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  1. I saw that live. He think the server was DDOS'ed. A few days later he squad with chocoTaco as host for several hours with no problems.
  2. Don't know if this is the right place. Just a head up. Look at the second last report. Just9n killed Shroud from 7737 meters distance the report says. But they are standing next to each other. https://pubg.report/streams/account.d50fdc18fcad49c691d38466bed6f8fd
  3. Name and shame is not allowed in most game forums.
  4. Yea... in the beginning I was very disappointed and frustrated and was about to give up, then I found MW3sa, a kick tool you can use to kick cheaters when you are host. Sadly this tool is abused too. It's was very satisfying to kick those dic******
  5. MW3 is my first and last CoD game because they didn't deal with the cheaters. I have 1157 hours in MW3 and have seen a ton of cheaters, godmode, wallhack, aimbot, you name it I've seen it. I got PUBG a few weeks ago and have already played 121 hours and have only reported a few wallhackers and one aimbot. So in my opinion there is far less cheaters in PUBG than MW3. EDIT: playing in EU.
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