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  1. BuckStar

    FPS and weapon performance

    Why do you play console then?
  2. BuckStar

    starting to finally

    What a idiotic thing to say, let me guess you have 100+ wins and your a god at this game. Good for you buddy, give yourself a high five!!
  3. BuckStar

    What Is Your Favorite Aspect Of PUBG?

    The shooting mechanics is what draws me to this game. Also their implementation of a battle royale is the best yet! Their only downside is not investing in PUBG like other companies did with their battle royale games. They’ve taken way too long to fix any issues and with all that money I don’t get why they don’t employ some expert console programmers. Yea they are a small company but they could of expanded a lot and the speed of development would of been much quicker. See fortnite for example, meaningful updates every week without fail.... that’s becuase they’ve invested money back into the development team and expanded!
  4. BuckStar

    Is vikendi fixed?

    Can’t tell if your being sarcastic 🙃
  5. BuckStar


    Use it yourself if your that bothered....
  6. Hi I was just wondering what’s the news on the shield that was teased to us in the trailer.
  7. BuckStar

    So... FPP still only in NA?

    Yep FPP EU died with the release of the PTS. I’m pretty sure they said there was a issue with matchmaking so they ended up fixing it about a month later and thought it would be a bright idea not to tell anyone! So they basically killed off FPP EU by their poor communication
  8. How long is the ban as it stands? I was under the assumption they don’t get banned at all. The guys I reported didn’t get banned and they messaged me saying they’ve been teaming for months.
  9. BuckStar

    Cheating Bans

    I was just about to say the same thing hahaha. People love to use excuses on why they got outplayed. Ive played 2000+ matches and not once have I suspected a cheater. Apart from a couple idiots teaming in solos and most of the time they suck so easy kills haha.
  10. BuckStar

    Mouse/KB support about to be official

    To be fair to the original post it does state pubg as a supported game on their website. Like you said PUBG Corp have stated they are not adding MnK support but seems like they’ve changed their minds because surely razor wouldn’t advertise it on their page without speaking to PUBG Corp first. Hopefully they are wrong but I can’t see it
  11. BuckStar

    Elite controller

    Use Type B control setting in pubg and map LB to a left paddle of your choice. You can then hold LT to ads (like most fps games) and use the left paddle to hip fire/hold breath. Put both triggers on 0-1 so they activate instantly when aiming/shooting and the rest is whatever feels best for you. I only use two paddles on the back (upper paddles) and I have LB mapped to upper left paddle and X mapped to upper right paddle.
  12. BuckStar

    EU FPP

    It’s dead thanks to no announcements saying it’s fixed. Plus by now a lot of people have got fed up waiting for improvements and have moved to other games.
  13. BuckStar

    Vikendi is great, but.

    MnK isn’t as prevalent as you make out. I think your probably meeting better players in the top 10 and they are just good with a controller....
  14. BuckStar

    Full game product

    The Xbox One X runs every game better how isn’t it worth it? Games look so clean in 4k! Also almost every new game coming out lately runs like shit on the OG console apart from exclusives. If your trying to forget about pubg what you doing on the forums lol and you should be happy you can even play FPP on your own local servers. A lot of us are stuck with TPP.
  15. BuckStar

    5 days to Vikendi

    It’s all good probably took him longer to read it.