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  1. Okay I will do. Will see if I can get one on current patch. 👍
  2. @PUBG_Andymh5 any news on a fix for this yet just had it happen again today . Cheers
  3. Moon boots there 10000bp in the store on wackyjackys moon map release
  4. Gun fire has been restored after this update no problems now. Ita taking me a while after playing for over 2 years to remember the ammo has swopped round. Will get used to it in the end but I'm avoiding these guns at present. I have just had a gun jam on me again. Hopefully they can solve this bug once and for all
  5. Gun jammed I've had this multiple times before, and now it seems like its back Template Bug Description: Gun doesn't fire Location: Miramar (affects all maps) Evidence: Ive got a video but not sure it's any use as it will just look like I'm not firing. My finger is fully pressed on the trigger. Replication: Hip fired 25 AKM bullets and downed a player. I then pulled a pin on grenade and throw it over arm down on the floor to finish the player . It explodes and kills player I then take AKM off left shoulder and reload back to 40. I go to hip fire but nothing I just keep looking at the enemy I release trigger and tap and then it seems to soft aim again and proceeds to fire. I can upload the video if it helps? Xbox One Version: Og xbox ssd Connection: <Wired/ Game Mode TPP - 1 man squad> 
  6. Okay did we lose EU servers never seen this.... Cant play on OC as it will give me a terrible lag.
  7. I'm in EU but says OC in red for some reason???
  8. Just hit the one man squad after waiting 30 minutes . Thanks !
  9. Is anyone on here even playing the pts?
  10. That's why I always wear my ballistic face mask.
  11. So we need a certain number of people to get into the lobby load screen i guess?
  12. Edit it's okay when I select it says cant estimate wait time due to insufficient matchmaking pool. 5 players waiting . It's just changed to this. What does it mean ?
  13. I'm in Eu, quick join is telling me 4 minutes 16 seconds Standard is telling me 26s And sanhok has a ? And multiplayer icon and a number ???
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