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  1. Ravellron

    Individual Map Selection

    I always set to random all 3 maps. 7/10 are Sanhok cuz is the only single map able to be selected individually. next patch it will be 7/10 Vikendi cuz about it. the best should be select single map individually or let all of them random.
  2. Ravellron

    The epidemic of cheating on xbox

    simply PUBG is not your game, aim assist would ruin what beautyful this game is.
  3. Ravellron

    Individual Map Selection

    They did it to avoid queue problem and for Vikendi missions. For me it is ok, i like random selection 😂
  4. 55xe9305 absolutely incredible.
  5. Ravellron

    Where are the updates?

    For me 17 is the day.
  6. Ravellron

    Hit detection

    you missed him, cuz little desync, he was moving on his left side... you saw his face but was to late...
  7. Ravellron

    Kar98 clips

  8. For me the opposite, another world play Pubg with dualshock, it's worse.
  9. If you look at top 10 EU, 7/8 guys of them are from NA. ping matchamiking/region lock is necessary.
  10. cuz it would be capped at 30 in 1080p also. Microsoft or BH choice, i dunno...
  11. Ravellron

    Who is your favorite PC player??

    Kabby and TheHell
  12. Ravellron

    New update?

    Ok but GP are current money value in Game. I'm not asking for BP.
  13. Ravellron

    New update?

    I'm wondering if Vikendi pass will be available to buy by GP. Somebody?
  14. Ravellron

    Non riesco a mirare

    ciao Happy, sei italiano anche tu?😀
  15. Ravellron

    Devs why won’t you

    hard reset your console, major of problems are about this.. on xbox i play flawlessy.