 Get on my man!!! My best tips are to try and get into as many gunfights as possible, sanhok on repeat improved my shooting a lot! It’s a shame we don’t have that option anymore.... Then once your comfortable with shooting the end game doesn’t feel as difficult. And my best tip for winning solos really only comes at the end, but I try and always make my way to the slowest part of the circle and try and do that asap. I always find the edge of the circle is best unless you can get lucky and you end up in a building sat right in the middle to begin with.
  9. The auto/single shot option always resets for me as well. I noticed it after not playing PUBG for a week and then it happened again last night when I put it on. Its probably saved as all the settings used to be, so as soon as your console gets unplugged/hard reset it will forget your options. You would of thought they would of learned by now but apparently not.
  10. BuckStar

    Will xbox pubg survive ?

    If you do enjoy it then check out cdkeys.com for a cheap copy. Last time I was on there I seen it going for £18. They will send you the code instantly for you to download on your Xbox. I made the mistake of buying it when it was on sale for £30 😂 think I’ve played it twice lol
  11. BuckStar

    Erangal Loot Increased?

    I’d ask on the pc forums
  12. BuckStar

    Survivor Pass End Time?

    Are you surprised by this? Sounds about right to me
  13. BuckStar

    Proximity chat when?

    All we getting from now on is skins!!!!
  14. You probably wasted more time asking and waiting for a response than you would just trying it yourself.