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  1. Tupakaveli

    played on ps4 last night

    Ps4 got fresh servers so that might be a reason why its running smooth atm. I can't stand the PS4 controller, my finger slips of the analogy especially when playing street fighter V
  2. Xbox player here. Was'sup PS4 folks how does it feel to play a game without ANY aim assist on controller?
  3. Tupakaveli

    Who play this on their xbox one?

    Edit: RNG as in which player you're landing with (console wise not equipment).
  4. I mean xbox one, the one that came out in 2013 'cause y'all at a MASSIVE disadvantage. I was playing on the 1 and then I bought the x (yeah, sounds like a relationship issue) and there is a HUGE difference! especially graphical wise and war mode builds are terrible everytime you respawn the builds have play-doh effect. But its a disadvantage but enjoyable at the same time so... basically RNG.
  5. Tupakaveli


    I see the mini-uzi stock attachment say "skorpion" I also thought it was in the game.
  6. Tupakaveli

    Playstation crossplay!

    Well, depends if xbox get k+m access but still it'll be unfair since they have 144+ FPS.
  7. Tupakaveli

    Playstation crossplay!

    PUBG was a timed exclusive, FYI. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.eurogamer.net/amp/2018-11-06-pubg-hits-ps4-in-december
  8. Tupakaveli

    Playstation crossplay!

    I'm in the same boat as you. It's really a struggle to get FFP at night and even day (in European servers)
  9. No RDR2??? You're missing out my friend, but each to their own I suppose.
  10. What do'ya think? I think it'll be a good addition + more players! But doubt Sony would let it come to that, but you never know. they gave Fortnite a chance with crossplay. Edit: PUBG is coming out for Playstation in December.
  11. I play once or twice a week, a game or 2 here but not like I once did. All my brothers gave up on the game, when they did, I did... it never felt the same.
  12. Once you open a box/loot crate is says something on the lines of "keep going to receive a special item at level 10"
  13. Tupakaveli

    Am I blind?

    Those notes are about Custom games. Edited: Sorry, didn't read your message properly. Ignore it lol.
  14. I unlocked a vintage pilot helmet (lvl1 helm) on my second loot crate/box
  15. Tupakaveli

    What happened to the movement!!?

    Okay thanks for the advice. I'll try adjust my settings in the training mode they just implemented.