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  1. How come this jacket always looks like it's never fully rendered? The writing is unreadable. Xbox One X. I'd like to buy the outfit on main servers if it is fixed.
  2. I bless the rains down in MiramarGonna take some time to do the things we never had ?‍???
  3. I have plenty of games on my HDD but never been a problem until this PTS. I reckon if this goes live in this state ill have to take a break until its fixed. Ruined the game for me, I now know how all the OG Xboxes have felt all this time.
  4. Are you on an Xbox One X? Because for us its 50% worse. Which makes zero sense as its the most powerful console.
  5. I don't! Up until now, the last 8 months buildings and even guns are fully rendered before I land and I can crack on. Now im falling through floors and all sorts. It's horrible and the only reason I'm not playing the PTS.
  6. Maybe you should apply for a job then, I'm sure you'd fix everything overnight.
  7. I won't go that far but I'd be incredibly dissapointed. It would make the game the worst its been since launch for me.
  8. I get that, you dont seem to understand my point. Let's say you drop at Hacienda, along with 3 other squads. That would be 16 people all talking at once within proximity. It would just be ridiculous lol.
  9. For purpose of testing they definately should. On live servers I think 20-25 would be ideal.
  10. Adjust them. Those are the color levels. As you move them around you see the article changes.
  11. Never disputed why weather got dropped. I dont care who else wants to play them, I do. Guess what? I like to drink the brine out of jars of jalapenos, are you gonna cry because thats unpopular too? Do your beloved PC players not enjoy jalapeno brine??? Oh dear ? It is clear to everyone, that you are triggered and you're embarrassing yourself. Don't worry Im sure your precious sunny days are safe, you may not be aware of this but I'm not actually on the dev team so i cant actually increase the rate as much as I would STILL like too ?
  12. Just like you don't opinions and are unable to accept that people's differ ???
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