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  1. blckadr1980

    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    Okay so 2nd post in here now I'm a few games in. Most of my issues have disappeared. Any ideas why after a few days or a week it's like the server seems to settle down and gameplay improves a little. Had this nearly every patch??. The remaining issues I have Upon landing it freezes stutters and i have to wait for it to settle down (not happened before ever) I get fps drops /stutter in the game sometimes I've been killed by one bullet from a vss with full health? Any ideas??? Footstep sound isnt always there. (Vikendi) Smoke causes the game to slow down so much I cant go near it. On my end I havnt seen any optimisation or improvments. I'd say it's been a downgrade. Might be as I've got an ssd ?
  2. blckadr1980

    Footsteps Volume

    Yep footsteps are definatley missing on vikendi, not always, it's like the sound glitches out . Was in a game earlier and there was a guy running parallel to me about 10 -15m away and only new he was there when he shot. Literally dropped my controller as it made me jump 😂
  3. blckadr1980

    Gun Jamming

    Luckily I've not had it this patch , thought I was going crazy before when it happened as couldnt find any notes to say the guns was that realistic.
  4. Next gen should be 8k that way pubg might run in 4k 60fps after 29 patches. All jokes aside, if they dont optimise this game more I think they will have a low player base unless it's a launch game. It's my favourite game but pubg management needs to be accountable for the latest updates 2 years on.
  5. blckadr1980

    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    Okay the fact that you guys messed the controller options up just shows how much this was actually tested. I must have said this multiple times on this forum, you have something called a test server, you have people you do not have to pay a penny to willing to test this , who want it to work yet just seem oblivious. Anyway here goes Xbox og ssd 1 game in. I drop at podvosto parachuting feels a little different somehow. Rendering is okay as I have an ssd, soon as i land it stutters skips frames and almost drops to 0fps for a second then i stutter about for a few seconds. I've never had this before? Once it settles down I go about my business as usual and it constantly seems to skip frames while I'm playing every so often. I then drop a player put a smoke over his box and proceed to loot, at this moment the whole game freezes to a halt and it slows down that much I cant loot and have to stop and get out of the smoke. I seem to remember at the start 2 years ago smoke used to lag the game. I then run out of ammo and swap guns get in a fight and nearly die because some reason my auto setting that puts all guns on full auto has been turned off. Luckily I survive as the other guy potatoes. Finish game on 8 kills 4th. Jump straight in another game land same place , same scenario fps drops to a standstill wait for it as do the other 4 guys next to me then pick up a shoty chase guy down and kill him ( clearly it's his first game or 30 seconds later and hes still loading in) I then pick up a ump jump to the roof top gi to shoot a guy but die instantly because I forgot to turn on auto fire in my settings. I then walk off and post this. Spectated a few people on last game , snowmobiles seem to cause large lag and can see I'm not the only one losing frames as a majority of the players all seem to have the same issue. Off to play my third and possible final game. please fix this or at least acknowledge what is going on with the community. Day one pre release player
  6. Patch notes are usually the same as the PC and always behind. Also whatever problems the PC have with the update we seem to get the same which is frustrating. Hopefully this patch will fix a lot of the rendering issues for some. Make the cave usuable for everyone. Theres a lot of fixes that aren't on the list , really hope they are sorted this time round. Glad they have been working on optimisation for a while on this one, just a little worried that it hasn't been put on test server though
  7. blckadr1980

    aim shoulder camera problem

    It's set to latest peek shoulder ? I set it as this to stop it reverting back to right shoulder when leaning left. I will look at trying to recreate some videos in training ground
  8. blckadr1980

    aim shoulder camera problem

    Thanks but mine ain't that I'm afraid, I thought it may be at one point so checked everything and unfortunately not, it's only left shoulder for some reason. Tried 3 controllers now all the same. Like I said I've adapted to it but wish I could peak and lean left. Can go on training and repeat if a video is required? (Looks different to the guys above video)
  9. blckadr1980

    aim shoulder camera problem

    Thank God I'm not the only one. Just double check with another controller to make sure that's okay. So what happens to me is when ever I lean left and go to shoot especially round structure , soon as I fire the camera will switch back to right lean causing me to die nearly every time. I've adapted my gameplay so I dont lean left anymore and just kind of strafe out to left side.
  10. blckadr1980

    Time played - pubg swag

    Mine will be accurate, dont ever leave it on. was a little shocked to see, Most time I've ever put into a game. Now I know why the ex wasnt happy
  11. Surely I must get some sort of pubg swag for this? Post yours below
  12. blckadr1980

    Some thoughts on Ping

    Was this taken from the pubg office canteen, jesus christ! 👏
  13. blckadr1980

    Some thoughts on Ping

    EU from my phone via wifi so SHOULD be better from xbox wired.
  14. At the moment it seems it goes like this 1) Release PC update 2) Numerous bugs reported 3) Weeks months later release the same update to xbox with all of the known bugs Now I'm not sure who plans this but would it not make sense to delay the xbox release until polished further? Eg - the 2nd PC patch? If not then use the test server, that's what it's for we can play the game and give you a bug list. That way you get less complaints and the community is happier. I'm not saying put everything on the test server and dilute your player base. I'm more than happy to beta test for you. I've played this game since preview. Looking forward to the erangle remaster 👍
  15. Was in a gun fight and this kept happening, had to drop scope and go with iron sights. Was only at this location believe it's the light above both ends of the bridge walkway