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  1. You forgot "are level 3 helmets supposed to be a world spawn"
  2. Saikred


    I've stopped playing, and unless they fix the fact that Lvl3 helmets are a world spawn on the new map, I don't see myself coming back when VIkendi drops on live. I don't have high hopes, because I'm sure Vikendi dropped live on PC with this issue
  3. It's only when you start playing with Level 3 helmets as a world drop that you realise how astoundingly correct the decision was to make them crate only. Why are they world spawns on Vikendi? Please tell me that it's only the PTR and it won't be so on live servers?
  4. Saikred

    15x... finally

    2nd and 3rd clip are the same clip? Both nice though
  5. Looting (coming from xbox) IS an issue though, why the touchpad has to be map I don't understand. "Start looting" is so frustrating on PS4
  6. So can I just make sure I'm getting this right. You didn't pre-order, yet you still want access to the pre-order incentives? Just checking, since it seems pretty clear from my understanding why you wouldn't / shouldn't have access to said incentives.
  7. Saikred

    Map Rota

    Is this for real? What possible cause could they have for "pushing" Sanhok, they don't make anything extra from it... (aside from your nonsensical mention of Blackout (which I can only assume is to troll people)). Also, how can you stand there and "assure" people that your perception guarantees that this is the case? Between me and a friend who both own the game on PS4, I've physically checked our last 100 games, actual physical data, and found the distribution of maps to be: Erangel - 35 Sanhok - 34 Miramar - 31 It should be noted that I only included solo games here (to prevent doubling up on duo / squad game counts) Just because you got Sanhok 3 times in a row one time, does not mean that it's "weighted" or that they're "pushing" Sanhok. Your dataset (if any) is likely pitiful and circumstantial. You might want to google the term "Confirmation bias".
  8. Saikred

    Tips, tricks and tactics?

    For me there are more reasons than ammo and medkits to loot late game, replacing helmet with a lvl 3 for example is almost never a bad idea. Also a quick look for throwables late game can very often make the difference between winning and not. Sure, don't waste time swapping out your weapons in the last few circles (unless you're REALLY desperate), but ammo and meds isn't necessarily the only use for late game looting.
  9. Saikred

    My team takes unnecessary battles

    This is the number one thing that frustrates me to the point of anger about my squad when we're all on. There are at least 2 of them who insist on having EVERY attachment slot filled before they even consider fighting anyone, and loot every damn building until they find the items they need.
  10. But... but.... that dude on the other thread said "winter 2019" so its GOT to be December right?... RIGHT???? 😂
  11. Unsure if this is a serious question, but that's how its supposed to be (and also is on xbox). He got the knock, it's his kill, unless another team steals it.
  12. Saikred

    Do Not Give Up

    It’s almost not fair, like shooting fish in a barrel 😂 Already got 2 wins and I’ve only been playing about 2 hours
  13. Saikred

    Buy a SSD

    It's really not, maps render fine without one.
  14. Saikred

    Previous Xbox player

    I'd agree with these points, especially the headset one, I thought that was weird too.
  15. Saikred

    *Standard* PS4 performance?

    I've played on xbox one S since release (with an SSD) I have a PS4 (regular) and it runs BETTER on PS4 than it does on xbox, without SSD. Maps (even miramar) are loaded before landing, and the performance is no worse than xbox for sure, aside from the previously mentioned input lag Source: I own both versions, and have spent a couple of hours on PS4 this morning (including a 9 kill win).