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  1. Ironingboard2000

    Queue System Overhaul?

    I don’t see it as a question of which mode has the bigger player base. I’m not suggesting that changes degrade the TPP experience. I’m not at a TPP player but I have no problems with those that are. My thought is there may be a better method of selection than the current cluster f* of choice approach: FPP/TPP > solo,duo,squad > map selection. One approach would be to throw another option in the mix - say “competitive” mode that allows for solo/duo/squad, but is FPP, random map, and could be balanced to mirror more pro settings (circle, loot, red zone, etc.). I would think, however, that this could serve to further exacerbate the queue time issue. If PUBG wants to promote their pro scene then it seems to me that they should promote the “pro” play experience - without having to use a third party service.
  2. Ironingboard2000

    Queue System Overhaul?

    Exactly. I would love to hear why folks don’t like this idea, and maybe hear alternatives?!? Not sure why folks that play TPP object to this. Perhaps it’s the use of the term “competitive” vs. “casual”. Again, I only use “competitive” as this is the mode favored by the pro scene. Call it whatever you want. My my point is I think most agree that (1) an overhaul to the queue system is needed, (2) many FPP players are asking for settings more closely mirror those being developed for the pro scene, and (3) FPP and TPP should probably be balanced to its own play style.
  3. Ironingboard2000

    Queue System Overhaul?

    Reasonable Elaborate? PUBG pro scene is predominantly FPP, hence “competitive” mode. Again, having separate FPP and TPP modes , whether you call it “competitive” or “casual”, would allow for separate balancing to account for the different play styles.
  4. Ironingboard2000

    Queue System Overhaul?

    Any chance we'll get a change to the current queue system, to scrap the current FPP/TPP/team size/map selection method, to implement a simpler: competitive play mode: along the lines of FPP, pro loot/circle/redzone settings, no flair guns, etc. casual play: along the lines of TPP, current loot/circle/redzone settings, flair guns, etc. I've seen the change suggested a few times now. Seems like a logical alternative to the current queue system that promotes the pro-scene. Plus it allows for weapon/loot balancing to occur for each play style separately.
  5. Ironingboard2000

    PUBG Frametime

    Anyone know if the graph in the linked Reddit thread re: frametimes is as bad as it looks?
  6. Ironingboard2000

    Only German servers for Europe?

    I thought PUBG is now partnering with a third party to provide servers in Europe, and that the third party operated using a cloud type service with distributed servers? PUBG European Servers To Be Hosted by Multiplay, a Unity Company https://esportsobserver.com/pubg-corp-european-servers-multiplay/ PUBG Corporation Chooses Multiplay, a Unity Company, to Host Game Servers in Europe https://multiplay.com/2018/07/18/pubg-corporation-chooses-multiplay-a-unity-company-to-host-game-servers-in-europe/
  7. Ironingboard2000

    Map Introduction / Renewal

    I like the new queue time indicators. Certainly shows player preference for maps here in NA (Miramar solo fpp is non-existent). One thought - if/when another new map comes, perhaps it could be swapped with an existing map. Swapping a new map for an old map would avoid further map map pool dilution. It would also allow the devs to really focus on the old map to optimize / improve and then reintroduce (perhaps swapping out another of the older maps). Much the same way other games do (I'm thinking CS:GO and their continual tweaking of the map pool).
  8. Ironingboard2000

    Movement Mechanics

    Took a break from PUBG for a month or so and played a few other games. Coming back makes me appreciate many things about the game. One thing though - the movement in PUBG feels sluggish compared to other titles. Not the character movement speed. I think it might be the application of momentum? The time it takes to stop, change direction, the slide after jumping, etc.? Is that it? I don't hate it. It just feels a lot slower compared to a lot of other titles.
  9. Ironingboard2000

    Event Mode: Public Beta - Flare Gun Stage 2

    Hang on, are you saying that there's a potential fix for the matchmaking woes in this public beta test? I didn't see any mention in the notes, unless I missed it.
  10. Ironingboard2000

