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  1. DukeOfSquirtles

    Lead or Follow

    Me and my usual buddies are pretty good at splitting the decision making. If we pick up a random we try to include them on the choices made, unless we think they're move probably isn't the smartest in which case we tell them and try to reel them in.
  2. DukeOfSquirtles

    Pubg / life balance

    ain't that the truth, know that all too well. although I don't wish it upon him seeing it's his fiancee and not just gf lol
  3. DukeOfSquirtles

    Pubg / life balance

    Pretty much what @Michael Seaman said, my girlfriend leaves to work early morning and I don't start until 12 so I play when she leaves, or if we're going out and she has to do her makeup. I already know that's a 2-3 hour game session right there lol
  4. DukeOfSquirtles

    Erangel Changes

  5. DukeOfSquirtles

    Erangel Changes

    Hope they don't actually follow through with this
  6. DukeOfSquirtles

    Be careful what you wish for Erangel

    Definitely not for the change personally. I like how it is currently, when I play Erangel I usually don't have as bad of luck with the loot. It's still my favorite map to date. Even though I know people hate it lol
  7. DukeOfSquirtles

    Gaaaad Damnit

    I have a love hate relationship with the s12, sometimes I plow through people with that thing, then sometimes I potato and cry lol
  8. DukeOfSquirtles

    Looting issue

    I've had this happen already on different occasions, where I go to loot somebodies crate and try to scroll through the items but the menu won't let me. When I try to go down the list the selector takes me back all the way to the top of the item list. When I go into my inventory it doesn't happen but only when looting somebodies crate, making it almost impossible to grab anything specific unless it's on the ground by itself away from the crate. I've had it happen on just about every map so I don't think it's map specific and I've also had it happen in solo and squads. I'm on an OG xbox one, connected wireless. Here is the link to the video with the bug happening. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/dukeofsquirtles/video/68738032
  9. DukeOfSquirtles

    Feb. 28th Update

  10. DukeOfSquirtles

    [VOTE] Are you still there? [POLL]

    You mean like this? https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/dukeofsquirtles/video/68738032 so I recorded this because I was trying to scroll through the items from somebodies crate but it would not let me. Every time I tried to scroll down the selector would take me back to the top of the items list. Which basically meant I couldn't pick anything up unless it was a single item off the floor Notice in the video how when I tried to move down the list it would shoot back to the top.
  11. DukeOfSquirtles

    Easiest kill thread

    lol he took it like a man
  12. DukeOfSquirtles

    10 grenade challenge tips.

    I think I've come to accept I won't complete that one lol ☹️
  13. DukeOfSquirtles

    Anyone actually use a full kitted Scorpion?!

    Fully kitted scorpion is nice, I always pick up the attachments and 9mm ammo now in case I find one. I love it
  14. DukeOfSquirtles


    Are you guys in this thread upset about the boost extension being called a patch? Or because you guys thought this was the update that was coming?