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  1. It's only when you start playing with Level 3 helmets as a world drop that you realise how astoundingly correct the decision was to make them crate only. Why are they world spawns on Vikendi? Please tell me that it's only the PTR and it won't be so on live servers?
  2. Looting (coming from xbox) IS an issue though, why the touchpad has to be map I don't understand. "Start looting" is so frustrating on PS4
  3. So can I just make sure I'm getting this right. You didn't pre-order, yet you still want access to the pre-order incentives? Just checking, since it seems pretty clear from my understanding why you wouldn't / shouldn't have access to said incentives.
  4. Is this for real? What possible cause could they have for "pushing" Sanhok, they don't make anything extra from it... (aside from your nonsensical mention of Blackout (which I can only assume is to troll people)). Also, how can you stand there and "assure" people that your perception guarantees that this is the case? Between me and a friend who both own the game on PS4, I've physically checked our last 100 games, actual physical data, and found the distribution of maps to be: Erangel - 35 Sanhok - 34 Miramar - 31 It should be noted that I only included solo games here (to prevent doubling up on duo / squad game counts) Just because you got Sanhok 3 times in a row one time, does not mean that it's "weighted" or that they're "pushing" Sanhok. Your dataset (if any) is likely pitiful and circumstantial. You might want to google the term "Confirmation bias".
  5. Unsure if this is a serious question, but that's how its supposed to be (and also is on xbox). He got the knock, it's his kill, unless another team steals it.
  6. It’s almost not fair, like shooting fish in a barrel 😂 Already got 2 wins and I’ve only been playing about 2 hours
  7. It's really not, maps render fine without one.
  8. I'd agree with these points, especially the headset one, I thought that was weird too.
  9. I've played on xbox one S since release (with an SSD) I have a PS4 (regular) and it runs BETTER on PS4 than it does on xbox, without SSD. Maps (even miramar) are loaded before landing, and the performance is no worse than xbox for sure, aside from the previously mentioned input lag Source: I own both versions, and have spent a couple of hours on PS4 this morning (including a 9 kill win).
  10. Well I got it and in my 3rd game dropped a 9 kill solo dinner VERY easily lol. People just seem to want to run away from me right now and its hilarious. @PrayedMink27485 how do you use your xbox controller for PS4? That would be awesome hehe
  11. I'm really looking forward to smashing some noobs over the next few days lol. Anyone else be doing the same?
  12. I love them. I used to use some headphones, which were ok to a certain extent, but I treated myself to them on my birthday and I can't imagine going back now.
  13. Can't get a pic right now since i'm at work, but my setup is 32 (ish) inch tv, which is in the end of my bed (one of those rising-from-nowhere deals in the foot of the bed). So: 32" HD TV Xbox One S Standard Controller Hyper X Cloud II headset (on the recommendation of someone from these forums I believe... it might have been @Goofy The Scot but I don't specifically recall)
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