    Event Mode: Public Beta - Flare Gun Stage 2

    I get that different development teams do different things, but I would have thought it better to hold on testing the new flare gun mechanic until after that the current global matchmaking/high ping issues are resolved. Player counts are down, and the increased instances of desync due to current matchmaking could negatively impact the beta test of the feature. Just my opinion.
  11. Good community update, as always ? I posted the following on Reddit also, but stuff tends to get burred by the sheer volume of comments, so I thought I'd stick it here too: While I understand the team's concern re: premature sharing of root cause and resolution specifics, I think a better balance could be struck; for example, sharing certain details concerning the internal processes implemented by PUBG Corp. to identify / troubleshoot / resolve. One consistent comment has centered around how the communications and development teams work together / how the developers identify issues / how potential fixes are QA'ed. Perhaps a devblog could focus on how these teams work together, the processes, tools implemented, etc. How deep a dive is your prerogative. I also do not believe the community is necessarily entitled to this information - but you've asked for feedback with regard to furthering communications / community outreach, so here's my suggestion.
  12. Ironingboard2000

    PUBG Community Feedback Program

    Event mod: no weapons, give only apples, one hit kills.
  13. Ironingboard2000

    PUBG Community Feedback Program

    It would really help the community if network information could be made available in game (ping, packet loss, etc.). Similar to the netgraph command in CS. Then the community could help verify if/when issues are related to network; although, of course, root cause of some network problems may be outside the control of PUBG, e.g., bad internet connection. The cynical view seems to be that PUBG prefers to obfuscate this information. I’m not convinced as folks will continue to experience desync/netcode issues with/without this information. Content creators like Battlenonsense (A+ YouTube content, guy’s awesome) are doing a great job in investigating, but their hands are tied without better ingame data. Also, maybe just try removing region select for the reasons I provide above. I would hope the game’s selecting the sever of lowest ping anyhow (within the region selected). Turn it off and see if it helps. Also, for map selection, perhaps add a safeguard that intervenes if we get the same map more than 3 or so times (to work around issues of repetition inherent in true randomness). For example, exclude a map for one round of queuing if we’ve played it 3 times consecutively.
  14. Ironingboard2000

    PUBG Community Feedback Program

    Netcode: For me, netcode and hit registration are most critical for a great online FPS experience. Cheat development, client optimization, etc. - all important stuff, but none of that matters much if I can't register a hit due to server instability. Honestly I stopped playing PUBG a month or so ago due to frustrations with hit registration (mainly the "getting hit behind cover" and "magic insta-kill"). My participation on this forum petered out. Then the Sanhok patch landed and the servers felt fantastic again, and now I'm back. I have noticed that some of the server desync / hit reg issues seem to be coming back. Again, I'm unable to offer technical expertise on net code. Playing with high ping players doesn't help. It baffles me a little why we're still able to select different regions - I'm no xenophobe, I don't mind playing with folks outside of my country, but I'd imagine that replacing the region select feature with a "auto-select-server-with-lowest-ping" feature would really help. I'm not sure who you'd upset by removing the region select feature - maybe those that live geographically closer to a server in another region (on a state boarder), but this should be manageable (region detection, more servers, etc.). Event Pass: I had been holding back on purchasing the event pass. No new revelations from me as to why, same as have been echo'ed by a bunch of folks; mainly (1) issues with mission completion registration and (2) perceived difficulty in reaching the higher levels for casual players (I have life responsibilities *feelsbadman* so cannot be grinding). I had been waiting to see how far I leveled up before the end of the event. On a positive I think it's great that PUBG Corp. is exploring revenue streams outside of the standard locked loot boxes. Perhaps if there were better items at lower levels, like the name change, which leads me to my next point... Ingame name changes: Please, please, please... for the love of all that is good and virtuous... please don't monetize name changes. Look, personally I don't care, I've been using pretty much the same ingame tag and won't be changing it. It's just, you know, optics. I recall a Reddit thread where PUBG_Riggles (I think) stated that name changes will probably be monetized per industry standard (or something along those lines). A counterpoint was made that there's a lot of "standard" features that are not in PUBG yet so they didn't see why this should be. Granted the counterpoint was a little snarky, but it had a point. If you charge then you're going to put a lot of folks off, including myself a little. Frankly tying ingame name to Steam profile name would make many things easier. I get that there may be concerns with frequent name changes, and if that's the reason for the pay wall then I think this can be achieved with a BP wall (like appearance changes). Communications: PUBG Corp. has been on a roll recently. Riggles, Hawkinz, Sammie, etc. - awesome folks that are appreciated by many in the community. The weekly Reddit updates are great, as is the recent Making Sanhok video. Many advantages to using video to allow the community more insight into the PUBG Corp. organization.
  15. Ironingboard2000

    PUBG Community Feedback Program

    Oopa, free stuff! You'd like feedback in this specific mega-thread or under the other sub-forums?