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  1. Adding new games, and still recruiting for PUBG!
  2. Hey people! We are still growing in PUBG as well as many other games! Come join us!
  3. [Gameplay] - The flare guns are fun for event modes, and customs... they are not fun on public matches for one reason... noise. I dont want to hear deafening planes the entire match, on top of red zones. HOWEVER if you want more crate loot, have the planes drop two crates every path but split up in distance. Gameplay wise the sound is the main reason I do not like flare guns, I don't mind seeing crate loot but yes there is too much of it towards the end of matches. [Spawn Rate] - There are simply too many planes. [Sound] - Too much noise with added planes and flare guns going off, on top of regular red zone noise etc. NIGHT MODE Vikendi, is TERRIBLE in sound, the wind noise is completely ridiculous and deafening. [UI] - The UI I really dont have a problem with, but the giant crate icon is not a good idea. There are many things that need fixing before you add in things like flare guns, and many of the top PUBG players, top PUBG streamers, and top PUBG former streamers will tell you the following. Fix Desync/bullet hit registration Remove Flare gun from public matches Fix the FPS drops Fix Erangel's loot, it really is terrible even in hot spots Fix miramar's loot. not as bad as erangel but close Fix the queue system, I dont want to play Sanhok 24/7 Fix nightmode Vikendi sound, the wind noise is deafening and unpleasant to play on And last but not least... at least try to stop the hackers in the game, this entire event mode/season has been the worst in this area.
  4. Our PUBG community is still growing as well as new the new BR Apex Legends.
  5. Still recruiting for PUBG as well as many other games, come join a laid back and friendly community!
  6. Come join in the resurgence that is PUBG! New map, new patch!
  7. Come grow with us in PUBG and other games!
  8. We are still growing PUBG and many other games! Come join us!
  9. Come join our discord community, we are adding new games as well as growing PUBG
  10. Still growing and adding new games to our community!
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