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  1. It was a map built for smg fight, now it offers something different like every other maps. from tomorrow it will be similar to Miramar.
  2. i'm not, watched a game on pc with this update and on 4 houses to 10 you could find a sniper rifle. Vikendi will be a sniper fest.
  3. yesterday night the same... squad in standard mode 10s waiting...... 1 minute and more. 9 times to 10 Erangel
  4. i would like it, for me the best kar console player
  5. ok, yesterday i deleted and reinstalled the game, hard reset....... first match got a chicken 11kills second match i completed Beryl mission challenge skin with 7 kills.. everytings seems came back to normality.. now face to face fight seems legit than die before fighting begins.
  6. Beryl vs Akm = watergun vs bazooka
  7. my question is if the menu will be laggy as costumization one 🤣
  8. It’s clearly there’s something messed up.
  9. Everythings related servers status for me. everything seems faster than before, many bullets at once.
  10. Really funny indeed 😂😂😂
  11. since last patch guys seems transparent, happened to me yesterday in many occasion from 5 meters also.
  12. when you keep an SR/DMR/shotgun some footstep sound missed while running also.
  13. something weird happened after this patch, for me game calculates 2 bullets at once for this to die instantly sometimes.
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